The Room for an Argument (specialized Off-Topic)

This is, in fact, the room for an argument. Or, topic of argument. Hee.

Anyway, considering all the bickering lately (some of it mine? sorry) I thought it might be helpful to have another Off-Topic topic with a more focused purpose so arguments don’t end up dominating the Off-Topic vol. 2 thread further. It also might give people who enjoy watching this kind of thing a single place to see most of it.

Even so I’m hoping it won’t go the way of the Thread of Unkind Words, which turned into a kind of horrifying exercise in … yeah, let’s not talk about that, just … leave that in its well-dug grave with heavy boulders pushed over it.

Anyway! Have at it!

So…the off-topic gets it’s own off-topic thread.

They should just shut down the IGS and put us out of our misery.


As usual: talk about things that actually matter for you, get put in the naughty corner so as not to bother the smiling politely and making idle chit-chat.


Just an idea, Else, an experiment. It’s not like anyone’s likely to make you use it.

It’ll thrive, or it won’t.


It’s nice to give people space to talk about lighter things sometimes.

Yea, maybe if people want to have focused talks about stories and pets and whatever lighter things, they could make threads for that? Instead of hijacking the thread labeled as general off-topic for light stuff and labeling all shows of emotion and someone actually caring about ■■■■ as “bickering”?


You seem grumpy today, Elsebeth.


As we all know any kind of belief or position that contradicts the status qou is bad and should be done Waves Vaguely over their

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I’m in favor of the increased product variety in this most hallowed marketplace of ideas. Let every consumer have the opportunity to select the item that’s just right for them. Personally, I mainly consume Gutter Press.

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But why?

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The only issue I have ever had with ‘bickering’, as someone called it, was whenever it reached a natural empasse where neither side were going to agree but had made all their points… it would just keep going.

Two examples - my debate about the current position of Templis CALSF with Diana. When I realised she wasn’t going to address some of the points I raised, I stopped questioning as it was no longer fruitful but the conversation carried on for days if not weeks after that - I think even Diana stopped responding before others did. Another example, Else telling people to stop speaking for her, leaving the discussion and others continuing to debate the topic without her being present.

It’s as if some here think that to ‘win’ a discussion you have to be the last person standing, not the person who speaks the most sense. To that end, yes I would like the superfluous nonsense taken to one side but I get the impression that those who take discussions that far do not see their multiple posts making the exact same point as being superfluous but, instead, believe it is imperative to their ‘win’.

Apples are better than oranges.

Change my mind.

I will not compare apples to oranges with you.

And this is why the Federation must be destroyed.

And this is why the Universe must be destroyed.

Well that escalated quickly.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Do not what you will, but what God wills. And God wills that all the planets of all the stars in the heavens be put in chains. Starting with Floseswin IV.

Has God spoken directly to you to ask you this? Not intermediareis, not ancient texts, direct one on it talk?

Oooor, maybe if people want to have focused talks about particular topics that they care about and show their emotion there in full without being “Off-Topic” in the slightest they can do that also, Else?

It’s easy to have an interesting, substantive digression without it turning into a fight, and I’m a little tired of the Off-Topic thread being the destination for the terrible. Although at least there the terrible sometimes was getting interrupted, so that was a little fun, but it didn’t quite make up for the explosion of, well, explosions that happened pretty often.

To me, no.

Actually, @Morgana_Tsukiyo, I have another question. You are an Achuran who wields vast occult powers. Do you have any experience in removing or reversing curses? Including the most dark and vile curses like this?