Best secession anniversary ever and Alliance Open tournament!

I would like to congratulate all citizens of the State with another anniversary of the Secession day when our State finally left the greedy clutches of depraved Federation and began our way to prosperity and wealth for all the citizens, free from gallente oppression and their attempts to steal what we create!

To this anniversary we saw the Alliance Open tournament, which brought us a gift that warmed all Caldari hearts: our glorious Caldari alliance Templis CALSF turned out to be victorious in the event!

Glory to the State!


Congratulations Templis CALSF for a well-deserved victory. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration to rally our Navy and our loyal capsuleers in defending the citizens and systems of the State from the ongoing invasions and to success in the warzone.


Having fought alongside Templis CALSF a fair amount, I expected some good success. You have my congratulations.

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