May Revolution Anniversary Speech

Citizens of the State, fellow caldari!

Today is a special day — 12 anniversary of the May Revolution.
Ascension of the Tibus Heth marked a start of the new era of caldari history. And while that era was short and ended with disaster, its legacy is still with us. Provists reminded us, what it mean to be caldari! To be strong, protective, full of dignity!
Now it’s a time, when we must remember that legacy. Our enemies are strong and numerous. They roam at the heart of our lands. And they pose a real threat to the very existence of our nation!

Unite, caldari people! Unite and rise and push offenders out of our land!

Glory to the State!


Ask the citizens of Caldari Prime how it feels to get a large part of their homeworld demolished by tyrants and their Leviathan.

Oh, but that story started after someone demolished 102-storied Shintoko Tower in the center of Arcurio, which is one of the largest cities on the planet. We are not the only one, who brought destruction.

But I’m speaking not about Caldari Prime.
Provists united the nation — for some time, at least — and strengthed the State’s military. And this is what we needed now.
Some may say, that our enemies is gallentians. I’ll not dispute with them. But there is Triglavians who started to kidnap and do something with our people.


The Caldari State says Provists are the enemy. To say otherwise is traitorous and dangerous speech.

But any good Caldari already knew that.

Which is why I figured I should inform you.

And so thank you, Ms. Polevhia.

I don’t say, that we must find Heth, revive him and put at power. I want to say, that we must take all the best, what was in that time. National unity, strong military, flaming souls, courageous heroes — isn’t it what we need in such times?

You also say…

Does this also -include- the taking of Gallente space? Are you an imperialist and invader? Or are you -just- concerned with protecting Caldari space? Because the loudest voices that speak of patriotism and defense are also the ones leading the charge in to other people’s space.


Triglavian and Sansha threats is of more priority. So even if we have territorial disputes, they must be put aside, so we can concentrate on pushing out actual invaders.

Oh good. Then I really can tell you where to shove it.

If you want to pick a recent point of unification, I’d suggest a different one.

In three short weeks, it will be the seventh anniversary of Mininela Erinen’s testimony to the Chief Executive Panel. I prefer to think of it as the start of a real unification. One where we came together as one to firmly and unequivocally expel half a decade of lies, corruption, intimidation, and outright murder and terror, personified in Heth and his Provist gang.

In the end, for all his talk about strength and force of arms, he did not prove to be the equal of some pirates, and left us a slow brushfire of a conflict that has already outlasted his reign twice over. Indeed, the only reasons we still have access to the Homeworld at all derive from sympathy, shared suffering, and the recognition of mutual interests with a people he tried his best to convince us were foreigners bent only on our destruction.

None of it has been heroic, or glorious. I would have liked it to be, but telling the truth to a CEP inquiry, with an array of biomonitor equipment aimed at you, isn’t so much brave as inescapable. Nobody wanted our State to be in the conditon it was, but sometimes all you can do is tie back your shirt sleeves, face bitter truth, and get to work.

For the State, and its workers.

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I must agree, that something went wrong at the end of provist era. And to say otherwise will mean to go against the history.

But remember the first years. Economy was rised, armed forces was strengthened and nation was united once again. Is it bad?

It was great, for a while; then we realized we’d burned through all our firewood in the first week of winter.

Glory to the State!

Let us follow the example of the best people of our nation that formed the Directorate and remember all the good they did for all the Caldari!

Let us all stand united as one in these dark times and expel the ancient enemy from our space. Let us be strong as ever and excel over invaders in everything, let us keep the fight until there will be no Gallente in Black Rise and on Caldari Prime!!


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