On the Reclamation of Floseswin

Ave Intergalactic Summit.

At 20:00 on this day of March 1st, YC 122, Republic space superiority of the system of Floseswin was broken. After several days of near constant fighting, and a final six-hour battle for the infrastructure hub, combined 24th Imperial Crusade and Curatores Veritatis Alliance forces were able to wrest control of the system from Ushra’Khan and their allies. I would like to first publicly express my eternal gratitude to all who followed my lead in the nearly three-month long offensive, and my eternal regret at the tens of thousands of lives lost during it. I can not save those who have already perished, but those who have not yet died on the planet of Floseswin IV may yet be.

I still have work to do in this regard. It is safe to say, however, that this conflict is far from over. This is not a victory, and it is by no means permanent. I now fight to defend against the inevitable counter-attack.

To the Matari, who have so valiantly fought to keep the system: know that I did not come here to take your people. I came here to save mine.

The next steps are up to God.

Amarr Victor

Lord Aldrith Shutaq Newelle
Lord Consort to Lady Mitara Newelle
Divine Commodore of the 24th Imperial Crusade
Paladin Ordinary and Navarch of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order


Your Lord did, though.

Nonsense. The next steps are up to Arrach Sarum, among others. God has very little to do with it.



It has been an honour to fight with you in Floseswin, through the worst and the best times.

Let’s make sure the sacrifice were not in vain and that the courage of our fellow militia members is not squandered.

Let us pray that the Sarum heir sees this opportunity for what it is and moves quickly to secure the allied personnel from the surface so we may have a chance at peace.

I fear however that we will see each other in space soon enough to again fight against the odds to secure any victory from the jaws of folly.

Ave my friend.


And in doing so, you permit those that do to attempt to fulfil their goals of Floseswin Four’s total enslavement.

The story of Floseswin has not been concluded with the end of this latest chapter. Until the last Imperial invader has left Republic soil or has laid down their arms and surrendered, I know that Republic forces will not waver in their duty to evict their loathsome presence from their land.

Good fortune to the Republic and her allies!

Floseswin is not yet lost!


The chance at peace…? The chance at peace was prior to pulling the threads of loopholes in established treatises… The Amarr now wish to run after prodding a beast that would not merely rest, yet you act as though it was not Sarum that was, in fact, the one who held the stick.

I don’t blame the Matari for ignoring the ceasefire. The furor instigated by this flagrant tactic is deserved and it should be seen to its bitter conclusion that the Empire might learn leave well enough alone.


Spare us the indignant diatribe, your Republic believed that economic war could be waged without consequence. The reason, and the means to avoid these consequences were made clear before a single Amarr soldier set foot on the planet.


I cannot express how proud I am of my Husband. His tireless efforts in service to His Grace the Lord Sarum are a demonstration of the Amarr pillar of Faith that all subjects of the Empire should aspire to.

To all that assisted in these efforts - you have my genuine gratitude. This reclamation would not have been possible without you, and I know the Lord Consort shall pen tales of your deeds so all may share in this moment.

Dearest Aldrith, I know your work is far from over. My prayers and love are with you, as are the prayers and love of your family, our subjects, and all of Mekhios. May it bless, fuel, and comfort you for what lays ahead.


Do enlighten us toward this ‘economic war’ in full.

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The imposition in concert with the Federation, of extranational restrictions upon the Empire’s trade.


So now you’re claiming the Empire is entitled to the Republic and Federation’s money? That they are required to subsidize you?


Not at all, only for trade disputes to be conducted within the framework of the Yulai Convention.

You mean the trade sanctions over the handling of Kahah that both the Federation and the Republic were legally permitted…?

The sanctions extend to imposing severe restrictions on numerous Imperial and Khanid corporations, effectively preventing them from doing business on planets, moons and colonies in the Federation and the Republic. However, the measures stop short of infringing on the provisions of the Yulai Convention governing extraterritoriality of space stations and regulation of SCC markets.

Or are you referring to the long-standing prohibition on goods produced by slave-labor…?

The first and most important of these was the Gallente-Amarr Free Trade Agreement. Signed in 23210 AD, the agreement laid out the basis for limited trade between the two empires. Despite its name, the agreement placed numerous limitations on imports and exports by both sides. The Amarr notably agreed to refrain from selling goods produced via slave labor within Federation borders, while the Gallente promised to only deal with a number of authorized Holders and agents of the Empire instead of selling directly to commoners.


And do you have any evidence that there was anything done in levying those targeted sanctions that violated the Yulai treaties? CONCORD certainly hasn’t said so.

I also have to admit, I’m curious about why you think that what amounts to a contract dispute between governments is justification for attacking civilians. Where do you think the point is that makes a contract dispute between, say, Mittens and Arrach Sarum legitimate grounds for me to shoot Aldrith’s kids?


CONCORD certainly has said so, complicated somewhat by the fact that CONCORD has also said not. Or would you disagree that the Inner Circle delegates of CONCORD’s constituent nations bear a portion of the institution’s voice?

There is clearly a legal dispute regarding the permissibility of the imposed sanctions, and to go outside the mechanisms governing SCC markets to sidestep that dispute is at best bad faith.

As for your final point, do you think he’d be any happier with you starving his kids than shooting them?

I would say that when the individual delegates speak individually, no, they do not speak with CONCORD’s voice. It is only when the Council renders a final decision that CONCORD can be claimed to have taken a position. As individuals, they are only representatives of their nations.

So then your position is that the Empire is incapable of surviving without the economic support of the Republic and Federation?


My position is that when you impose collective punishment upon any society, that it disproportionately affects the poorest and weakest.

The Empire will endure, but certainly even if they achieve the most modest impact upon the Imperial economy; people will starve who would not otherwise have done.

And yet, when you use artillery bombardment on non-combatant slave ghettos, that impact on the poorest and weakest seems more disproportionate.


Is it worse to do a severe ill to some, or a mild ill to all?

I would say it’s worse to do a severe ill to a focused population who cannot compensate and inure themselves to it, than a mild ill to a wider population who can collectively adjust and mitigate its impact.

After all, is it worse for everyone in a group of 10 to eat 1800 calories a day, or for 9 to eat 2000, while 1 starves?


The answer is less important than acknowledgement of the question. You also assume a uniformity that does not exist. Consider it more taking 200 calories off everyone irrespective of prior diet. Some will be fine; others will be dead.

Neither of us know which yields the greater body count.

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