Ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come. The opportunity has arisen that we shall use. The Federation is in a turmoil. Now it is weak and it can be brought down.

I call to Caldari Navy, I call to CEP, I call to every Citizen who is able to take a weapon to protect the State from gallentean oppressors.

The Federation is crumbling and we can see it ourselves, you can see the degradation they have achieved using that democracy. Their new presidential elections turned out to be a farce with even a capsuleer candidate signing in for this rat race. What did follow wasn’t really surprising as literally majority of non-capsuleer candidates were simply assasinated in a rather unsafe manner, with such disdain for baseline life that we are used to see primarily from capsuleers.

Currently the Gallente Federation has launched a series of devastating attacks, occupying and oppressing numerous worlds in Black Rise and the Citadel, their infamous torturing, raping, starving and beating of prisoners are well known, they are stealing lands and goods that do not belong to them. They deprive people of high quality State goods and services, while “feeding” them with empty promises of “freedom” and “democracy” (which nobody really needs) instead of bread.

They have invaded us, looking to take what they can’t build, create or colonize themselves. And now in their insufferable hunger for power they even sank into murderous rage, killing their own for the sake of that presidential chair. We don’t really should care who killed them and who will come out on top of that mound. What we should care about is Safety and Security of State Citizens.

While gallentes are in turmoil, they are weak. We shall strike into their heart and pull it out. We shall fight them on all fronts. We must make them pay for their crimes, and we shall liberate our lands from their oppression.

It’s time we stand up and take them down, take them down so hard that they will never rise ever again. For no Caldari children will be afraid of Gallente death squads, for no prisoner will be subjected to inhuman gallente treatment, for no Gallente foot will ever stand on Caldari Prime!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the time the Federation must be destroyed.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


Terrorist fascistic scum. I call upon the CEP to revoke all rank and employment of this cretin.


Said Soter, who was trying to pirate neutral merchants in Okkamon which could be understood as nothing but as an attempt of a terror attack.
On the other hand, did I ever participate in any terror operation?

Said Soter, who is playing a lapdoggie for Gallente Federation, who is known for having actual fascist regime - it was Duvalier who started the war against the State, and every more or less educated historian attributes his rule as fascist. Those, who wage war agains our State are fascists, now I wonder how foolish one have to be to call US like that?..

I mean, I could have just said “No U”, but it really gets amusing when the real

brings accusations of honest people (like us) in what they themselves have committed and we, apparently, haven’t.

So, what can I say, you can yap as much as you want, quite unlikely that any Caldari or otherwise people with at least a iota of self-respect and a grain of intelligence would fall for your words.

You do realize that the CEP is actually offering support to the Federation? Here’s the the exact quote for you:

Caldari State Chief Executive Panel Declares “Outrage” at Attacks on Federation; Offers Support and Suspends Customs Duties on Vital Supplies

So it sounds like you are proposing to turn against your government. Isn’t that treason?


Acting in this way after a catastrophic incident seems to lead the fact that YOU are the responsible of these terroristic attacks. Now it doesn’t matter if the Caldari State CEP has said something that now many others will response with a “It’s a typical excuse he must say to be the nice guy in front of the cameras” but first to open an aggressive statement like this, try to talk with your superioirs, please.


Bahah, I knew Diana would be here at first yelling about this.

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Good thing Diana Kim is as much a figure of ridicule in the State as in the Federation.


Best to hold words and still breathe than to spite the trees with wasted breath on entrenched jingoists, my friend.


You gotta be kidding?
If I was responsible of these, I’d say that from the start and would be damn proud of it, believe it.

Besides, the choice of target is certainly not of mine interest. Mine would be Navy HQ, Senate and Presidential office, not candidates who didn’t even win position of power yet - they’re literally nobody for me and I wouldn’t waste my breath on going after useless gallentean yapping politicians. But they’re quite a threat for their competitors in elections. It’s quite obvious it was a gallente powerplay.

The problem is that after a similar disaster you immediately started to invite every single Caldari to counterattack, considerating these terrorist attacks an opportunity to attack them while they’re disoriented. This is very suspicious, that’s why you are in the suspected list.

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This is the same Kimmykims who keeps claiming that the TD aren’t a terrorist organisation in direct contradiction to her own CEP. Do you expect much more?

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Not even an hour after the initial reports came in and Kim is already calling for the end of the Federation, as per standard operating procedure.

Couldn’t even let the bodies of the dead go cold. Just… loathsome.

I take solace in the fact that no matter how much she bleats, the Federation will not be destroyed because she commands it. The Federation will endure as it has always done.


Speaking about bleating, now look at that, who popped out his head.
A disgusting traitor, it is even worse than gallente occupants and oppressors, worse than genocidists, rapists, torturers.
One who betrayed those who gave him everything - and now he even dares to open his treacherous mouth against those, who protect their homes from federal invaders!

Speaking about loathsome things, go back into the hole you were hiding. Traitors are the worst of the scum our cluster can vomit. Your dishonor can be washed out only with your own blood.

Aren’t you disgusted yourself from seeing your face in the mirror?.. Even a gurista could look better.

axe on u, we fine, taxe a caldade back anytime u luv <3

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I regret to inform you Strike Commander, but it seems that the CEP is in direct opposition of your call to arms, as referenced here in the footnotes of this article.

I don’t believe you’ll be getting the assault you wish to see.

From one honorable pilot to another, I advise caution in your words, considering the stance taken by the CEP. To openly contradict them is to invite dishonor.



Are you seriously expressing support for terrorists who attacked civilian population centers with none of the mitigating efforts required by legitimate asymmetric warfare?

This is an act of those who would see the entire cluster consumed by anarchy and bloodshed, that they themselves can seize power with an iron fist, and they do not care who is harmed by it. Not among their enemies, not among their friends, not among their own people. These are filth, and it is truly horrifying to see you call for an act of mutiny against the stated policy of the Caldari Navy in order to take action in support of terrorists and murderers.


Are you people new here? This is the least surprising response in the history of literally the most predictable capsuleer in the cluster.


Posts like these are a great nerve stick alternative. Keep it up, Ms. Kim! I’m sure you’ll one day defeat the Federation single-handedly. snickers


Anarchy is not absence of organization or order, merely of government / hierarchy.


“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril."

Do you think these events are enough to open a margin for a killing blow? Even with a full mobilization effort?

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Don’t talk or argue with Ms. Kim as it’s totally pointless and we have more important thing to be focusing at.