Congratulations Intaki!

I think some congrats are in order. As many of us have just learned, the serene and peaceful system of Intaki has the honor of being chosen as the future location of the brand new (behind schedule, underfunded) Federation Navy Shipcaster!

What does this entail? Simply a permenant heavy military presence, constant movements of troops, strict checkpoints to ensure spies and saboteurs don’t infiltrate, a general limiting of freedoms that come with military occupation, and of course enthusiastic recruiting campaigns and propaganda!

This couldn’t have been accomplished without the generous Intaki people’s help, both in electing the current pro-war president, and in voting for the various warhawk senators that agreed to this whole thing in the first place. A round of applause, please. It seems that the old maxim holds true: one truly does get what they deserve.


For somebody of Caldari ancestry (Deteis it is is’nt it?) and prominent espionage career you don’t sound too sincere in your appeal to The Intaki people.

This is your CONCORD file, isn't it?

CONCORD Capsuleer Profile Downloading…

Successfuly Downloaded

Display? [Y]/N


Capsuleer Name:
Kitaula “Kit” Kuusa Jouhinen
Callsign/Aliasis: “Kit”, “Snakey ■■■■■”
DoB: [Data Missing]
Age: [Data Missing]
Place of Birth: Caldari State / Jita / Planet 4 Moon 4 Station a.k.a. “Jita 4-4”


Height: 5’1’'
Weight: 111 lbs
Eyes, Natural: Gray
Hair, Natural: Black

Further Info

Education: S&T Institute, Dantumi Campus
Corporate Citizenship: Sukuuvesta [Suspended, pending review, see SukuuNet Database R, Case 5.72.247371-R7]
Employment History, Baseliner: FRT Biometrics (Secretary), AMBISOn Pharma (Secretary)
Capsuleer Sponsor: [Data Withheld, contact CONCORD Security Services]


Legal History, State: 3 counts, minor Corporate espionage [Dismissed]
Legal History, Federation: 12 counts, minor corporate espionage [Dismissed]

Almost as if you peddle some foreign agenda one might say…

The ol’ good divide and conquer?

To spice things up, the Intaki system where the Federation intends to build its’ Shipcaster is under Caldari rule now.

The situation in Intaki has improved significantly, and the inhabitants are experiencing positive changes, which is undoubtedly a cause for celebration.

The desire for peace and prosperity is universal, and it’s heartening to hear that the people of Intaki, less at the mercy of corrupt local malcontents, are looking forward to the benefits of a more integrated role with the Federal Union.

It’s important to remember that promoting peace and fostering understanding between different factions and nations is crucial for long-term stability and harmony. While force may sometimes be necessary to address immediate threats, sustainable peace is often achieved through dialogue, cooperation, and diplomacy.

Perhaps one day, the State will understand more than one language, that of blood and iron.


An old history professor once told me that naked force had resolved more conflicts throughout history than any other factor and thinking otherwise was wishful thinking at it’s worst. When I look back at the history between our two nations, I can’t help but see our forefathers seemed to share that same outlook.

Perhpase what we need is better interpreters; Words hold too much power to not be spoken carefully, afterall.

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Your professor was wrong.

Time has resolved more conflicts than naked force… because eventually, everyone involved—winners and losers—died.


Just as the saying goes:
“A progres is made one funeral at a time”

This naked force pales against millions of people gathered around the common idea of Liberty, cherished deeply in their hearts out of their own free will and not out of fear of loosing your Corporate Shares and become indebted corporate slave beyond 5th generation.

It also seems like it only makes sense if compromise or at least standing down and not killing people over something silly doesn’t count as “resolving” it.

Or else maybe a dispute over a well or grazing rights or the eye-shredding color of somebody’s front door or who used whose plasma torch without asking doesn’t count as a conflict.

People come into conflict almost constantly. Brute force gets deployed comparatively little. That’s … kind of what civilization is for, it seems like?

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Holding a position of influence over others doesn’t make one infallible, so perhaps he was. Maybe one day the cluster will simply ‘forget’ our differences.

Patriotism is a comforting thing, isn’t it?

Glad you agree

As would Tibus Heth.

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The Intaki people valued liberty, before the weight of the Federal military sat on them. Funny how often we see someone’s freedom sacrificed for other people’s security. Or treaties violated because they become inconvenient.

As for my legal history, you’ll notice those charges were dismissed. And in the case of FRT Biometrics, it was a CALDARI corporation, so your spurious claim that I’m working as some sort of agent for the State is pretty groundless.

Just noticed this.

Is this really the present quality of Federal propaganda? Conflating State practices with-- what, Imperial ones?

Pilot, the Caldari have never “done” slavery, which if I remember correctly is not the case for the Federation. It’s antithetical to Caldari philosophy. The absolute worst most Caldari have to fear is almost the opposite: being abandoned, stripped of corporate citizenship and left to their own devices without the shelter of corporate community and law.

Nonentities do not live very comfortable lives usually, having been effectively tossed out to die in the snow, but it’s not slavery at all, much less generational slavery (which if anything would be even more antithetical. The child of laborers can rise to the executive caste in a single lifetime; that’s the point of meritocracy).

To put it another way, the greatest Caldari fear is not of having our place in this world narrowly defined; it’s of losing it, entirely.


Indeed, by your ammarian standards The State do not practice any form of slavery.

By what means, stripping indebted or underperforming “c(orpo)itizens” of any rights and possession and casting them out of society is not slavery? The sole use of “non-entity” description explains it all.
Whole worlds under State rule are inhabited by populations deemed as non-entities. Their lives are excluded from every State statistics. They simply do not exists. And yet they are.

So who are they?

The Disassociated you have mentioned are in minority and are those woken up to the drudgery of state-corporate reality and who have taken their lives in their own hands.

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I can’t help but find this all a bit sanctimonious - as if citizens of the Federation aren’t subject to similar conditions simply buried under all the pomp and circumstance of a centralized government inundated with the influence of the wealthy and powerful pretending to care about individual liberty.

Caldari culture - as stagnant as it is - is better off without such illusions. The last time we gave into such populist fervor it resulted in the death of hundreds of millions of State and Federation citizens. As for the will of the people - let me remind you that the entirety of the State capitulated to its citizenry’s demands in less than two months of a call for change. That change gave us Tibus Heth.

I may not have grown up in the State, but even I see the clear advantages of a system based on meritocratic rise rather the whims of the malcontented every every new election cycle.


It’s pretty simply the difference between an admittedly-cruel exile and becoming literal property.

I’m not Amarr, Mr. en Divalone, but I do live in the Empire. Slavery is nothing like being a nonentity, though both do involve a stripping of legal rights. The difference between a slave and a dissoc is otherwise nearly absolute: one is confined, limited, trapped. The other has nothing but freedom.

Nonentities and the Dissociated are occasionally as you suggest, though most Caldari dissidents continue to live under corporate protection (with both some hardship and a certain amount of grudging respect). Definitely winding up in a nonentity community seems like an easy way to get radicalized quick, but I doubt most start out that way.

Usually it’s punishment-- not necessarily for criminal activity though; negligence and poor performance are really more likely reasons. Keep in mind the image of a community ejecting people who can’t pull their own weight during a lean winter. That’s the origin of the practice. It also used to be fairly common for corporations to just abandon people they didn’t need but that’s way less of a thing following reforms under the Heth administration (not everything he did was awful).

The most honorable and expected thing for the newly de-entitified to do is simply make themselves in fact what they are legally (dead), so in a way those who do survive are already behaving defiantly. So, yes, nonentities may in fact be one of the strongest sources of hostility to the State within State borders.

But no, it’s not slavery. Not at all. Not even a little bit. Enslaving them is likely even one of the only things Caldari who are still officially people could do to them that would really horrify the society as a whole.


@Aria_Jenneth @Simon_Louvaki we could feed these morsels of wisdom to each other ad infinitum and have not enough. Unfortunately there is a problem with mindal digestibility of said sizebites. As yours are too raw for mine taste and mine are probably too gourmet and fancy for yours.

So we better part our ways, hungry for understanding…

If you’d care to sit down for dinner one day, I’d be happy to introduce you to some fine Caldari cuisine. Until then, fly safe.

‘You guys are making solid arguments that are easy to understand and I can’t argue with them, so I’m gonna insult and condescend to you instead while simultaneously claiming I’m too stupid to understand seven-and-changed paragraphs’.

Izzat really the way you want to flounce out of this one?

What else there is left to argue about when nobody is willing to move their feet for an inch?

Do you want to dance with knives and cut some toes?

I think you’re just supposed to cut the rug.