Why alpha and Omega accounts and not just simply civilian

Eve online always had the civilian line of equipment why not simply create the civilian account instead of alpha I mean is so intuitive ,

Make alpha accts civilian for the win! :crazy_face:

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Most of the population of the New Eden cluster, measured in the trillions aren’t Capsuleers. They are baselines without access to cloning and pod technology.

So, there are two “classes” of capsuleer - Omega, with all the neural integration and quick bake Alpha with less access.

wouldn’t that just lead to confusion considering alphas aren’t restricted to civilian equipment?

Alpha and Omega clone grades are just a nod to the old clone grades that used to be in the game. You used to need to upgrade your clone as you got more and more SP. If you got podded and had a clone that wasn’t ratted for your total SP pool you would lose SP.


No skin in the game, I think you should be limited to a warp scram that only works on civilians.

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That used to be a fee for pirates :grin:

I wonder what government is in Eve universe :thinking:

The Will of God, as expressed through the Empress.
All other forms are corrupt delusions.

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