Ushra'Khan deploys Strike Force into Floseswin and Huola


As much as I would like to make this a short announcement I feel like it will have to be a long one.

For weeks now people have demanded that the Ushra’Khan defend the Matari in Floseswin. Many have called us traitors and questioned our loyalty.
Meanwhile their own contribution, while noble in some cases, has been more then lacking.
We fought for years and no one cared. Neither for our losses nor for our people in the warzone. For years we were a the loathed reminder that there is no peace and that their might never be. Most of the time it felt like most people just wanted us to fade away so that they can live in their illusion of savety and peace.
Now that the reality strikes back at them all of the sudden they pretend to care. Where is the UNITY? Why aren´t they doing what they are supposed to do? Calls of duty and honor from people that have despised and disavowed us for so long.
We don´t care about spite or being vilified and disparaged. We care for which side you pick in the struggle of our people.

While we are honour bound by our word to not retake Floseswin we are not without means to protect our people. To do so we have started two operations:
Operation “Skjaldborg” and Operation "Dómur"

Operation "Skjaldborg"
The Ushra’Khan has started to blockade the planet of Floseswin IV. In order to do so we have not only captured the Customs Office but also deployed parts of our capital fleet into orbit over the planet.

This in addition to the presence of our subcapital fleet has allowed us to attempt a large scale landing operation. While I write this a massive strike force is on their way to the planets surface. In addition to our normal ground troops we have deployed operatives on a scale unprecedented for our forces. Veterans of years of fighting against slavers.

With all this we hope that we can keep the slavers at bay. Both on the surface and above in orbit.

Operation "Dómur"

In unison with our deployment in Floseswin we have deployed a smaller force to the lovely planet of Huola VII. Those are not our front line troops. They aren´t equipped for an open war. But what they lack in heavy equipment they make up for with conviction. They are waiting there for my order to strike. To strike back against the Amarr. To act like the animals they consider us. To be savage and without mercy.
We have prepared more punitive operations in other systems and will start to make our promises true if the house Sarum does not withdraw from Floseswin IV.

In addition to this and to show that we are more then capable to attack not only the low security areas we have attacked the Amarr Navy in Tuomota and Choonka and inflicted considerable casualties before returning into minmatar controlled systems.

We will continue our attacks on the navy and get Operation “Dómur” into the next stage in 7 days.


As one of you principle opponents both in space and now on the surface of Floseswin IV, I hope we may regard one another as worthy and honorable foes.

However, having watched your reckless, violent rhetoric and antics over the years, perhaps that is not possible.


I’m sure the feeling is mutual, Aldrith.

I’d like to say something about certain parts of the declaration but I’ll just say that “good on you U’K.”

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