A call for help!

Greetings Capsuleers, My name is Ma Kin and I am a administrative assistant on a small agricultural holding on Sifilar VII

The Minmatar have occupied our system for two weeks now and unexpectedly it has been relatively peaceful. But the last two days have seen chaos reign on our small region of the planet. Numerous raids have occurred on our holding and the neighbouring holdings. These consist of several small craft landing with armed Minmatar, they have been extremely violent and uncommunicative, we have lost several people and the Minmatar have taken over a hundred of our slaves.

Last night was particularly gruesome when a Minmatar Terrorist assisted a slave in the murder of one of our Holders. We have reported this to both authorities but as yet have had no response!

This is my only recourse to request help from the Loyal Imperial Capusleers, send help before we are no more.

Sifilar VII needs your help!

How unfortunate.


That’s unfortunate that your holding was struck by these bandits and savages. This war is held to protect the whole New Eden from their brutality, and currently on our front we are fighting almost with the same enemy: gallente are known for genocide and tortures of people they capture; thus, unfortunately, at the moment I cannot contribute fully to the system defence on the other side of the cluster.

On the other hand, I can send you a detachment of battle-hardened Caldari marines who are starving for ground combat and will gladly engage against even as easy targets as these raiding primitives. That will be a nasty surprise to the terrorists once they land to your holding again!

Please contact me via NeoCom to work out the details should you find my offer appropriate.

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


You support Amarr’s right to set their own internal policies and their insistence upon adherence to the law, do you not? This was, after all, a large part of why you support Lord Sarum’s ‘recruitment’ efforts on Floseswin IV.

Sifilar is currently Republic territory. The owning of slaves is illegal within the Republic. They are, as anyone knows who has entered Republic space with slaves in their cargo, contraband, and are routinely confiscated.

If someone enters Caldari space carrying contraband, and they resist Caldari Customs or Caldari Navy attempts to confiscate that contraband, how do State forces respond?

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Trust me, it happens in Caldari space too…

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Thank you Diana Kim!

I will be in touch hopefully these raids will end.

As for legality of Slaves in Sifilar Anna!

This system has been under occupation many times and the question of our legal right to slaves has never been challenged? This war usual keeps to the stars. Until now!

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We decided to bring it planetside in Floseswin, so it’s unsurprising that the Republic is reciprocating.


Something about living by the sword, dying by the sword, one presumes.


As others have said: Lord Sarum decided to enforce Amarr law on an occupied Republic world. If you have difficulty abiding by the law under which you live, I suggest you sue him for the damages you incur.


One warning and demand, then application of deadly force.

From what I got Ms. Kin was complaining about terrorists and thugs, not demands to relinquish control of slaves. “Violent and uncommunicative” doesn’t mean they put any legal demand, instead going for pillaging like typical bandits and pirates. Law enforcement is violent only on a necessity basis - when facing violent resistance against law. And law enforcement never goes “extremely violent”.

Moreover, assisting a convict in murder of a representative is a crime - I am not saying “war crime” because by actions of these Minmatar Raiders they don’t look like soldiers, but like illegal troops themselves, and thus shall be exterminated like any other criminal scum.

Yet, considering they likely act on behalf of the Republic, that is already known for their criminality problem, I am offering my own troops to deal with them as with both criminals and enemies of the State.

My troops will be a hostile occupant forces for the Republic government, establishing a military camp behind the frontline in hostile territory. However, their primary goal will be protection of civilians from Minmatar bandits until Empire will reestablish control over the territories.

Commander, I’d like to point out that we have only one person’s rather vague description of events over a number of days. What does this account lack? Evidence.

We have no footage of these ‘raids’. No specifics in terms of numbers of craft, numbers of ‘raiders’, or even numbers of the dead and ‘taken’, only ‘over a hundred’. And this has been going on for ‘two days’. For all we know, early on December 9, after the Republic gained control of the system, messages were hand-delivered by representatives of the Republic to personnel on the Holding where Ms. Kin works, and others… and then simply ignored, or thrown away, before ever getting to the Holders.

Or the Holders themselves were contacted, and dismissed the idea as preposterous, precisely because the system ‘has been under occupation many times and the question of our legal right to slaves has never been challenged’, and Ms. Kin was simply never informed by her employer.

Or… and I present this possibility purely for the sake of completeness… she is lying. I am not accusing her of lying, you understand, I am simply saying we cannot rule that out, as we have no independent and unbiased corroboration whatsoever.

We also do not know that these ‘raiders’ are ‘uncommunicative’. Once again, we have only Ms. Kin’s word to go by, and as she is an administrative assistant and not, for example, a foreman, a security operative, or other field representative, she is not a first-hand source for interaction with these ‘raiders’.

For all we know, she is telling the complete and unvarnished truth as she knows it. However, we once again cannot rule out, without corroboration, that perhaps she is not being told everything. This might be due to malfeasance on the part of those giving her the information. It might also simply be because there is a lot going on in a place where they have never had to be particularly sharp and attentive in the past.

You have been in the infantry in your time with the Caldari Marines. You know as well as I do that details are often lost or misremembered in the moment, especially when dealing with civilians and those who have spent too long in comfortable, rear-echelon postings.

And, again, we cannot rule out that she herself may be lying about, or misrepresenting, the nature of these events. For example: one man shoots another. The precise circumstances and what the deceased was doing at that moment are not offered.

The Amarr might see ‘a Minmatar Terrorist assist[ing] a slave in the murder of one of our Holders’.

The Matari might see ‘an RSS field operative defending himself from an angry local with a firearm, while confiscating contraband’.

Who’s right? We don’t know. We’re provided no actual evidence, only an uncorroborated story. For that matter… we don’t even know that Ms. Kin is an administrative assistant on an AgroHold in the Sifilar system.

How do you know? You haven’t seen them. You have no idea what they look like. These could be men and women in well-tended uniforms, displaying their rank and affiliations, conducting entirely legal law enforcement duties. In fact, you even acknowledge that these are likely Republic operatives.

You, as a Caldari officer, are offering to invade a Republic world. Do you have clearance from the State to engage in such an invasion, or are you proposing conducting an illegal incursion onto a world held by another CONCORD signatory?

Are you, in fact, declaring your intention to become a criminal, Commander? On the strength of nothing more than a single, uncorroborated story, offered by someone whom we cannot even be sure is who she claims to be? I wouldn’t expect that from you. You should do your duty, Commander, and not engage in criminal acts.

CONCORD will, with no questions asked, open fire and destroy any vessel in high-sec that takes what they consider ‘aggressive action’ against another capsuleer. Consider the following situation:

A group of miners are in an asteroid belt in Perimeter. It’s a group of Ventures and barges from Corporation A. There’s a single Porpoise there, from Corporation B, who’s making some money by providing them with Mining Command Bursts, for a fee. He has no targets locked, and really, he’s mostly zoned out watching a documentary on the career of Tibus Heth. It’s all perfectly legal. Everyone’s happy.

A Miasmos from Corp A comes in to pick up the ore. The ship fits no weapons whatsoever, no webs, no points, no scrams, no target painters. As it aligns to warp out, it gets tackled by Guristas. The pilot is new, and inexperienced, and fires off an ECM Burst Jammer I to try to get free. The Porpoise is within range.

CONCORD, without a single word of warning, will destroy that Miasmos and kill all hands aboard, immediately. Every time.

I have been contact by several capsuleers offering assistance, for which I am very grateful.

I have no reason to lie, we have proof enough on our settlement. As for who they were? They bore the tribal tattoos of the Minmatar for the most part. Their ships I am told are converted shuttles but I did not see these myself. They forcible round up all the residents. They separated the slaves which they told to follow a Minmatar terrorist, some of the slaves refused to leave, on which they were forced to obey.
They did not answer any of our pleas and gave only simply directions in Amarrian.

The total number of causalities reported: 7 dead, 26 injured, 2 missing and 132 unaccounted for slaves. As yet we have had no response from our local government or representatives of the occupying force.

We pray for the souls of our departed.

Amazing how details only emerge after the absence of them is pointed out.

You have no reason to lie? We have no reason to trust your account without corroboration.
You have proof ‘on your settlement’? Let’s see it.

Owning slaves is illegal in the Republic. You are currently in the Republic. Perhaps you should be grateful you’ve been let off with confiscation of the contraband, and not arrested.

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Oh I see what you are.

Minmatar? Or demanding evidence of your claims before I simply accept the word of someone whose people are known to be cowards, liars, kidnappers, and rapists?

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That’s not a contraband. They were living like that THEIR WHOLE LIVES. Then there come foreign invaders and try to establish their new laws disregarding way of life of civilians to oppress and bully them. Do same Sarum’s troops in Floseswin open prison doors to let convicts out, arm them and murder former Matari heads of communities?

We certainly can know - when the Caldari troops will arrive at the location and will assess the situation.

At the same time we know that the Republic often employs so-called Valklears - outright criminals. And we know that they tend to “liberate” slaves - a convicted criminals in the Empire. Which makes their criminal intent highly probably. Again, we can’t claim that with 100% certainty and I will let my troops to find it out.

The signatories are at war, and I am a combatant for other side.

No. I am going to provide protection to civilians in the warzone.

Agressive ACTION. If you have illegal goods, custom officers will ask you to hand it down to them - even if the Empire you haul them into claims it is illegal - they ask you anyway to hand them down, and shoot you only if you refuse a direct order to submit.

One does not negate the other. If you have slaves in your cargo when you enter the State, they will be seized as contraband. There is no question ‘were they born to it?’ They are considered contraband.

You mean like House Sarum enslaving people on Floseswin IV? You had no objection to that, even though that was ‘foreign invaders [trying] to establish their new laws disregarding way of life of civilians’.

Caldari troops have no jurisdiction within the Republic, nor any authority to assess any situation.

And capsuleer forces are not authorized to partake in planetary operations. House Newelle and other Amarr loyalists were specifically called upon in their capacity as vassals, not as militia capsuleers.

Are you claiming that CONCORD destroying an unarmed cargo ship that has not so much as caused a shield fluctuation in another vessel is not ‘extreme violence’?

I am speaking about people who were living there, not people born into slavery. Since the slavery is illegal in the Republic, and in the Empire slaves are most likely convicts, the Republic authorities should have notified slave owners to transfer them into Empire controlled territories to prevent criminals escaping. They did not bring slaves into Republic.

I am pretty sure they will follow the law and enslave only those people who committed a crime or served the Republic in military capacity.

Of course they don’t. They will capture the territory to uphold Caldari laws or in this case to enforce Imperial laws since the Empire is ally of Caldari State. Speaking of which, I might need some Imperial officers as consultants.

Don’t worry, I will submit all necessary forms.

It’s a module activation in violation of a standing order - again, an action. ECM are aggressive weapons and, if I am not mistaken, to activate them the pilot should have explicitly allowed ship electronics to commit illegal acts, knowing what it can cause. There are ship safeties that can help inexperienced pilots to avoid committing an illegal action if they are not sure if it is legal or not.

A) This is irrelevant. It is still a crime to own slaves in the Republic, not simply to bring them into the Republic.
B) Civilian shipping is not interdicted. The system changed hands on December 8. Three days ago was December 20. They had nearly two weeks time to evacuate their slaves.

You are incorrect. The order was given for a planet-wide Reclaiming and ‘labor conscription’. That is political language for ‘enslavement’.

Forms for what? Under CONCORD’s rules for the warzone, what you are suggesting is illegal.

That is nonsense, Diana, and you know it. It is an action taken in self-defense. CONCORD will not give the warning you have insisted law enforcement always gives, and they will only ever use overwhelming lethal force—‘extreme violence’. There is never any attempt made to simply apprehend the offender, or issue a fine.

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Pilot Stjornauga you are wasting your time. Kim is an xenophobic racist who is totally incapable of seeing anything expect through the tinted lenses of her own bigotry. Logical arguments fly around and through her like subatomic particles passing through a stone.

My advice is to not waste your time. Kim wishes to believe that all Minmatar (and Gallente for that matter) are the worst caricatured stereotypes her enfeebled mind can imagine. Just let her. Maybe one day someone will end her sad existence permanently and spare us all any further of her insane ramblings.