Happy Yoiul, Citizens! Today, the State strikes back!

Happy Yoiul!

Rejoice Citizens, for we have prepared you another amazing present, just like we did for the Secession Day! In fact, even better.

This year was rough for the State. Emerging occupants from Gallente Federation at the start of the year with WANGS pirate alliance overwhelming out systems, to the Triglavian war. Many of our systems are still in hands of enemies, Gallente and Triglavian alike, and we are still fighting them.

And today we have delivered a smashing blow to the pirate coalition of ‘Villore Accords’ and ‘Pen is Out’ alliances. The astrahus they used as a staging point in Kurala constellation for conducting their raids on nearby systems, is no more! Today the skies of Prism system were lit by fireworks of the burning structure of the gallente occupants.

The gallente station was infamous for staying alive deep in Caldari space for so long, only because whenever we were coming to destroy it, Pen is Out alliance was defending it for gallente occupants. The station provided housing for such infamous personalities as Julianus Soter, so-called insurgent presidential candidate of Gallente Federation, known for his failed terror operation in Okkamon system; and of course, MantelGlobalIndustries (E. Adams), who is known best for his treason - leaving the State when we needed pilots the most and joining already overwhelming forces of invaders.

Even now pirate alliance Pen is Out were defending Villore Accords, we have defeated them 18 December of this year with the fight over this Astrahus. However, today they didn’t come to face our fleets. After the short fight with remained defenders, the gallente citadel has exploded, degrading the structure into a collection of wretched metal and ashes.

In the aftermath of the operation, those of gallente occupants who haven’t perished in the flames, were caught as Prisoners of War. Dr. Chen-Shi has conducted an operation of evacuating the survivors from the burning wreck to the nearby station - Wiyrkomi Peace Corps’ Assembly plant, where caught pirates and federals will be processed and transferred to Protectorate authorities to be put under tribunal.

Unfortunately, the evacuation operation didn’t go without an accident: the same pirates from Pen is Out alliances have attacked one of Dr. Chen-Shi’s haulers with prisoners of war and destroyed it, killing those whom they were protecting. Those crewmembers of her ship who perished in this treacherous attack, will be honored as Heroes of the State!

As well we shall Honor all those State pilots who gave their lives in previous attempts to destroy this thing during the year. Their lives were not in vain, and the goal they were fighting for was finally achieved.

Citizens of the State! Megacorporations! Whatever happens, your Soldiers will always stay on your side! Caldari will never drop a weapon in sight of the enemy, however large or powerful they would look. We will protect you with our lives.

But for now, let’s Celebrate, both Yoiul and this significant Victory we have brought to you on this momentous day!

Glory to the State!


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