Aset liberated. What will the Republic do?

Greetings brothers, sisters and friends as well as slavers and foreigners!

Today the system of Aset was liberated by forces of the Minmatar militita. It was the hardest fought over system and its fall marks in all likelyhood the end of the major engagements in this area. The constellation is free once again.
This means that the supply lines of the amarrian troops on Floseswin IV will slowly but surely dry out and their defeat (and if it was up to me death) is a matter of time.

While a few systems within the warzone remain in amarrian hands the vast majority of systems are firmly held by the Matari. Our forces are preparing the liberation of those last systems and while we expect stiff resistence we are confident that it is again a matter of time until we will have driven them out completely.

So after the members of the Minmatar militia have paid in sweat and blood my question goes out to the Republic:

What now?

Will the Republic continue to stand idly by? Will it continue to negotiate with the slavers from a position of fear and weakness or will it finaly wake up and prove that it is not only Minmatar by name but also in spirit?

Now would be the time to show strenght. To show the Empire that what they started is a game that they can´t win. It is not them that controll the space in the warzone but the Matari. If they think it is fair game to attack planets within the warzone we should give them a reason to think again!

By standing by and negotiating over the hostages that the slavers took the Republic is not only weakening their position against them. It is also endangering all Matari as the slavers will learn that they just need to be aggressive and take hostages to reach a favourable agreement.

We must show them that their action will have dire consequences.

While I still have hope that they will wake up we will not restrain ourselfs any longer. If the Republic is not willing to stand up for the Matari the Matari within the Republic will.

The Ushra‘Khan will deploy more troops onto the planet of Floseswin IV. We will also start punitive actions against the slavers in the warzone and their own space. We will be the consequence.


For ■■■■’s sake, Harkon Thorson.


Do not count on it.


Congratulations on controlling Aset. I buy and sell your people.

Maybe you pushed back my militia, but not before I placed a series of buy orders. You may think slavery has no place in Minmatar space, but the market says otherwise.

While Aset was contested, I was there contesting it, probing your markets. I don’t know what happened after I destroyed your Wolves, Thrashers, and Breachers. I placed my orders and was later needed elsewhere -_-

Congratulations on taking Aset. I would like to see more activity in Amarrian militia channels, where I make myself available. I’ll be watching this constellation in particular.

That moment when everyone had to decide whether they wanted to fly with the opportunistic serial killers or the human traffickers…

No wonder it takes an inter-imperial political pony show to get anyone the ■■■■ out there anymore.

The Liberalization of Aset is a great gain in the struggle against the enemy, and it does a great deal to strengthen the hand of the Republic at the negotiations. This is a great victory for the Republic and a step forward towards the ultimate Goal. The Brave Pilots and Warriors should of Ushra’Khan should be commended.

Speaking for myself, Stormwinds welcomes the deployment of more U’K forces on Floseswin, and I hope that we may work together to liberate the planet, removing the stain of the enemy from its surface.


Thank you, Harkon Thorson; for this artless demonstration of what you are.
Enjoy your blood-soaked pantomime and when you’re quite done indulging those Sanist fetishes, consider just how much tomorrow resembles today, and how little your finger-painting accomplished.


For all that you and U’K have done for the safety of the Mimatar people, Pilot Thorson, you have my sincere gratitude.

And for all of the war crimes you commit along the way, you have my sincere hope that the RSS will have you stand trial. While I have no love for the Amarr faith or those who seek to spread it, atrocities like the ones you have glorified in are an unmitigated evil in this cluster. You drag us down to the level of those you oppose. Civilians and non-combatants should have that status respected.


Any person who enslaves another human being let alone blends slavery into their religion gives up all rights to be treated as civilians or non combatants. They have chosen their path and we have chosen ours. History has shown the Amarr only change through violence and fear… This we shall bring to them with a Bloody Fist!

I respect the peaceful path you have chosen Anna, But if the RSS isnt careful we may start to view them as complicit (by their inaction) with the Amarr in the continued enslavement of our people.

As always “We come for our People” and now with a Bloody Fist, Amarrians “We come for your People!”


This holds for those who shape the faith. For those who are raised and taught that there is but one way to think, that there is obedience or there is arrest, enslavement, death, and eternal damnation? How are they not victims of their corrupt and vile leaders, no less than our people? They may not have suffered in the same ways, but victims they remain.

Destroy their military. Annihilate any who take up arms in defense of their corrupt and evil purpose. But those whose only crime is not being labeled as the slaves they are, down at the bottom of their social ladder? Feh. You may as well be hunting your dinner with an orbital bombardment, and declaring loudly how it makes you brave and wood-wise.

Attacking those who cannot defend themselves is a sign of weakness and cowardice, no matter who you are.


You know, I expected this kind of raving from the likes of Harkon and Pol. I commend it even, their ability to stand fast to their beliefs. But you? I’m disappointed. It seems you’ve forgotten what we stand for. Or maybe you’re just finally showing your true colors.


Just because someone does not engage in terrorism does not mean they are a non-combatant, Pol.


No conclusion to that sentence would have made you appear anything other than ignorant. History has far too often shown that even when times change, Amarr don’t.

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The fact you think the Amarr have never changed just shows you wanted to call me a name. You try and act clever but your hatred of the Minmatar will always rule you. … ignorant?

10 years ago Floseswin would have been burnt to the ground by the Amarr, never change?? Soft and greedy! Ripe for the picking!

“I respect the peaceful path you have chosen Anna” doesn’t mean “Just because someone does not engage in terrorism does not mean they are a non-combatant”, Else

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I was just wondering why you see Anna as particularly “peaceful”. As it seems to me, what separates her ways from yours is basically your willingness to embrace the wanton murder of civilians.


She wants to protect and defend her people I personally find these actions peaceful… like a Shepard.

If you Compare someone to a Shepherd, you Also compare their charges to Sheep. The Sheep, even for a Farm Animal, is considered to be rather Stupid, Timid, Conformist, and lacking in Initiative. It is Not complimentary to Compare a group of people this Way.
Instead, consider the Goat. In Comparison, Goats are quite Independent, Inquisitive, and Intelligent. The role of the Goatherd is not to Lead, but to keep their Goats out of Trouble.

I do not Know about Llamas.

There is no such thing as a right, only a claim to something someone is not entitled to. You might think you have thar right, that you’re entitled to be treated as “civilians or non combatant”, but you are simply NOT. What you do by invoking the deprecated system of rights - is just a pathetic attempt at bringing an excuse for committing an atrocity, nothing more. You may cry out loud as much as you can, that you have “right” to violate the law, but you know? In the end, neither Imperial navy, nor security forces, nor even tribunal will hear to your pleads. When you commit an act, you will answer for it accordingly, and no imaginary rights will save your sore ass.

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Obviously you servants have mistaken this as something other than God testing His Chosen Ones. Our Faith has grown soft and our power has made us arrogant. We have forgotten that victory only comes from the Divine. God, in His eternal wisdom, is shaping us, preparing us for the ultimate Victory. All shall know His Glory. Like the coal under the weight and fires of the Earth, forged into the diamond, God’s wrath is being shaped. We all have our place under the Glory of God. Minmatar and Amarr alike. God at the head, guiding the Emperor, the Emperor leading the Amarr, and the Minmatar serving the Chosen Ones. Our Faith is being reshaped. Our People remolded. And the Minmatar shackles, reforged. See you on the battlefield.

“Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God”
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 42:5