Alpha vs Omega

I am a new player in eve online and I am pretty enjoying the game but the real thing which drew my attention is the divide between alpha and omega, alpha players are constrained in a few things to enjoy with, but omega players…better guns, epic ships,better traits or skills,what not! I am not against alpha or omega but I request CCP to add some omega ships and other skills and features to alpha players for them to extend their enjoyment. But ultimately I am 99% sure that CCP will even listen to this, because to them it might be bogus,but I spoke my heart out

Unpaying customer vs paying customer

freeloader vs customer

I would prefer they SUPPORT their PAYING Linux customers, and a native LINUX client

It is CCP that is FREELOADING off Linux paying customers


To be fair, Alpha has come a long way.
There didn’t use to be an alpha state. You paid from day one. Then there was a time period where you could do 2 weeks trial.
Currently, there is very little an alpha can’t do that omega can. Of course ships are locked behind a paywall, as are some other things related to production and such. The purpose of that is so people can’t make 4,500 alts and train them into being mass producers or high powered gate campers and such.
I can’t imagine how completely fracked it would be to have an alpha titan pilot.

However, I do think they should raise the passive sp gain from 5m to at least 10m. Ideally to 20m, and set the injection limit to around 30m. That’s just my opinion though.


to be fair, you can run windows in conjunction and play eve just fine. They don’t Need to make a native linux client. It literally takes away from developing other things, and you can remedy your own issue without any help from ccp.

That’s not the point and you know it

They take us for granted, we don’t get support officially even on Wine (“Linux (Not Supported)” is on their ticketing system

We get “whatever effort” in their “spare time” support" but it’s unofficial.

it kind of is though.

Why would they, with limited staff compared to a few years ago, dedicate a whole team to developing a native linux client?
You can find workarounds to play just fine. You don’t Need a native linux client.

Whatever CCP moves from Omega to Alpha would just become the new Alpha baseline, and people will still complain about the Omega “paywall” keeping them away from the “good stuff.”

Instead of keeping it so open-ended, bring some examples of Omega features that you’d like to see moved to Alpha, and explain why.


I’d like to see alphas be able to use some T2 ships. Maybe up to t2 cruisers.
It gives them more survivability in pvp, and more of a taste of what is to come once they plex or pay.

I’d like to see them put limited pi into alpha, as well as some science and production, so they could get a more realistic idea of what it’s like to be a miner/producer. The vast majority of alphas begin as miners, but are pretty limited to mining, compressing and selling. Good for the market, not so good for them.

I’d like them to increase targeting skills so that alphas arent so screwed when it comes pvp options.

T1 barges, so they can gain more of an understanding of their real value as a miner. Ventures are good, and work, but they don’t give a real baseline to a full miner.
Having a clearer understanding of what you’re getting into when you choose a path in game will make the transition to omega easier.

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“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End”


What I dont understand is why their names are the wrong way around.

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Alpha is just a unlimited free trial.


This is a low effort troll attempt by OP who has already dipped out of the thread.


Alpha being the first letter of the alphabet, meaning where you start, and omega being the last letter of the alphabet, or where you end

This game needs fact checkers, really, so then we can deplatform you

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Ugh whatever.

Id say you know what I meant, but youll say you dont just to argue.

There is no end in EvE anyway.

There is in regards to clone states though, an alpha cone where we all start and an omega clone where we all end, unless i’m somehow missing a clone state above and beyond what the current omega offers lol

And thank you for that, but it falls on deaf ears like you correctly assumed.

So whats in the middle?

Ie the rest of the greek alphabet

Sure, but where are all the clone states in between alpha and omega?

What exactly are we trying to name here

We used to have them in a round about way with the clone insurance.

I guess the naming is a relic of that.