Happy 10th June!

Citizens of the State!

I would like to congratulate you all with 16th anniversary of liberation of Caldari Prime from two hundreds years of Gallentean occupation!

Even if our homeworld was invaded five years later and parts of our planet are still occupied by the enemies, this operation was the largest combine forces operation in New Eden cluster for centuries to see! And it wasn’t just large, it was one of the most successful operations, among executed not just by the State, but by any other force in our cluster.

To achieve this all our corporations stood together, united with resolve and a single goal, that was so brilliantly achieved!

Lets commemorate this day, our strength in unity and our greatest victory up to now, and let this example give us inspiration, for the war is not over yet, and there is another victory to be held, that would reverberate through the whole cluster like a thunder when our ships return not just to Luminaire, but to Intaki, Villore, and every other planet of the Federation that still wages its war against us.


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