Aldeland Humanitarian efforts at Floseswin

First, I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks to those that fought to regain Floseswin back to it rightful control. You are all a testament to the Matari resolve, and your people, and your ancestors look upon you with pride this day.

That said…to all those fighting at Floseswin, be they Republic or Imperial aligned:

Many of us have stepped forward to assist in trying to pick the pieces of this conflict up for the ground. Unflortunately, Lord Newelle…in an act of extreme and unabashed selfishness and pure hubris, has chose to dig in and prolong this fight putting Matari, AND Imperial non-combatants at risk for nothing more than personal pride.

I have been leading efforts of Aldeland Robotics transport ships to land and rescue not only my fellow Matari citizens, but I have also facilitated Imperial Citizens out of combat zones to safe landing sites where they could be retrieved by their own people.

NO one…has any right to visit harm upon innocent citizens no matter their birth. I have read feeds where Matari pilots have sworn to give no mercy to the Amarr. I have read that many Amarr swear the same.

Know this. If I catch anyone…Imperial or Republic…killing non combatants for ANY…reason, I will pursue your vessel into the void and with every fiber of my training will attempt to teach you the meaning of no quarter.
If anyone…Imperial or Republic fires on my vessels as they attempt to rescue the victims of war…please see the above.
Militant forces…do your worst against each other…this is war, after all.

Any who dont care for my message, I am not hard to find. Do not seek anyone from the Electus Matari, or Cretus Incendium. These words are mine, and they fall from my lips alone as a clan shaman.

In parting…Lord Newelle. I pray you cease this childish defense of a planet that is not rightfully yours. WHile you play at being a martyr, you leave your loved ones without a proper shepherd…
…let us hope the Wolves of the Matari dont seek more tender prey…


Let me hand you a megaphone so they can hear you in the back.

Thank you for your words and your efforts, Oona.


Ms. Aldeland, I am not entirely sure what you are trying to accuse me of.

I am not in overall command of the Sarum Expeditionary Forces that are on the surface of Flosesewin IV. I am merely in command of the Newelle, Gallius and Elkin divisions that have been contributed to the overall forces. I take my orders on the ground from the Expeditionary Force’s command, who in turn take order from Lord Sarum.

If Lord Sarum orders a retreat, we will retreat. To my knowledge no retreat order has been issued. I will not abandon my duty and retreat on my own accord. It is as simple as that.


Ms. Aldeland please drop me a message so that we may coordinate the effort

The Republic is lucky to have you. Your humanitarian efforts are a beautiful example that many should follow after. With that said, I still believe in an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. I do hope we do not cross paths after Huola, Oona.

Ferra, you know I care deeply for you, and respect you.

Just dont shoot non military civilians.
Women, children, etc should not have to suffer from the machinations of this war.

At least not deliberately. I see no position for debate on this. We have no excuse to become the monsters we claim to fight.


The Matari haven’t been the best exemple of forgiveness in the cluster. Let us see if there is a organized massacre or not

You just never stop being a beacon of stereotypes and empty hatred, do you?

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You expect us to forgive this or the centuries of enforced slavery because we were born Minmatar?

When no reparations have been made to us as a people, just to deal with the exorbitant amount of people fleeing their shackles and persecution.

You expect us to forgive when they try to reclaim an entire planet because some high lord jackass got his panties in a bunch and farted the wrong way.

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Forgiveness is usually predicated on remorse—or at least a token, probably false, claim of remorse—on the part of the offender. So far, the closest we’ve seen has been ‘we’re very, very sorry we didn’t succeed in our cultural genocide’.

I hope the innocent are spared. I hope no civilians are targeted by Matari forces, no children killed, no non-combatants harmed. I hope our people have the sense and moral fiber to stand and be the better human beings though all this.

I will not, however, be shocked, outraged, or horrified if instead… they are simply human beings. We are a vicious, callous, and cruel species. But who knows… maybe this one time humanity will fail to live down to my expectations.

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Ushra’Khan aint going to the planet and killing civilians, women and children?? We aint Amarrian. Alot of us have family and friends in this system and some on the planet. There is still fighting going on, small pockets of resistance, we will drop down assist the commanded ground forces and blow up some ■■■■. We can only hope to get in some close combat.

We will help secure towns and celebrate with the locals, if the locals have detained any conspirators, traitors or Amarr prisoners we will request custody. The locals will know what that means and can of course hand their prisoners over to the Official ground forces instead, if they hand them over to the Ushra’Khan they will be executed.

So calm down, we love the people of Floseswin!

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‘Small pockets’?

I believe you vastly underestimate the strength of our forces. You are in this fight for longer than that.

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Ah yes, executing surrendered enemy forces, thereby making them martyrs, instead of repatriating them where they’d act as a living warning to the holders against such foolish military adventures.

Oh, and summary executions of any alleged traitors and collaborators, thereby allowing people to dispose of the neighbours they had a disagreement with.

Just remember and put a datapad on the corpses. That way Shakor knows its legit.


Last I heard you guys were retreating… Sarum is quiet? You have lost, its over… So save your troops and leave.

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You heard incorrectly.

What we have done in space is create a window for Minmatar forces to land. That means Sarum is now in actual war, rather than on a conquest crusade against local home protection forces and random PMCs and armed circles.

They would be wise to withdraw. Things are about to get ugly and the best case scenario here is years of stalemate, bloody war over a ruined planet.

To be honest, though - I doubt in their position we would.


It is not a stereotype

Super! The Tribal dogs are barking again. Always such welcome entertainment, and one needs barely even give them the command anymore, they have been so well trained.

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