[S-II] Floseswin Humanitarian effort

The last few weeks have been trying from the first moment we set foot planetside and were greeted by the warriors of Cain’s Stormwind to the last week’s power outage around the Southern capital. But Sorn Interstellar Industries [S-II] is now proud to announce that the ongoing fighting has staved off long enough for our team to establish an Astahus class citadel at the outer rims of Floseswin. And so it was a glorious day, two days ago when our team could finally start moving people from the S-II Flagship -S-II Samirage- currently docked and that has been refitted for humanitarian efforts above the planet to the Astahus’s medical centers. From here S-II will be sending supplies and transport to the surface of Floseswin IV, along with changing its focus from combatting the forces holding the planet hostage, to helping and securing safe passage for the civilians in need of help.

But with this new center, S-II will open its doors for more civilians afflicted by the war planetside and will be standing ready to provide food and shelter for the refugees until planetside restoration can begin.

The security wing of S-II, Asteria’s Wing will continue to operate under the command of Cain’s Stormwinds until dismissed.

long with the announcement a clip from a Gallante news outlet is attached, it is showing a heavily wounded Maira Sorn Blackfire giving a speech inside a docking bay full of low orbit transports
“It’s been a long road but I can say I think I can see the end of it, now that the system is clear it is now our true work begins. As you all know we have already taken many people onboard the Samirage, but we are at our limits but fear not my friend’s supplies from Luminaire have arrived. So now I ask you all to give it one last push as there are many still planetside wounded, starving or just lost and needs our aid.”
The feed cuts as the transports takes off towards Floseswin IV


In support of S-II’s Humanitarian efforts, large volumes of prepackaged meals are being prepared from surplus hydroponics produce at the Masariin Gazaar Arcology complex, and other basic aid supplies are being assembled to be ready for transport in short order following. If S-II wishes for a ready supply of advanced medical materials to supplement what I believe to be already onhand Ms. Blackfire, all you need do is ask.

Good Day,

I wonder if this is just the same trick with a new face. I have seen through my experience the Matari use such “humanitarian” citadels to create safe havens for their terrorists and rebel forces. The mask of humanitarianism to hold and safegaurd the enemies of the Empire. I don’t think anyone is fooled by that.

Our forces have eliminated two of the Matari Astras in system. The last time the forces of the Providence Marches came to Floseswin we eliminated the Matari forces and their dreadnaughts. We crushed their sub-capital fleet and saw it driven before us. Then we destroyed the citadel. Not a week has gone by and a new one is put up with a more Gallente face.

I received word from Matari forces that it was not a Matari citadel that we destroyed. If that was so then why were they defending it? If the enemy forces use an Astra to dock then it becomes a war target set aside to be purged by the wrath of her Majesty’s Paladins.

Good luck with your endeavors. This place needs more humanitarians.

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The freeport was a neutral, unaffiliated structure also utilized by Amarr Militia, and unrelated to any active combatants.

It was defended by Minmatar forces present because the Amarr attacked it. Duh. Defending civilians from Sarum aggression is kind of the point here, isn’t it?


I’m glad it wasn’t me misremember because of a restless sleep, as far as I know (and have already been pointed out by Ms. Rhiannon) there were only one other structure that didn’t belonging to Amarrian forces. The one you and your so call friends in Siege green was attacking was only a Freeport that was offering its port to both Amarr and Minmatar, Freedom fighter, loyalists or humanitarian aid.

So before you start throwing shade good paladin I would recommend checked your targets so not to have a repeat of last time.


I understand the inclination to select a convenient narrative, however even casual scrutiny shows their founder to have once been a member of the Minmatar alliance WAVE, Reports freely available show their CEO failing to transport significant quantities of drones only available as payment for services to the Tribal Liberation Force. I feel confident that further scrutiny would only lend weight to the already clear affiliation.


Great we have sunken so low that we have to dig up things like these to justify ones actions, you want me to come clean and say I lived within the Amarr home region of almost all of my life as well, or that I served in the navy before I became a capsuleer.

It’s not like it would makes any difference Amarrian Loyalist attack a third party structure which only crime was offering it ports to everyone wanting a safe haven


Little justification is required, the structure was neither innocent nor criminal. But given the clear affiliation of those who owned and operated it, it was a safe haven only to the Republic. Imperial forces could not with any reasonable measure of faith stage significant assets there.

I credit you with adequate intellect to understand that a safe harbour only fully usable by your opponent is a valid target.

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Far be it from me to spend any more effort to increase the quality of intel work of my enemies.

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A pretty hollow critique from someone who despite clear indicators dismissed out of hand the notion the structure could have been anything other than neutral.

We have no proof, and as I was on the ground; thus uninvolved in the decision to attack the structure, I do not know what was gathered by my peers. But there is certainly adequate available intelligence that even allowing for the slight possibility we were mistaken, not to have struck would have been negligent.
The weight afforded to the structure defence at least superficially validates our suspicions.

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So no proof made people both judge jury and executioner. Did any of you ever stop to think about contacting them or was the call for Honor and Glory to strong to resist that all sane reason went out the airlock.

Tell me Lady Yassavi do you execute a man on empty rumors of danger?

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A sample size of one does not make for a conclusive pattern. So I cannot meaningfully answer that any more fully than. No

Only a fool leaves their opponent refuge when able to remove it. If we erred in our assessment this is a lesser injustice than through high minded ideals, failing the soldiers who have placed their trust in us. Our debt to them is greater than to those who only the most trusting could ever describe as neutral.

“It’s okay to destroy unaffiliated persons and materiel on a basis nearly identical to ‘they did this thing one time’ because it could maybe inconvenience my invasion of which is now having severe difficulty, even after the destruction of these unaffiliated persons and materiel.” Goodness forbid mailing the CEO to ask for clarification. Then again, I’m not sure target checking has really been CVA’s modus operandi.

Glad to see some more cooperation and assistance towards civilians, though. And others. The less lives lost in a pointless conflict, the better.


Well done, Maira. I’m sure your efforts are greatly appreciated by all the civilians. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist.


I will contact you should the need arise, I think the only thing that comes to my mind is more doctors as I have sadly underestimated the need for more hands in the medbays, nurses to.
But to be frank more hands is always appreciated in times like these

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Sometimes, I really wonder why we tolerate you guys holding space.

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That’s an easy one. We are not PL or one of their minions that bend the knee.

No, but you’ve no defense against them right now, either. Vily has something else she’s focused on at the moment.


Vily understands we make better neighbors than enemies. We are a stable groups that cares not of other peoples structures or space. We only care about our own homeland. That is a pretty stable and safe neighbor to have.
Say if the Providence Marches was to lose its war against its current invaders. What would fill the void left with our absence is one of a PL aligned group. So both your organization and Vily understands that “we” in the Providence Marches are not as bad as what could be there.
I could get more into specifics about what PL originally promised the folks in RC but that is just heresy and conjecture at this point due to it never happening and then being steam rolled out of Provi. Your leadership remembers their ancient hatreds just as ours do. You lot keep your axes sharpened and eye on your traditional foes just as we do. We in provi happen to have some of the same hatreds and feelings towards a certain major group so in essence we are not the worse fish in the lake.
Its not like our forces have never shot one another. Like I said its just that we happen to share mutual hatreds and are a stable neighbor to goons just as we are to Legacy. Plus we have an undying hatred towards Panfam or what ever they want to call themselves this month. They murdered half my homeland and drove thousands of pilots into being refugees.