Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

I said I would.

Nobody has even congratulated me for the arbitrary accomplishment of starting to use these forums on this day a year ago. Hmph.


Congratulations on your successful year long posting spree.

In honour of your accomplishment, I had a fruit tart. It was pretty good.

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Thank you!

I think I’ll eat cake. The whole cake. Not sure what kind yet.

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I got it thirteen days ago.

Congratulate me!

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Belated congratulations!


What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Honestly, I am surprised older thread existed for so long without that goon trying something that silly earlier.

It was a kind of meta moment, really. I mean, what’s more off-topic for an off-topic thread than having an actual topic? Truly, only in going off the topic of being off-topic could the off-topic thread ever truly achieve the fullness of off-topic-ness.

And it would’ve changed back right about now, but now it doesn’t have to!


This is a kind of amazing thing to claim. So, like … you’re God, Mr. Havohej? Or otherwise omniscient?

Otherwise it seems hard to say with any certainty at all that everything you’ve ever said even to just one person was objectively true. People lie to themselves all the time, or else they’re just wrong-- again, all the time.

This seems so much like a typo or figure of speech that normally I wouldn’t even bring it up, except as Mizhara del’Thul’s mentor it seems like you might be the sort of person who’d say such a thing and really mean it. Which would be kind of disturbing?

Asking me specifically or everyone present?

Well, out of every cake I’ve ever eaten, just, plain old cake, layered with various fruit & berry marmalades, mousse (mango and pear work surprisignly well together) and topped/covered with whipped cream.

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I tried to do my part: Utari's Puppies (Formerly Off-Topic Thread)

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Asking you specifically. I’m in the mood to bake a cake.

So, noted!


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Glad/disappointed no one has said beefcake yet.

What’s the difference with the other one?

beefcake is slang on some planets for musclemen.

If you’re referring to the thread, this one’s not about puppies, but cake.

Cake is hedonism

No, Jenneth.

The reason I say with certainty that I have never told Drakonis anything that wasn’t objective fact is because if something is only an opinion, I present it as such. If I don’t know something for an absolute certainty, I’ll tell him why I believe it and leave room for the possibility that I’m not correct.

It really isn’t difficult.

Let’s not get carried away. I’m sure Del’thul learned some things from me in regards to hunting and piloting, and she also learned a lot from other pilots. She’s now very formidable in her own right. But socially and politically, Del’thul always had a fervor all her own - she needed no mentoring to become who and what she is now. If anything, the most important thing I gave her was the knowledge of how it feels to take the gloves off… but as I don’t know anything of her career before Du’uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics, maybe not even that.

(Do you see what I meant in the first paragraph, now? Everything in the second paragraph is either objectively true, or an opinion expressed as such. It isn’t difficult at all, Jenneth.)

No cookies? This is discrimination.