ILF Announces Support for Intaki Autonomist Movement

Recent weeks have seen a slow improvement in the ongoing situation in Intaki.

The Senate delegation have returned to Villore having toured Intaki Prime, and we wait for their report.

What they have actually achieved for the people of Intaki remains to be seen, though I suspect the Senators will have taken full advantage of the photo opportunities their visit provided for themselves.

I expect footage and images of the caring and concerned Senators on Intaki Prime will feature heavily in future electoral campaigns.

No, the real success was a result of the withdrawal of Federal Marines back to the confines of their compounds and installations, and the redeployment of local Intaki security forces and law enforcement in their place.

As it should have always been.

Almost immediately the scale of civil unrest has abated, and Intaki Gendarmes report that the mass demonstrations that continue are now largely peaceful.

It’s almost as if the Federal military really is “neither required nor welcomed”.

I also congratulate Jonas Ivestara on his interventions during recent events. Through his public speaking, and by engaging directly with the people, he has tapped into local sentiment, and helped defuse tensions.

I’m happy to confirm that Ivestara and the Intaki Autonomists movement have the full support of the Intaki Liberation Front and the wider Intaki Prosperity Initiative, and we echo their demands that the Federation Military leave Intaki Prime completely.

We also join their calls for Intaki Assembly elections proceed without delay. It is of course unsurprising that some within the Executive Council will be less than eager to stand for relection, having witnessed the visceral reaction from their constituents at the Federation’s actions in Intaki in recent months.

The people of Intaki will hold their representatives to account for the decisions they have made via the ballot box.

Free Intaki.


The natives sure did get restless on Intaki for awhile.

It’s good to see the locals accepting the primacy of Federal authority over the Viriette special military district and a peaceful transition to lawful order.

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Indeed. The federation proves victorious over… itself. Incredible.
Don’t worry yourself too much about the State ( who you have never defeated in your history ) outflanking you by extending itself territorially and diplomatically into your neighbouring Syndicate region.
We wouldn’t want reality to rain on the gallente parade, would we?

I don’t worry about paper tigers that are all roar but no bite.

You should look beyond your mirror, then.

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Does this represent an evolution of the ILF’s position on Intaki’s status, Suresha?

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No, the ILF remains fully committed to the long term goal of independence.

The Gallente Federation was once described as not the worlds found within its borders, or the region of space it occupies, but as a vision. It is a construct of principle.

However, it has become abundantly clear that under President Aguard, the Federation has become blind to that vision, and has complete disregard for the Charter and treaties of its own founding.

In January of YC122, in an effort to make progress in the still unresolved matter of the Intaki security franchise, the Intaki Assembly asserted its sovereignty under the Federal Constitution.

It seems President Aguard needs reminding.

In the immediate short term, it is civic movements such as the Intaki Autonomists that will make meaningful progress.

By supporting Jonas Ivestara, the ILF hopes to bring about change at both the Assembly and Senate level, to better represent the views of the people Intaki that have been made explicitly clear in recent weeks and months, and to reclaim Intaki’s autonomy and sovereignty once more.


Earlier today, it was reported that the people of Intaki had launched fresh protests against the Gallente Federation’s ongoing militarisation of the system against their will. And, over the course of the day, it has become clear that the protesters’ worst fears regarding a Federal Shipcaster in system appear to be nearing reality.

The only positive to be taken from today’s developments is that the timing is impeccible, as Intaki elects its Assembly representatives.

While we have a great deal of respect for Siaka Idama and her decades of commitment to independence, and her Intaki Lamkatka party enjoys significant support amongst the baseline membership and staff of the Intaki Liberation Front, it remains our official position to support the campaign of Jonas Ivestara and his Intaki Autonomists.

The two movements are not mutually exclusive, their respective paths generally point in the same direction with regards to Intaki’s place within the Gallente Federation, and we are confident that their collective support will reflect wider public opinion in the Assembly election.

As a result, I think it’s doubtful that many in Intaki will be taking part in next month’s Federation Day, and I anticipate any local celebrations that do go ahead will be muted in comparison to previous years.

Meanwhile, as the great and good of the Federation gather together in Luminaire, the themes of the festivities seem fitting.

With gaudy crowns balanced atop the next Mr and Mrs Federation, and attendants seeking to impress each other with dazzling ship SKINs and fireworks, Federal loyalists distract themselves and each other from the realisation that they are celebrating so called principles of democracy and liberty that are just as shallow.

The people of Intaki are not distracted by the glitz and glamour. As the Federation Navy continues to demonstrate the true value of the Federal Charter and Treaties, the people of Intaki see the Federation for what it really is.

The ILF calls on the people of Intaki to vote for Ivestara’s Autonomists in the coming Assembly election, and to send a clear message to President Aguard and the Senate.


At risk of sounding like a Provist or my father (no relation between the two) it shouldnt suprise anyone that the Federation cares little about self determination. I hope to see the Intaki free from jackboots of all stripes sometime before the inevitable heat death of the universe.


What is happening in Intaki is exactly what honoured leaders such as Mathias Sobaseki warned of in regards to the Federation.

That through inveigling words and deceit the Federation would by increments of design infringe upon political autonomy and cultural identity until the capacity for a proud and free people to resist is removed entirely – leaving only subjugation to Gallentean hegemony.

The misfortune of the Intaki people and system should be a stark warning to the citizens of the State that diplomacy with the Gallente is impossible so long as they hide the dagger to stab one in the back behind a smile.


Intaki system IS de facto under Caldari rule now. Do free Intaki People like it so?

Funny thing is the State, the Republic and the Empire decided to put their Shipcasters into the systems outside of the war-zone. While the Federation decided otherwise.


Think you’re a little behind the times, friend. Intaki’s been withdrawn from the warzone and designated high-security space following a massive Federation military buildup.


Glad to hear that :slight_smile: and apology for using yearold info :blush:

Nevertheless do you still think the system will not fall into Caldari zone of influence again when the Federation military withdraws? As I can see now the conflict zone border is just 2 jumps away from Intaki in Frarie :thinking: …Under Caldari again. And as you probably noticed it too the State is hell-bent on reversing any gains by the Federation there :confused:

It’s high-sec now. It’s no longer even possible for CalMil to contest administration of the system. And it’s full of actual FedNavy installations, not the ‘we call it Fed Navy but it’s really just there to be a target for the Pendulum’ crap.

Like, Navy titans over Intaki, prompting massive unrest, civil disobedience, and violent acts of terrorism from Intaki autonomists (even ones who want to stay in the Fed, they just want to be in control of their own system the way the Federation’s agreements said they would be).


They sold their freedom. No one they can blame but themselves, and nobody is coming to their rescue. Even if there’s out and out war, would the State bother to fight for the system? I doubt it, beyond knocking the Fed military out of the skies. May as well leave the planet to fend for itself.

Although the Intaki Autonomists represent a position I have (until recent events) long supported, I am surprised at ILF’s endorsement now. Particularly so given the emergence of Intaki Lamkatka as a credible movement with a respected figurehead such as Siaka Idama arguing for the liberation that I had thought the ILF stood for.

While I understand that autonomy and independence might not be mutually exclusive, the Federation’s latest actions highlight the risk of settling for half measures. Personally, I will be encouraging voters to back Intaki Lamkata. That presents the clearest and strongest possible message.

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Far be it for me to speak for the Sureshs but Sri Menkali the Intaki Lamkatka hold nationalistic tendancies that the ILF has always distanced itself from.

I note the rift that once existed creating the group which if I recall correctly was known as Intaki Pride Pure.

The ILF has always noted that all its residents are welcome under Intaki independence I would assume that there may be a worry that Intaki Lamkatka may not be of the same mind.

I myself do however find that this is a difficult line to walk and would suggest voters vote with their heads and hearts but above all that they vote.

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On that we agree.

On the Intaki Lamkatka, it provides the most realistic option even if some of their rhetoric makes cosmopolitans uncomfortable. I warned this would happen.

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Some of our detractors would label the Intaki Liberation Front as having nationalist tendancies ourselves, and in very broad terms they’d be correct in their assertions. Of course you and I understand the nuances involved, and what specifically you’re referring to here.

The group you’re thinking of is Intaki Pure. An Intaki nationalist group who’s policies sought to separate people based on their cultural and ethnic heritage, establishing ‘an Intaki for the Intaki people’. The ILF continues to oppose this narrow-minded ideology.

As I have said on multiple occassions before, I have always taken care to differentiate between “the Intaki people” and “the people of Intaki”.

Of course, there is no suggestion at all that Siaka Idama or Intaki Lamkatka hold to the extremist views of Intaki Pure. I think they would, however, agree that they are Idic radicals, which is entirely legitimate.

As I said it my previous comments, I have a great deal of respect for Siaka Idama’s years of hard work and commitment to Intaki independence.

The Idama hold a special place within Intaki culture. As such it is right that they play a key role in both a future Intaki state, but also along the path to that goal. However, I am not convinced that a radical sect of Ida provides the best foundation upon which to build that future, for all people of Intaki.

Yes, the Intaki Autonomists’ policies fall short of true independence, but in recent weeks and months Jonas Ivestara showed himself to be an effective and engaging leader. Qualities that have been absent from the Intaki Assembly for far too long.

I believe that such effective governance, with an indisputable mandate from the people of Intaki, will empower the Intaki Assembly to reassert its sovereignty in the face of an overbearing Gallente Federation, and force the withdrawal of the navy from the Intaki system.

Such effective, autonomous governance for Intaki would send ripples throughout the wider Viriette constellation, bringing change throughout our neighbouring systems and at the District level.

Invaluable steps along the path to a Free Intaki.


A warning that should of indeed been heeded.