[Caldari State] Happy 10th June, Citizens and Capsuleers!

Happy 10th June!

Dear friends, collegues, citizens, Caldari people! This anniversary is special, it has been 10 years already since 10 June YC110 Tibus Heth, supported by all and every corporation of Caldari State, has finally liberated Caldari Prime from two hundred years of gallentean oppression!

It was our victory, victory of every citizen of Caldari State, it shows what we can achieve together, standing as one, discarding all our differences and arguments. It shows what the State can achieve by cooperation, what we all can accomplish by working with each other. But the war hasn’t finished yet. We have liberated Caldari Prime ten years ago by fighting together. And together we can win this war!!

Cheers and Glory to the State!!

Also, please don’t launch fireworks indoors.


Four months of Gallente dangling warzone domination to the State in tier 1 against even a sustained month long tier 5. Holding on to home systems the entire time. I doubt you can achieve anything cohesive now; it’s time for us to take these systems back. And restore the happy freedom to light fireworks wherever we damn well please!

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