Floseswin Defense Operations

It has been just over a week now that the Amarr have begun their invasion, attempting to conquer and enslave the innocent civilian population of Floseswin IV, throwing off their mask of lies and revealing what we always knew them to be. They thought that they would find sheep. Instead, they found wolves.

Just like the mythical creature, the brave warriors of the Republic Command, Brutor Vanguard, and a number of Loyal Private Military Circles, including my own Stormwinds, have fought bravely to push back against the hordes of the enemy on the ground, while the Pilots of Electus Matari, Loyal Matari Capsuleers, and our allies fight for control over the system. For every Matari that falls, Three Amarr die with them. Even now Sarum and his puppets rush to flood the battle grounds when they found they were no match, relying on quantity over quality of their men.

I would like to also properly, and formally, give thanks to all the Pilots and organizations who have worked tirelessly with us to keep Floseswin free. Those such as Valerie Vynneve, the warriors of Ushra’Khan, Deitra Vess, and others who may wish to remain anonymous for their support on the ground and in the skies.

I create this thread as the public face of our efforts, to coordinate with our allies and respond to honest inquiries. For further coordination between the various groups operating, a separate Channel has been established - Please contact me personally for details.

We fight for the sake of our people. We fight for the defeat of the enemy.
Never again, a long night.

Cain of Clan Aloga.
Al’verde of Stormwinds PMC


My personal forces have been planet side fighting for the freedom of the Floseswin people. They carry the Yggdrasil mark on their armor. I will not stand by and watch innocent people be enslaved against their will.

Literia Khammael.


Thank you Literia, and those under your command for their efforts. You may identify us by the Buurenar [Translator: Fierce storm, Lighting] we carry. We will look out for those that carry the Yggdrasil.


I will inform my people to see those as allies.


Floseswin IV will weather the storm and remain steadfast thanks to the efforts of those planetside. Ushra’khan salutes your efforts and the efforts of all those fighting back against the would-be reclaimers.

We will wipe the Sarum family’s fleet from orbit and them him running with their tails between their legs before long.


I sense a few exaggerations in this post.


Given the multi-trillion defence deal for deployment of orbital area-denial/anti-access systems in Black Rise by Kaalakiota and the recent use of mobile anti-orbital units by LDPS in Intaki I’m surprised neither the Empire or Republic seem to favour such a strategic doctrine.

Kaalakiota; Lai Dai; and Ishukone all offer a wide variety of off-the-shelf defence solutions to prevent or deny orbital insertion of military assets to a planetary surface.

An update on Defense operations.

While fighting on Floseswin, both on the ground and in system remains fierce, several of the surrounding star systems have been been liberated of Amarr influence and are undergoing purges to remove any remaining slaver presence.

Of Import, a supply line has been secured leading directly to Republic High Security space, and the Amarr supply lines leading from the bleak lands have been disrupted, with the strategic choke point of Isbrabata being captured by the warriors of Ushra’Khan.


Floseswin has been Liberated!
Floseswin has been Liberated!

Pilots from Electus Matari, Ushra’Khan, the wider militia and even Allies of the other empires have captured the Ihub of the System in the early hours of this morning, effectively wresting control over the system from the retreating Sarum forces.

Humanitarian efforts have been stepped up along afflicted areas, with donations of equipment, supplies and personnel coming in from various capsuleer sources. They are being put to good use helping civilians recover.

The swing in Ground operations has already been felt with Sarum forces halting their assaults, falling back to more defensible positions, anticipating Republic counter offensives. The StormWinds PMC is continuing coordination with Republic Command and Brutor Vanguard to remove them from the planet, one way or another.

To any Amarr aligned personnel reading this: Surrender or leave to avoid the coming storm. You will only have a small window to do so befor the storm breaks. When it does it will batter aside your defenses, and you shall face the fierce wrath of our warriors. Any Amarr that lays down their arms and surrenders to members of Stormwinds will be treated with dignity and respect afforded to enemy warriors.


Yggdrasil forces will give Amarrian forces 24 hours to get their forces off the planet. After that they will be treated hostile with no quarter being given to them as they did to the Floseswin people.

Yggdrasil forces will remain until the population has stabilized anyone that has been taken and being held on planet will be immediately released unharmed and unharassed.

Should any of these terms not be complied with, there will repercussions that will happen.

Literia Khammael
Founder of Yggdrasil rebirth


An Update regarding the situation on the ground.

Despite reports of cooling of hostilities, Stormwinds PMC has this morning made in roads in securing a footing in the southern continent by liberating a small, but strategically important township from Amarr occupying forces. The liberation of this area was achieved through the work of brave men and women of not just the PMC, but from Local Floseswin Volunteers who have taken up arms in order to defend their home world and throw off the invaders. These Auxiliary forces were key to securing the town and serve as a remarkable example of the indomitable will of the Matari people. While we work to secure the surrounding areas, all signs of the Amarrian occupation will be purged.

This Operation has led to the capture of a number of Amarrian soldiers, numbering an estimated 200, who threw down arms when they saw their position being overrun.

From this position Stormwinds and its Allied forces will continue to work to remove the Amarrian blight from Floseswin IV. While these requests have already been passed along officials channels, I will also state here that I strongly urge Republic Command and Brutor Vangaurd forces to continue the push into the Southern Continent with the goal of liberating the Continents Capital, and crush the would be invaders. StormWinds Stands ready.


Your irresponsibilty will end many lives on this planet if it is allowed to continue.

We’ll have to see to it that it does not.

Words spoken from the mouth of the invader, who destroys lives by his very presence.


The words of someone who is here because of circumstances beyond his control or reckoning, same as almost everyone.

Stand down, take your cues from the commander of the Republic’s forces and do not put lives at needless risk.

This is your only warning.


No. Your circumstances are well within your control. You simply choose to abdicate responsibility to others.

Edit for clarity: Don’t get me wrong, Aldrith. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be trying to meet your obligations as best you know how. Of course you should. If you believe you best meet those obligations by carrying out orders others believe to be immoral, then you should absolutely do that.

But that is still your choice. And you have other options. Yes, of course those other options come with costs attached. Every option in every choice always does. But those options still exist, and you still have the ability to make that choice. You are there because you choose to be there, and this whole ‘circumstances beyond his control’ line winds up reeking of an attempt to hide behind those obligations and absolve yourself of any responsibility for things you, and those under your command, might do.



I appreciate all you chieflings playing war on planets and commend the sense of duty and dedication on both sides, as well as the work for freedom put in by Stormwind and others, but for the love of gods, you all who were sponsored to be indie capsuleers were that for a reason.

And that reason is not to risk the asset you’ve become on a godsforsaken planet where Command, tribal forces, and PMCs are already working. Maybe that was your life once. It is not now. You have staff for that.


It is rare but I find myself in agreement with Ms. Rhiannon for once. Capsuleers belong in space ships contesting space superiority. Leave the ground warfare to trained baseliners and war clones.


Capsuleers who insist on leading ground operations are idiots. This is known. Those who participate in such operations in a position other than leadership are doubly so.


I can’t help the fact I love flying drones in atmos.

The Yggdrasil are fighting where they are needed most, whether you agree with the fact that I am the leader of them or not. I have people to relay my wishes and commands to my people. They continue to take ALL wounded into their care and treat them humanely. So I really dont are if you think I am an idiot or not.

Walk a mile in my shoes then you can judge me.