A Call to Arms

Floseswin has been the topic of political discussion for obvious reasons, Lord Sarum ordering the official reclaiming of planet IV in the system backed now by his own house fleets attacking Republic supporting stations and pilots. The 24th Imperial Crusade has also been seen making their move on the warzone, with a fleet attacking the Matari Fortizar - though they have since been sent running. I have received further reports as of this morning that now, the Ardishapur have been spotted as deep into the Republic side of the warzone as Lulm now.

Though it does not end there, clearly this is but the beginning of a full on offensive by the Imperial Regime as the reports of more Imperium activity continue flooding in. Fleets have also been spotted assaulting both the Jarizza and Kahah systems.

This leaves but one question that we should all be screaming, never mind asking; where is the Republic?! A total of at least five systems now are under siege from this oppression and yet we have seen no response from the Republic. We must stand our ground and demand action, now is not the time for political discussions and long winded diplomatic plans, now is the time for action and retaliation, now is the time to defend our people!

This is not just a call out to the Republic, but all those who seek to remain unchained. Stand up and fight back against the slavers, heed them no pardon, no mercy, they must be removed the same way they entered: With force.

Comd. Ferra Orta,
Ushra’khan Diplomat,
Republic Freedom Fighter


You know, Imperial fleets have every right to be in each of those systems. They are simply being more proactive in engaging capsuleer targets, which CONCORD litigation normally protects.


Legalities and fine print are not something I concern myself with, the only thing that matters is keeping people free and unchained, both in mind and body. You can dictate the terms and conditions until the cows come home, though this is being considered as an Imperium offensive and it is one that will not be allowed to succeed.

Regardless of your nation, your ethnicity, this is oppression and we will stand against it!


We’re not the Imperium.

Please don’t sue us for copyright infringement, Mittani.


Imperials, Imperium, Slavers… Take your pettiness and sit on a Khumaak, Aldy.


Perhaps you should pay more attention to the concept of Sovereignty. Not only would it explain why the Republic is not involving itself with internal matters in Khanid and Derelik, but I believe it would have prevented the current situation in Floseswin as well.


I concerned myself with the Khanid agenda the moment they massacred over one million slaves on Kahah III and continued to cover it up with further orbital strikes on those who had not been directly affected by the deathglow substance.

When will you people understand that this is not about sovereignty?

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I look forward to the Ushra’Khan fighting back against the brutal Amarr invasion launched by the Blood Beast and Butcher Arrach Sarum in the most effective way that lies open to them: retaking the Floseswin system, re-establishing Tribal Liberation Force space superiority, and thereby facilitating the Republic Fleet’s efforts to relieve Floseswin IV.

If Floseswin IV is saved it may be possible to overlook the misguided treachery that has led directly to an invasion of a Matari world. An invasion that has so far been deemed by CONCORD to be in accordance with the cursed legal compromise signed up to by the Midularist Admiral Kasora Neko and the rump of the appeasement regime.

We hope to save as many as possible regardless. Those fighting on the surface are heroic and should be lionized in the annals of Matari history. Can they prevail while “Minmatar freedom fighters” break bread with the Amarr and even go so far as to wash their hands? We shall see.

Certainly, we shall remember what is done and by whom. Be sure of that.

Kril Efrit

Matar Planetary Security


This is pretty funny.

I love a good public backfiring.


Can’t even own your own mistakes, can you lot. :roll_eyes:

Not that there’s much to disagree in there otherwise.

May I suggest though that instead of continuing on this vein of internal bickering, while our efforts in Floseswin continue, the Republic Fleet helps in Isbrabata, a key system on the route from Floseswin to Bleaks, and recently liberated by Ushra’Khan forces?


It’s not pettiness. He’s making a not-unreasonable point. We are not the Amarr Empire, and if you continue being sloppy like that, you might run the risk of annoying people in our leadership who are not me. As much as our official priorities keep me from talking Mittens et al into throwing our full weight behind the TLF’s efforts right now, pissing him off is a good way to completely cockblock me from being able to continue to give even under-the-table assistance. Please don’t.

Beyond that, I’m in agreement with Elsebeth.


As do I. What assistance that has been given is much appreciated, however more can, and must be done.


An opinion shared by many within the Republic, one of many opinions of us that drags our name through the dirt on a regular basis. We struggle to accept this criticism for many reasons, especially since our successes in defending the Republic where they would not stand up to the podium are numerous and our strikes against Amarr fruitful.

The warzone is unstable at best, at all times, the ebb and flow of system ownership means little more than docking rights and access. We have a citadel above Floseswin IV for that reason, to stage, to dock, to be a platform of defence and offence against the Slaver scum that are currently invading. We have secured ownership of the customs office in orbit over IV to continue to keep the efforts on the ground well stocked and supplied, all the while having an access point for reinforcements and less dangerous evacuation for those in trouble. We have, as Elsebeth confirmed, captured the Isbrabata system, securing passage for our fleets and to bolster the surrounding systems and all the while, we have done so while continuing to stomp out the corruption that has been feeding the pirate entities and those who would seek to profit from the war between the Republic and Imperial regime by exposing and hindering the corrupt agents within warzone space. We have eradicated entire fleets of the 24th Crusade, Sarum’s forces and soon the Ardishapur and any remaining supporters.

And yet the Republic calls us out?! You hold some nerve, while we, along side noble warriors such as Cain and his Stormwinds down on the planet fight to keep innocent people free.

Despite all this, we care little of the opinions of those who only see our flaws. We care about saving our people and keeping people free from living a life that is not their own.

The Republic must take real action!


We remember too Kril Efrit. Now try to remember who you are and undock the fleet, if you show up we will stand with you.


A full appreciation of the up-to-date situation is best sought from those of us on the front lines, Talon Commander Rhiannon.

The Central Command of the Tribal Liberation Force has deployed a fleet to Isbrabata, where even now forces of the Republic Command’s Territorial Defense Guards are engaged in operations to root out Amarr forces on several planets of the system. We are also engaged in operations to establish logistics bases and facilitate further fleet actions, with a view to halting the Sarum war machine.

However, the so-called “Militia Treaty” is deleterious to our efforts in the war zone and represents a grave failure to appreciate the requirements expected of those capsuleers who fight in the Tribal Liberation Force.

This agreement must be voided and the restoration of Minmatar Republic control over those systems, acknowledged by the Accords and Convention of Yulai to be our sovereign territory, must be considered the over-riding strategic priority.

For Our People,

Kanth Filmir

GOC, Territorial Defense Guards
Republic Command


I look forward to the Republic doing absolutely anything at all to protect it’s people in the low sector systems.

But I gues it’s much easier to point the fingers at capsuleers then to do anything yourself, isn’t it?

If you want to save Flosewin, deploy.
You might even get backup.


I and all those actively in the fight in Floseswin and elsewhere thank you and those under your command for your efforts. Together, we may yet be able to defeat the enemy. I have seen first hand the quality and bravery of the men and women of the Republic Command and my fellow tribesmen in the Vanguard. It strengthens our spirit and hardens our resolve.


Ushra’Khan have signed the “MIlitia Treaty” and we will not break our word even to our sworn enemy. Some if not all of the Amarr have turned their backs on it, but we will not break our word… it is our way.

Ushra’Khan does not just stand by, we attack everyday and are under attack by Sarum and the 24th forces throughout the warzone, our members bleed for this warzone!

Floseswin is the responsibility of all the Minmatar people to put this on Ushra’Khan is weak and stinks of conspiracy.

We now know what Karishal Muritor felt in his final days.


“We committed treason, now please come help us.” You made this bed, now sleep in it.


Last I checked Republic Command and Brutor Vanguard forces are the main forces fighting against the invading armies on Floseswin IV, bearing the brunt of their assualts.

We have had two Republic officials, one with a direct military command say now that the retaking of Floseswin is a strategic priority. How about you show some respect for the men and women dying and first, acknowledge their efforts, and and second help them by providing some system superiority?