To Keitan Yun and CONCORD: an appeal for peace

Esteemed tribesman Delegate Keitan Yun;
And those who would hear him on the Inner Circle;

I dare to approach you at this critical time to express a sense of urgency in ensuring international peace and co-operation.

The Floseswin crisis seems to be at a temporary respite. Sarum has withdrawn his illegal attack. One can only congratulate the resolve of the Republic’s forces and those of our allied capsuleers. At this point it seems further escalations have not followed, and both sides have stayed their hand from the worst of such, but the situation remains volatile and the warzone control not in our favor.

Meanwhile, the Triglavians have made multiple attacks on inhabited systems, also in our space. Without intending offense on any party involved, one must observe that the differences in the defense capabilities of Edencom forces in the various nations are by now glaring. The capability of the Amarr Navy to cover vast regions of space and effectively hold it without much outsider aid is impressive. Overall, though, Edencom has failed to ensure the Triglavians do not gain a foothold in known space.

I appeal to you, Delegate. We must not fight two fronts. We must not let fighting one drain us enough for the other to finish us after. Use this respite in the warzone escalation to further defuse that conflict. I appeal to the Inner Council and to delegates from all nations; this is not a uniquely Minmatar position. None of you benefits from two fronts on one go. So pour oil on the waves, sooth the feathers, suspend the Reclaiming, let fade the war tattoos. Demand a refocus in Edencom.

And no, I am not suddenly delusional. I do not expect the Republic to ever become friends with the Empire, not as long as our kin remains in Darkness. I do not believe in a Forever Peace, not even a complete peace in my time. But diplomacy works, Delegate. It worked for us for 130 years, and nothing post YC110 has worked any better, and to fight we have to first live.

Elsebeth Shaninn Rhiannon
CEO, SoE Roughriders


cross-reference: An Open Letter to Kasiha Valkanir, Open Letter to Caldari Navy Command

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Ms. Rhiannon,

Given the current warzone control situation you alluded to and the comparative differential in available strength. Perhaps it is time that the Republic surrender claims to the contested systems and withdraws to the borders that it can defend.

The redistribution of republic fleet assets would strengthen the defense of the remaining systems. Lords Sarum and Ardishapur, in their roles as the affected Sword Marshals, would then take on the responsibility of defending these systems from the Triglavians.


Golovald Gah’Matar Skord
CEO, Dam-Torsad Honor Guard

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Is ‘give us your stuff’, like, literally the Amarrian solution to everything?


So does that mean when the mercs and farmers switch sides again, the Empire should cede all claims to those systems?


I appreciate your attempt at being gracious in victory, but I am afraid it is premature. A single battle does not make a war. While I have also made similar calls for negotiations to proceed, I also now recognize that the Republic may use this fleeting glimmer of hope as a tool to leverage undue concessions from the Empire. I pray for the chance to prevent that.

If the republic cedes claim, then the purpose of the CEMWPA goes away and the mercs and farmers will move on to the next boondoggle from which to extract ISKs, they always do.

You have no idea what I am attempting, Newelle. Go away and let wiser people speak.

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Really? I would have thought you better than to take a belittling tone to your foe. There is nothing you can do to silence me. Not my words and not my guns.

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And yet, I think it’s highly unlikely that we will. So, eventually, the pendulum will swing back again.

When that happens, will you be consistent and call for the Empire to cede its claims, or will you be a hypocrite?

And yet, neither seems to actually achieve a damned thing.

I’ll be working tirelessly to stop them again and to reverse the situation. But then the empire has been doing better then most at handling the triglavian threat.

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So you’ll be a hypocrite. :+1:

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