Back in Good Hands

After what was likely one of the bloodiest weeks the skies over Floseswin have seen during this campaign, the system was recaptured and returned into the rightful hands of the Matari. With a mild inconveniencing from a handful of pirates, the system was retaken by the pilots of the TLF, Ushra’khan, Electus Matari and other friends and allies of the cause.

This last month alone has seen just shy of 1400 ships lost on both sides of the fighting - including some pirate menaces that seem to favour Sarum’s reclaiming efforts more than their usual unaligned target picking. I imagine they favour the ISK lining their pockets more than any campaign motifs, however.

The Slaver forces yet control Aset for the time being, so while we predict that their reinforcements are severely limited and logistics hindered, they still have access to Floseswin. For now. With Floseswin being under 24th control for the last week, I imagine they made the most of reinforcing what they could with many jump freighters spotted - though mostly restocking the Slaver capsuleer forces lost ships and supplies, at least that is the prediction.

The forces of Ushra’khan beckon all supporters of the Republic and our people to congregate in the Eugidi constellation over the coming weeks to further enforce that the systems are held and that Aset falls once again. With our soldiers, freedom fighters and even civilian militia’s still at arms against the Sarumite forces down below, the least we can do is continue to give support as the angels on their shoulders.

Floseswin stands and we must not let it’s people down again. We must come for our people and show the Reclaimers no mercy as mercy is not something that we have ever received from them. Make the Slavers pay for their atrocities, for viewing us as cattle and treating us with less regard than even that. Take arms and fight, comrades, UNITY will see us to victory and our people free from chains and masters.

The fight rages on…


Nice work.

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Good job retaking the system. Now expose their lies when they call us ‘bloodthirsty monsters’ and ‘mindless savages’—no atrocities against their non-combatants, please. The common Amarr of Floseswin are just as much pawns and victims of Sarum’s vicious game as their Matari neighbors.


We do what needs to be done, if Amarr needs to suffer as we have suffered to leave us alone, then so be it. Our aim is to harm the Slavers to their very cores. Fighting them back with words alone has gotten us nowhere in recent years and has only lead to this invasion we are suffering now.

I’ll say no more on that matter, for now let’s just raise a glass to those who’ve given their lives on board our ships and down on the surface of IV, they gave their lives to save their friends and kin.

I believe the promise from Ferra herself was two dead Amarr for everyone one Minmatar.

Pol stated ten dead Amarr for every one Minmatar enslaved.

That would obligate Ushra’Khan to kill at least a few million. I suppose the full debt will be calculated when the casualty reports come in.

Good thing Ushra’Khan are wordbreakers, though. Never too late to go back on that.

True heroes of the Minmatar people.

So says a butcher.


I’m sure that galvanizing and goading them into action can only ever make sense in your warmongering mind. Do you need the cassus belli to play the victim later?

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Even a broken chronometer is right twice a day.


War it is, then.

Out of sheer dogged curiosity - what in the everliving cluster are you hoping to achieve by taunting for a vengeance?


A hastening of the Inner Circle’s obvious and inevitable decision to prevent planetary combat from ocurring in the warzone.

Especially at the behest of blood-mad capsuleers.

And does restitution also fall into that decision…? Or does Sarum merely get a retroactive slap on the hand?

Enforcement of laws happens after they are written. Generally speaking.

Fair enough.

About the same as what the Republic received for the Defiants.

And the Elder Fleet.

And helping the rebellions in Thebeka and Alkabsi.



All of which were unambiguously illegal at the times they were committed.


The Defiants which the Republic personally dealt with.
The Elder Fleet that was unsanctioned, and denounced by the Republic proper.
… and the Rebellions of which no proof exists the Republic assisted in.

Versus the Sarum heir who personally and directly called for the war and enslavement you allude to not wanting.

But while we bring up every allegation as fact, why not usher reclaiming against the Angel Cartel, who were just as much accused of assisting in the Thebeka crisis as the Republic…? Or the slave-takers throughout the cluster who have no Amarr allegiance but whose stock mysteriously wind up in the Empire…?

I’m glad you’ve found your loose threads of justification, Aldrith. Cling tight to those when the consequences come closer to home.


If I have learned one lesson from all of this, it is that keeping Minmatar on the defensive prevents them from pushing the offensive.

If our war never ended then I will fight with all of my might. If it has, admit as such and abide by agreements made to that accord. We have nothing to talk about until then.

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I’ll not speak for the Minmatar, but my war with the Amarr began just over a year ago and won’t end for quite a while yet.

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What kind of consequences? There are no existential threats available from the major powers, even if someone gave the finger to CONCORD.

I will fight you so i can avoid having to fight you if you decide to fight me because we fought.

Don´t you all get tired of the attrition of this designed never ending war? The Gallente will not let the Amarr kill all the Minmatar, the Minmatar are not in position to do lasting/significant damage to the Empire, what is the point?

You are treated like slaver hounds on those underground ring fights, living to fight, all for the money and pleasure of the masters that watch the bloodshed while no drop falls upon them.

Seems like only third-parties like Drifters - Triglavians - Whatever the hell is out there will be able to move the actors away from this stalemate.