The screen is dark and a religious chorus can be heard in the background.

A portal opens its wings to the left and right and light floods the screen while the music gets louder. The camera enters a large church. Sunlight illuminates the hall and the banks are crowded with people looking to the altar where a figure in the robes of a priest stands with its back to the crowd.

While the camera flies slowly down the ranks closer to the figure all the glory of the old building and the religious paraphernalia and symbols are displayed and underlined by the chorus.

When it reaches the front the music stopps and the figure starts to speak in a loud and clear voice:

„Temptation! The temptation is everywhere these days. It reaches out for us and tries to lead us all astray. It takes many forms and tries in countless ways to corrupt us every day.

Today I want to talk about one particular temptation. Indifference. Why should I care when my brothers and sisters suffer? Why should I get involved and risk to suffer as well?

It is just natural to feel this way and asking those questions is not wrong. What matters are the answers to those questions.

So why should you care about your brothers and sisters? The answer is not only in the question itself but should also be found deep inside of each and everyone. The are your brothers and sisters. If you could just leave them to their suffering it would make not them astrange but you! If you renounce them you renounce your very own identity and I pitty you for you are truely lost.

Yet even those that do not care about their distant brothers and sisters should for the evil that befalls them will never stop until it is cleansed from the face of this galaxy. There is no hiding from it as it will always hunger for more. It will use sweet lies or naked brutal force. There is no hiding or apeasing it. The only way to make it stop is to fight it with all you have.

So for the suffering of our kin there must be vengence. We must become their evil and force them with fire and sword to renounce their wicked ways!

That is the lesson of todays sermon.“

With the last words the figure turns arround. It is Chief Harkon Thorson of the Ushra‘Khan. His face looks unimpressed into the crowd where gasps can be heard as his tattooed face causes unrest amongst the people.

„It is time for retribution.“

The camera zooms in on Chief Thorsons face and the screen flickers for a few moments. When it is clear again its still depicting his face though the light seem to have changed. The picture slowly zooms out and where there was an illustration of religious grandeur before now is a scene one could imagine in hell. It is iluminated by fires at the sides:
lifeless bodies lie all over the benches. All religious symbols are desecrated and the altar lies broken. A giant red hand is painted at the back wall with what appears to be blood.

In all this chaos the Chief stands calm and seem to be staring into the distance.

A wisper: „This is only the beginning.“


“Just watch me now…”

The great Minmatar pilot Ziggy Stardust
A pilot and a poet

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