Calling All Minmatar Alpha Pilots

Welcome alpha pilot! If you are loyal to the Matari People join us in exacting justice against the enemies of our people. Ships will be provided and targets designated. Bring a long overdue taste of justice to New Eden.
Drake Ashigaru alliance.


Well … this should be interesting.

I wonder how many takers you’ll get, pilot.


Maybe get more combat experience than your one lost fight before trying to lead other poor schmucks to their deaths?


Well, they’ll pick up experience quickly anyway, assuming they don’t get horribly dispirited. If he’s actually got the ship resources to throw out there, it could be kind of an amazing learning opportunity … for the people following him, anyway.

Maybe Messrs. Ronin and Ronin will learn in such a way, too? They seem a little impervious to argument, but, they presumably do learn stuff.


well, this should be nice. Best of luck killing those who deserve it.


But Miz, that makes him one of the most experienced combat pilots in his alliance!


The burn is strong with this one.


To the Minmatar Alpha Pilots reading this please discount the self righteous back slapping of the bitter vet pilots who fly for anyone and stand for nothing.

As a Gallente national and ethnic Matari I fly for the good of our people throughout the New Eden Cluster. We will provide Minmatar ships and crews to Alpha pilots willing to fight for this cause against specific targets and enemies of the Matari people.

No we are not planning on or claiming to be some major player in New Eden politics we hope to bring a sharp taste of justice to those who think they are beyond the reach of our people.

Perhaps you’ll get only a fiery death but that is the nature of capsuleer piloting, we die. Fight, Die, Repeat!

Everyone who flies with us will know what we stand for and what they may and will most likely die for, not material wealth, but for the Matari People throughout New Eden.

We must stand up and fight against all who would enslave us, all who would continue to force their inhuman cult down our throats, and all who idly sit by and tolerate it happening.

The people of the New Eden Cluster need to see a new generation of Matari capsuleer Alpha pilots willing to fight for a cause, instead of just because.

Join with us and help bring the force of justice to every sector of New Eden, we will grow and learn with you as we together become a force for good.

Together we can show the New Eden Cluster there is no reason to tolerate the slavery cultists who live for the day that they can shackle us all to their false faith.

New Eden should stand for freedom for all of humanity, come fight for that possibility with us.

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Alternatively, there’s all manner of decent corps and alliances that’ll actually teach you how to fly in combat, train you, nurture you and then send you on your way either to the parent organizations or wherever you find you belong.

Dying pointlessly while following someone who has no experience whatsoever with capsuleer combat is probably a pointless exercise.


The cluster is full of those naysayers who seek to cover up their own inability to put belief into action with vapid words and acerbic platitudes in the vain notion that verbosity will translate into something else other than what their lack of ambition offers: nothing at all.

It is always better to try for something, to realize ones own convictions through deed, and so good fortunes, may your struggle make you strong.


Freedom is the source of all the evil in the cluster.
We will not allow whole New Eden to stand for that perversion of human nature!
Freedom cultists and zealots shall be detained, and those resisting arrest - shot on contact.

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Lucky for you, you have the freedom to discuss your thoughts on this…



Kim even the Amarr Have freedom


That’s not “freedom”, that’s “Ability”.

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Exactly, freedom allows you to use your abilities to hold and say your opinions.


Of course not.
My privilege allows me to say my opinions, not the freedom.
Freedom allows saying insults or claiming a lie that insults are ‘just opinions’. And against that we must fight.

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You realize privlege is a synonym for freedom right? :wink:


It is most definitely not.
Privilege - a special permission, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.
Freedom - a state of disorder and confusion, characterized by high entropy.
In physics:
Freedom is the property of a complex system whose behavior is so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.
In social/politics:
Freedom is a state of lacking bonds, laws, codes, rules and regulations.

A privilege is a consequecne of a rule or a regulation that gives you permission, and the freedom is lack of said rules and regulations.

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But sociology isn’t physics. Try this one, instead:

: the quality or state of being free: such as
a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence
c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous "freedom from care"
d : ease, facility "spoke the language with freedom"
e : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken "answered with freedom"
f : improper familiarity
g : boldness of conception or execution
h : unrestricted use “gave him the freedom of their home”

While I know in your native language, it’s the same word as ‘chaos’, maybe you should take the time to educate yourself as to what other people likely mean when they use it.


Chaos is what you create little kim.

If you have the ability to fly spaceships you should have the ability to understand the common language of the IGS.

If you lack the ability to learn the language at least stop arguing the same stupid point about how you hate “freedom” as a concept/word in every case except when it applies to Caldari Freedom from anything Gallente.

You need a new tune honey, you have worn this one out.