Who agrees about this alowwance?

If ships bigger than the titan ever enters the game. I think alphas should have the ability to use tier II frigates only. Not tier II destroyers. It would mess the balance scheme if a super titan is added into the game. and nothing new allowed for alphas. Keep the balance ratio intact CCP.

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Only gallent miners who follow the CODE should get their allowance. Doofus miners should be sent to bed without their ship. I think that would keep the balance quite nicely.




I agree.

Alphas should not be able to use anything but T2 frigs. Not T1 frigs. Not T1Cruisers. Not battlecruisers. Not battleships. They should spend the first 5 months in a pod, until they trained for flying T2 frigs, and then they can participate in the game.

Thumbs up. Great idea.


No, -1 for obvious reasons.

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You dont want super-super capitals? Super titans? That cost 1 trillion isk, and have an AoE Doomsday that kills titan blobs in one hit?

Well, when you puit it like that, I suppose it could work in Udema :rofl:

We could also try for a system-wide doomsday. Basically everything in the system dies. Then allow them in hisec and watch jita explode.

Sounds like fun.


Anything that blows up Jita is a good thing IMO



Alphas should be limited to t1 stuff only…maximum frigates…that’s totally enough for non-payers

I remember when carriers were rarely seen in ns and scared the poop out me when one or 2 dropped on your BS fleet. Now they are everwhere.

I imagine all that would happen is eventually all of the fleet battles would go from 1 or 2 super titans to everyone fielding them…then we would be looking at an even bigger ship to counter.

And on it goes…

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I vote for Delve.

Bring it. We will out-super-super-capital you. Our super-super-capitals will blot out the sun and lag the server to hell and back. You wont be able to connect to eve without it crashing 2 seconds later.

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Dont you guys use DDOS for that and isnt that the case anyways already ? No difference ?

DDOS? I have no idea what youre talking about. Wink wink.

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No. Go sub

I’m speechless! That is what humour looks like. Plus One (+1) for @Solonius_Rex!

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A station that can transform into a multi-crew mining super titan, at wich time it becomes vurnerable with a 60 minute countdown to anchor again.

Because of prohibition on mining super titans by concord they will always have a suspect flag when in mining/ship mode.
The shields however are immensely strong as they are powered by ore.

The only way to defeat this ship is to mine every asteroid in the region with a fleet of hulks to the point it can’t sustain shields…

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Ugh. Alphas are worse than renters.


Living up to your character name, I see …