Congratulations for 10th June

I would like to congratulate all the citizens of the State with another anniversary of Caldari Prime liberation, that happened 11 years ago.

It was a day of Glory, it was a day of Valor, it was a day when we all were standing together as one. Even if the planet is still partly occupied by gallentean invaders, the Executor has orchestrated the most successful military operations in the whole New Eden. It was possible only because of cooperation of people with different ideals, different backgrounds, education, social status and wealth. We forgot all our differences for the sake of one goal, that has united our nation, and it our goals was achieved with brilliance, still inspiring both cadets of military academies and veteran soldiers. It was the day when the State showed our might.

Our troops in the warzone are doing great nowadays, pushing gallente occupants out in all directions. However, there’s a new enemy on the horizon, who appeared so unfortunately almost to the celebrations of our greatest holiday. I am speaking, of course, about Triglavians. They dared to occupy our systems just like gallentean swines! We have expelled them from Elonaya, but at the anniversary of this momentous day, they had an audacity to appear in Luminaire itself! And they must pay for this insolence!

Whatever they do, they won’t crush Caldari Spirit! We fought outnumbered against Gallentean menace and we won our independence. We liberated Homeworld, we first won the Warzone. There’s nothing we can’t do, because we are Caldari! Because everyone of us will hold weapons to protect what is ours, to protect the State from all the aggressors, including Triglavians, Sansha and of course Gallentes. Nobody of Caldari will abandon the duty when there’s an enemy on the horizon, while the war is going on, even if there’s no visible end of it!

We are invincible! Because we are Caldari, because we are together, just like 11 years ago!

Glory to the State!!

To celebrate the anniversary personnel serving on my ships receive a week vacation, leaving only skeleton crews in case of emergency.


You mean they’re all underfed like you?

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As one whose home was also once under occupation, congratulations on the liberation of your homeworld. May your celebrations be enjoyable and uneventful.

And as one of the pilots involved in the defense of Federation space, do not worry about Luminaire. We will crush them whereever we find them.

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