Jita Burns! Federation Forever!

Hearing rumors that Jita was expected to be attacked, I was completely caught off guard when I landed in Urlen and my ship’s sensors started screaming. Flashes of red EVERYWHERE, indicating warnings from CONCORD. I had jumped in and appeared in the middle of a fleet of hardened criminals and pirates. Murderers likely, one and all. Not only that, I was in an industrial ship. A prime candidate for targeting. And to put the cherry on top of that whipped cream, I had several hundred million isk in my cargo hold.

Luckily, pausing to catch my breath, saw them warping away. To Perimeter, of course. While there were some wrecks around me, we weren’t at their target system. They were on to Jita, where I was now going.

I thought about turning back. Indeed I should have, but I pressed forward. They would not wait too long at the game. I had shield modules on my ship as well as inertial stabilizers. If I used the interference that comes just after a jump to collect my bearings, I could do this. I could make it through.

And I did. I made my isk on buy orders set up. Getting sixty million isk more than Dodixie.

Then the shame hit me.

I was supporting the Caldari by using their station. Yes I needed the isk, I was running fumes before this run. Even now, I am not rich compared to capsuleers. I have a crew to pay and the universe is dangerous.

But still, I was betraying the Federation in a fashion. My earlier frustration that the attack against Jita started on the weekend I needed to haul my wares was replaced by joy that it was happening. Jita needed to burn. Too long have we made Caldari the center of our economy. Dodixie isn’t even close to being the center that the vile Amarr is, with their despicable practices! Our Gallentean ways of tolerance and acceptance has caused us to willingly go along with these centers as being the standard hubs for business. We can tolerate and accept others, so why not use their stations? What harm is there?

But then I think about all the billions of isk, pouring into the Caldari Navy. Used to build ships, fund attacks and generally murder our citizens across the universe. We fund it. We support it. By hauling our cargo to their hub, to make a few more isk.

In the long run, if we used our own, prices would close in on each other. Even a slight closing could cause the Amarr to simply further their own hub. The Minmatar to centralize theirs from their two to a single one, and put forth another competitor. For more conveniently placed pilot structures to be turned to, as well.

Jita’s control over the universe’s markets would fall.

Perhaps, people avoiding Jita for even a short while can move that day closer. I hope so. Everyone who uses the market deserves to burn. I deserved to burn for betraying these ideals.

Let Jita burn!


That federation must be a very boring and lame place, considering how timid Jita burns. And easily corrupted if the Federation has to count on null sec podders to achieve something.

All traders are welcome to trade in the Tranquility Trading Tower in Perimeter. It’s not connected to one of the Empires, and neutral to all. It’s enormous teather range makes the Keepstar also much safer than any station. You can undock and warp away with 100% safety.
You have the best locations for refining and production directly on your undock, which allow you to refine, build, and trade without any danger.


The Federation has exotic dancers and pleasure hubs, therefore your argument is invalid. Anyway, Burn Jita has never been a Federation objective. Our economy has always thrived on open trade with other nations.

It is nice that the “nullsec podders” buy so many Vexor Navy Issues from us, though… whether they move through Jita or not.


So true, so very true.


The idea that what’s bad for the State is good for the Federation and what’s good for the State is bad for the Federation is, at best, lazy thinking and at worst, disingenuous. It’s a false premise. Jita’s economic success does not happen in a vacuum. Its two jumps from Sinq Laison through Perimeter has done a lot for the economic recovery of the region since the conclusion of the war.

Your logic would also condemn Quafe, Aliastra, Chemal Tech, CreoDron, Impetus, Pend Insurance, and Poteque Pharmaceuticals for building stations in and hiring citizens of other empires. Not that I think Federation-based megacorporations need my defence - frankly, ■■■■ them - but they’re literally some of the biggest employers in the Federation. Surely, if your logic held true, then their business across borders would have made them and us economically weaker for it.

Additionally, your logic would condemn member states and districts exercising the franchise system to hire State megacorporations to perform basic services? Because that money goes to the State, not the Federation, or whatever. Except the State megacorporations that operate on this side of the border and build stations (CBD, Kaalakiota, NOH, Wiyrkomi, Ishukone) mostly pay the appropriate taxes, follow local regulations, and do quality work at competitive prices - all the while employing people with dual Federation/State citizenship, who epitomise the fact that our fates are tied. Sometimes the Big 8 is the only feasible option for struggling border member states by consequence of complicated border politics.

It’s just not as simple as what you say. And it’s grotesque, celebrating an event that marks the death of so many baseliners and crew. No “economic boost” is worth that.


pfft. It’s still Friday.

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Oh so this is why local chat is so nuts lol

For clarity:

The Ministry of Love is currently conducting their annual Social Awareness Campaign. This year’s goal is to raise awareness and highlight the dangers of Capsuleer pilots’ licenses that have been stolen, lapsed, falsified, or otherwise fallen into the hands of unscrupulous agents who have supplanted the legitimate human being (or reasonable medbay-produced facsimile thereof) with a (usually rudimentary) Artificial Intelligence (e.g. ‘a bot’).

One of the reasons they have selected this cause for this year’s campaign is the prevalence of ‘bots’ among high-security ‘capsuleer’ freighter pilots. As is usual for the annual Social Awareness Campaign, the rest of the Imperium has been invited along to help raise awareness of this scourge, and many have enthusiastically pitched in for the cause of championing fair, legal, human piloting over some ridiculous idea of some kind of high-falutin’ ‘automatic’ pilot.

And frankly, this has nothing to do with the Federation. Federal loyalists should not be trying to act like this is some kind of boon for their side. The only reason it is Jita that burns is because it is the largest single concentration of proper conditions in the cluster. If Dodixie were a real trade hub, we might hit that one of these days. But I doubt it.


You gallente scum all can do is pirate and commit crimes against humanity.

But remember that, whatever you do, you cannot defeat Caldari! You cannot defeat the State! You cannot defeat Civilization! You cannot defeat Commerce! You cannot defeat Progress!

And you cannot defeat Jita!

Glory to the State and let CONCORD burn you to ashes!

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

And also, this is why the Federation must be destroyed!

The chaos is fun to watch, and shooting the attackers is also fun. Win win situation for me!

Just don’t confuse ‘shooting’ with ‘stopping’. As of last week, we had 60,000 Coercers fitted.


Keep 'em coming! Why would I want this ever to stop?

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It’s no less disingenuous than the notion that just because Caldari corporations do business in the Federation or Empire, that it is evidence the citizenry of the State as a whole are interested in becoming a part of the Federation or Empire.

You keep responding to my posts saying things like this. I don’t see where I suggested they were. You should already know I don’t think of it like that. We used to talk a lot about things like this. Is there something you really want to say to me?


No. I would like to believe that, that justifies accepting the current status quo. But I can’t think that any longer. Apathy and complacency is killing us. So if we die in an effort to fight back, then at least we die contributing something!

If you go along as the State dogs murder us, pretending you believe diplomacy will save us, then you’re just as bad as those who war against us. They hate us because we offer choice and freedom. How can we allow that!

No, let Jita burn! Let the crews who have complacently allowed this to happen burn! Let the universe as we know it burn! I rather be reduced to ash, then allow the scourge that the Caldari and their wicked-slave owning allies to run unchecked.

Even here, the vermin call for our deaths. Open your eyes to the danger on our door. And fight back!

That’s an awful lot of piss and vinegar for a capsuleer with, as far as I could see with a very lazy database inquiry, no public combat record whatsoever.

But, you’re young and such enthusiasm can certainly be useful. If you want to “fight back,” or just want to blow up some Caldari, you should contact me directly. Villore Accords has been leaving flaming State Protectorate wrecks across Placid and Black Rise longer than just about anyone else at this point. We’ve gotten pretty good at it. Hell, some of us even operate in Jita.

But, you should know that “apathy and complacency” can define warfare every bit as much as diplomacy. You’re not going to do the Federation any good by alienating yourself from the people trying to find a peaceful path. Take it from someone who’s fought in this war for nearly a decade, and has the scars to show for it.


This is somewhat comforting, in a way. Like a favorite childhood dish that no matter how long you are away, is always the same when ever you go back home.

Never change, Kim.

What are you even talking about?


The message I replied to, if you read it you would know! The baseliner crews she so blatantly spoke of. Dying while supporting their capsuleer captain’s treasonous apathy!

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