[Federation Day YC125] Announcement

Fellow Capsuleers, citizens of the Federation

UPDATE: thanks to generous sponsors and individual donations, we have increased our prizes and rewards for each part of the event. Check in detail each event information and conditions.

With great joy, I announce this year’s event to Celebrate Federation Day YC125 in Luminaire.

We invite every capsuleer and Federation citizen to join us in Luminaire Saturday 17th of June, starting from 18:00 eve standard time, to see the fireworks and attend the festivities regarding this annual celebration.

On this occasion we have 3 core events planned, here is the overview for them, further details provided below:

  1. Miss and Mister Federation pageant contest: a classic and always favorite event of the public, by popular vote the audience selects their favorite and most attractive capsuleer pilots, embodying the Federation ethnic diversity cultural richness, and ideals, these individuals represent the most gorgeous pilots within Federation sovereignty. Federation ships and unique SKINS will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places as per public votes tallied.

  2. Ship customization and fireworks showcase: bring your most beloved ship and apply the most outrageous coat of nanites to its outer hull, while flying in “conga” fleet formation. The most impressive and impactful designs will be awarded cash prizes on the spot. Remember to bring fireworks.

  3. Poster design competition: As capsuleers, ships are our basic tools: we manufacture or buy them by the thousands. But how often have we take notice of the sales brochure? This year we request all visual designers and artists who wish to participate to submit a piece of artwork in vertical poster format that portray a singular ship of the current roster of available Federation designed vessels. It should depict said ship as either a sales advert, promotional material, inspirational account of achievements, or technical profiling. Special PLEX currency and selected Federation Navy ships will be available as prizes.

Activities Schedule

The celebrations officially start at 18:00 NEST, New Eden Standard Time

  • 18:00 - The master of ceremonies will announce the start of celebrations and begin the surprise trivia, be on the lookout for instant cash prizes.
  • 18:15 – Start of the fleet formation and fireworks in Luminare
  • 19:00 – Prizes awarded to ship and SKIN showcase.
  • 19:30 – surprise trivia
  • 19:40 – First call to vote for your Miss and Mister Federation candidates.
  • 20:30 – surprise trivia
  • 00:00 - Pageant voting is closed.
  • 00:30 - Event Closure and final message.

Corporate Sponsors

  • Inner Zone Shipping
  • Nadire Security Consultants

We are seeking additional sponsorship, please contact Alain Colcer directly if you are interested in becoming a benefactor and securing your name or corporation brand in the official list.

Miss and Mister Federation pageant contest

If you wish to participate, please send me an evemail before June 16th, or add your name and brief profile description to this newsfeed. As soon as you announce your participation you are allowed to perform tours, interviews and all sort of promotional activities of your preference, with the only requirement that you mention this is a Federation Day sponsored pageant.

Winners and runner-ups are decided by popular choice, so votes can be cast for all participants starting the moment they announce their entry. Votes can only be counted if they are directly submitted to the master of ceremony Alain Colcer for proper tallying and auditing. Results will be announced on June 24th.

This year total pool in prizes are as follows:

  • 9500 Million iskl
  • 2000 plex
  • Several Federation Navy Issue ships, 2 battleships, 2 battlecruisers, 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers and 4 frigates
  • Several Federation Navy issue SKINs, 2 cruiser skins and 2 frigate skins.

Ship skin and Fireworks Showcase

Throw a display of beautiful colored fireworks, snowballs, or any other visual effect of your preference while piloting your favorite ship.

Total prize pool as follows:
-550 million isk

Poster design competition

Create a poster in a vertical format that entices the audience with a particular Federation-designed ship, pirate faction ships that use the base of a Gallente-designed ship are not allowed, nor ships that have been the result of collaboration between one or more nations of the cluster.

There is no limit on the number of submissions you might present, but they all need to be for public use, and no copyright or legal restrictions should be applied to the design. All submissions must be added in this newsfeed.

A judging panel will review the posters and announce the winners on the 24th of June with prizes being delivered on the following days.

Total prizes are as follows:

  • 3 billion isk in total
  • 200 plex
  • several Federation Navy issue ships
  • 1x moros Federation Navy issue BPC to the 1st place
  • Several Federation Navy issue SKIN

Surprise Trivia

Win instant cash prizes, just be on the lookout for our host of ceremonies and prepare your knowledge about the Federation history for some flash questions during the event.

DISCLAIMER: Space security and CONCORD regulations around the station do not ensure safety during the festivities, you can be attacked if you or your corporation is under the effects of WarDecs or kill rights, and even then, terrorists might attack you to sabotage the event. Take all the necessary precautions to keep risks to a minimum.


I don’t see a final submission date for the poster contest… I do see the results of the contest will be released on June 24…

So, when is the cut-off time for poster submissions? At the close of celebrations (downtime) on June 17th Eve time?

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A good question indeed, the cutoff date is Saturday 17th, will add it to the official rules for the poster design contest and clarify.

My apologies for not mentioning it before.



Looking forward to seeing everyone at the celebrations! Starting in a couple of hours
edit: (+1 hour sorry!)


We will celebrate Federation Day starting at 18:00 eve time on the Grand Prix beacon landmark located in orbit around Luminaire IV, Gallente Prime, Don’t miss the events and surprise Trivia.

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Thanks to everyone who came out today, and special thanks to Alain for hosting and coordinating the event!

If anyone ever needs a wingmate for trivia night, mail me!


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