Happy Secession Day!

Personally, I prefer “Independence Day,” but here we are.

In spite of everything, I think I might pop off some fireworks over New Caldari Prime tonight. At the very least I’ll pop off a bottle in memory of the beginning of modern Caldari history, and everything since.




To independence, to our own way of life, and to the nation with the highest standard of living in New Eden. Long last the State!


I don’t think it will be celebrated as well as 10 June, but still, today we launched way more fireworks than planned!

Early morning today Caldari State forces led by our alliance with help of numerous allies have defeated Gallente capsuleer battleship fleet with their “Pen is out” capital batphone! Among others, we destroyed ships of Soter, Vero, and a lot of capitals. It was one of the largest fights in the warzone for months if not years, and Caldari State came out victorious!

One of the largest victories in the warzone is probably the best gift we could offer the State to this momentous day! What could be better than defeating the largest gallente force in Black Rise to celebrate independence from Gallente Federation?

For the next two days, I am lifting all alcohol-related bans on my ships and even myself will allow me… a bit. Until midnight we will celebrate the victory, after midnight - Secession!



I’d like to wish my Caldari friends and allies (and even those with whom I do not get along) a blessed and joyous day of celebration.


I too, would like to wish a happy Independence day celebration to the Caldari, with the hope that the recent news regarding a potential economic partnership is the start of a fruitful relationship between our peoples.


Happy Independence Day to my friends in the State and friends from the State!


Happy Secession Day to all Caldari - ethnic or otherwise. May you have the most joyous of celebrations!


My blessings to all my Caldari associates and theirs!


Happy Independence Day!

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WANGS as a batphone. Ahhhh, that’s funny. That’s like getting run over by an empty wheelchair. Thanks, I needed that laugh.

Anyway, much respect and love to the cluster’s other fiercely independent power. It’s a great place to live and work, and the drug-fueled raves in Isaziwa are second to none. Happy Independence Day.


I’m pleased to report that the newly refurbished Hakatain Dynasty yacht Onsen is now in low orbit over Caldari Prime in the Luminaire system, and open to receive visitors for this year’s Secession Day celebrations.

Guests of all backgrounds are welcome, save for those on the blacklist.

For the protection and safety of our guests, the yacht will remain cloaked and its precise coordinates classified. I regret that because I’ll be in the pod keeping you all safe I won’t be able to join the celebrations in person, but watch out for my holoavatar and feel free to speak to me at any time. I’ll see all and know all.

The dress code is casual, and the yacht’s zoned interior includes a resort deck for swimming and relaxing in the sauna. Changing facilities, towels and robes will be available when entering the resort zone.


For me at least, today is a day of mourning as much as it is celebration. Mourning of the innocents lost in the Federation bombing campaigns. The pilots who flew against unimaginable odds. The first capsule pilots who gave their bodies and minds to a barely understood science in defense of their people. Those who died to defend the Homeworld.

Celebration of the Intaki who believed in our cause, and the Gallente that recognized the tyranny of the Ultra Nationalist Regime. The workers, architects, and visionaries that built the State into what it is today. Every single man, woman, and child of the State, throughout our history.

The more humanity flourishes, the greater the State becomes.

Happy Secession Day. For the State.


Regards to all my fellow Caldari on this memorable day!


May the memories of the dead be honoured by our deeds.


It was quite a battle, and Gallente losses were indeed severe. However, it is deeply ironic that you would celebrate that victory in the context of “independence” considering that among your “allies” were over double your fleet’s number of pilots from the Federation Uprising alliance. How shameful that avowed Caldari State loyalists must call upon disgraced Gallente mercenaries to defend their assets in Black Rise.

Perhaps while you are celebrating secession from the Federation, Templis might consider severing its role as a clearly inferior partner to FedUP?

At any rate, I apologize to the rest of my cousins in the State that Commander Kim’s obsession with my compatriots has been interjected into your collective celebration of national determination. Perhaps in the future there will come a time when such celebrations are not so tinged with bitterness and hostility.

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Some see a day off work. Some see a historical moment worthy of being proud of. Some use it for saber-rattling and posturing. It’s all a matter of personal viewpoint and there’s no need to ascribe any tinges to the concept as a whole.

For me, it’s fond memories of the great State where I was born. Happy Independence Day, and may you always find your own way.


So far it’s only you and Arrendis who were bringing hostility and bitterness to this thread, so I would appreciate if you take your tears about your loss somewhere else, it’s not a place and time for that.

I congratulate all our Caldari people with yesterday’s victory in Martoh and with the Secession Day!


Hnolai ki tuul, ti sei oni a tiu.

We shall strive to earn what we have been given.


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