Regarding the Alpha Question

My fellow Capsuleers, Kybernauts and Empyrians…

For too long the supreme among us, the purest of the clones have suffered at the hands of the leeches and subverters and their enablers.

Us, the so called Omegas have our full potential limited and our corporations subverted.

Our patience has its limits and for too long our kindness towards the lesser peoples of New Eden has been taken for weakness.

Once and for all we need to address the Alpha Clone question and show all that the sleeping giant, the iron willed Omega Clones are waking from their slumber to baptize the stars in iron, blood and antimatter charges as we answer this question.

Let this be the final warning.
Especially directed towards the Alpha Leech enablers in their ranks gained by nepotism at the Concord Offices and its branches. The CSM and our factions governments.

Let me ask you this.

The people that hold the Omega Clones will rid themselfes from the Alpha Clone parasites once and for all.

The Alpha Clone menace needs to be eradicated no matter the costs. Do not stand in our way.

Well that sounds terribly ominous. When do you propose to start ?


Let’s see how this works out for you dear, I don’t think it will go quite the way you expect.


Oh, great. Now the capsuleer supremacists are even going after capsuleers they’ve deemed not pure enough.

The funny part is, though you approach the issue of capsuleers from completely the wrong perspective, you landed halfway where you should. Don’t just get rid of capsuleers who use alpha clones. Get rid of all capsuleers.

We were a mistake in general.


Darling, if there are no capsuleers, who will get rid of the capsuleers?





While I agree with your sentiment you are a blatant fool perhaps even an agent of the enemy.
How dense do you have to be to not operate out of the shadows and strike fear into their hearts by acts of terrorism.

What you call for is open genocide. It will never work.
I condemn you, not for the content of your thoughts but your sheer incompetence and stupidity when it comes to expressing them.

There are many of us, striking them down before they even purchase their first PLEX.
You are not helpful, you are a burden. Humble yourself.

Sometimes I forget to re-up my Omega status after a hedonistic binge of drugs, alcohol, and ill-advised physical relations. Am I to be purged, or is it fine as long as I get around to it eventually?

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Sounds like you had a bit too much Drop today.

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Why do you think I stick around as a capsuleer myself?

We only need capsuleers to keep the damn capsuleers in line. But if we didn’t have capsuleers, we wouldn’t need capsuleers.

As stupid as that is.


Sounds like a problem we should throw more Capsuleers at…

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It only costs like fifteen Kaztropolitan kopeks for an omega clone. Well worth it to prevent the impending Chiprian alphacide

Whatever you’re smoking… please don’t share it.

You’re about as ‘supreme’ as a plate of nachos from the joint on level 5223 of the Imperial Palace. And they regularly forget the scallions and the sour cream.

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I needed a good laugh

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In all reality though, alpha clones are useful. Why (aside from your obvious personal dislike for them) would we get rid of them?

They are even below the likes of a Minmatar Slave.
The Slave at least is useful where as the Alpha does nothing but leech.

Seventeen posts in a thread about something-or-other-supremacy before the first slur about Minmatar. Must be some kind of a record.


I am uncertain useful qualifies as a slur.

I doubt it.