Floseswin Defense Operations

We have restricted our efforts to the controll over the constellation in space and left the ground combat to the so called experts of the republic for the most part.
While there was good progress in the beginning they now seem to be content with just sitting it out. This does not only leave half of the planet to suffer under amarrian rule but way more important it makes the republic look weak and undecided. It invites more attacks and encourages the empire to increase the pressure as they just need to take some hostages and the republic will just sit there and take it.
Where is the retaliation? Where is the republic fleet darkening the skies over amarrian planets in minmatar controlled systems? Where are the consequences for the empire?
The indie capsuleers gave the republic controll over most of the warzone and will push further but still there is nothing. From what we can see they are just sitting there like sheep.
As for the reason we were made:
The Khumaak had a purpose and it changed for the better of our people. Maybe it is time that we do the same.
We are currently preparing a significant deployment down to Floseswin. We will also prepare further attacks on amarrian holding within the warzone. For that we will use all available weapons and tactics.
If the republic is not willing to defend its people and show the slavers that they can´t attack our people unpunished then we will do it.


Are you going to be using atomic fission warheads ?

The liberation of the southern continent continues as the brave men and women of the Republic forces advance against the collapsing Amarr line. As a former soldier in the Republics Armed Service, the pride I feel towards the fierce determination against our people’s enemy is barely describable. Stormwinds PMC and Coalition forces are honored to fight alongside Republic forces as we do our small part in this great effort.

Reports from minor cities, towns and villages indicate widespread uprisings against Amarr installations and forces spread thinly in the countryside.

I cannot however, forget to mention the sheer determination and bravery of the ordinary citizens of the planet, who despite being under occupation and under threat of enslavement have shown a fierce defiance against those that would destroy their lives. Stormwinds has had the honor of making contact with these communities, and where we thought we would have to help stoke the embers of resistance, we found instead the fire was already burning brightly.

They are a reminder of why we fight.

To all Amarr on that foolishly fight on. Surrender. and leave, or die. You are facing the the Fury of Minmatar Warriors, and you cannot hope to withstand it.

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Despite the heavy fighting for the system and the numerous fleets at play, a staggering number of recruits have braved the space lanes to join in the fight against the invading Amarr butchers. Combined with the increased support from allied organizations, Stormwinds PMC and Coalition forces now total a fighting force of over 100,000 men and women, that are currently deploying to the planets surface.

This despite the small setback suffered today, will ensure that these Amarrian Butchers understand that they cannot do as they please. These reinforcements will help remove the stain of their presence from the planets surface.


Hey ! I never got an answer to my question.

It’s a touch academic now, but still, it’s the principle.

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Sarum House fleets reportedly redeploying to positions dispersed through Domain, Devoid and Bleak Lands regions.

Amarr forces on Floseswin IV abandon outlying towns and retreat to major cities in Southern continent occupation zone

The ground forces of the Republic Command, Brutor Vanguard, Republic Justice Department and PMC coalition forces have indeed been advancing across newly liberated territories on Floseswin IV as Amarrian forces retreat. With their positions now reduced to a few locations on the planet, and with the reported redistributed fleet positions of House Sarum, The enemy has all but conceded defeat in the war on the planets surface.

Stormwind Coalition forces working in conjunction with Brutor Vanguard and Republic Command forces are at this very moment completing the encirclement of Jolan Kraal.

To any Amarrian who may read this: Lay down your weapons, and surrender yourselves, so that you may survive this conflict and return home to your families. There is no hope for victory for you any more. Any enemy combatant that turns themselves into Stormwinds personnel will receive fair treaty without threat to their lives or personal safety. As Commanding officer of the Stormwind Coalition I give my word that no harm will come to you, and that you will return home.


It never ends well when a commander believes victory is a given.

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Sarum would know?


We shall see. The fight is not yet over.

One could argue it has already gone badly compared to expectation, even if the final result would be in your advantage.


All things considered, Aldrith, I’d think you would rather have the militia forces on both sides redirected to assist with the EDENCOM defense. After all, we’ve been killing one another for centuries. I’m sure we won’t forget how with a small break.

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I have taken a Crusade fleet into Raravoss. However, I am unable to mount an extended campaign until the Floseswin situation has a final resolution. I will not abdicate my responsibility to my troops there, nor will I abandon my duty to destroy Ushra’Khan and their followers.

Aaaand who suggested you should? You’ll note I said ‘redirected’. As in, by those in a position to give such direction. ie: Sarum, the Crusade and the TLF all putting the CEWPA on hold to deal with the invasion.

Amarr forces attempted to retake Floseswin just over two days ago and got backhanded by Militia forces and Ushra’Khan, The Amarrians left on Floseswin IV are already dead, they know it, we know! Its just a matter of how and when…


Our sister warriors in the clan look forward to claiming their water, and painting our ships with their blood and burned ashes as a reminder to the Sarum forces.


I think I like this one.

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Visual aesthetic is important.

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