ILF Announces Support for Intaki Autonomist Movement

Earlier today, it was reported that the people of Intaki had launched fresh protests against the Gallente Federation’s ongoing militarisation of the system against their will. And, over the course of the day, it has become clear that the protesters’ worst fears regarding a Federal Shipcaster in system appear to be nearing reality.

The only positive to be taken from today’s developments is that the timing is impeccible, as Intaki elects its Assembly representatives.

While we have a great deal of respect for Siaka Idama and her decades of commitment to independence, and her Intaki Lamkatka party enjoys significant support amongst the baseline membership and staff of the Intaki Liberation Front, it remains our official position to support the campaign of Jonas Ivestara and his Intaki Autonomists.

The two movements are not mutually exclusive, their respective paths generally point in the same direction with regards to Intaki’s place within the Gallente Federation, and we are confident that their collective support will reflect wider public opinion in the Assembly election.

As a result, I think it’s doubtful that many in Intaki will be taking part in next month’s Federation Day, and I anticipate any local celebrations that do go ahead will be muted in comparison to previous years.

Meanwhile, as the great and good of the Federation gather together in Luminaire, the themes of the festivities seem fitting.

With gaudy crowns balanced atop the next Mr and Mrs Federation, and attendants seeking to impress each other with dazzling ship SKINs and fireworks, Federal loyalists distract themselves and each other from the realisation that they are celebrating so called principles of democracy and liberty that are just as shallow.

The people of Intaki are not distracted by the glitz and glamour. As the Federation Navy continues to demonstrate the true value of the Federal Charter and Treaties, the people of Intaki see the Federation for what it really is.

The ILF calls on the people of Intaki to vote for Ivestara’s Autonomists in the coming Assembly election, and to send a clear message to President Aguard and the Senate.