The heretic's speech: given upon freeing Minmatar slaves

“I hold no love for the pus of humanity, plague ever spreading. I shall not yield to divine judgement, granted by apathetic gods. Your kind are dangerous, driven solely by avarice and malevolent sadism. I am the sole arbitrator of the path I tread; no evangelist, driven by zealotry, shall convert me to such sinister doctrine. Your disease disguises itself as empathy, preying upon the weak like locust, foretelling your end; You are driven by divine persecution, excusing the most heinous barbarism. When my flame is extinguished, my soul torn from my body, only those who’s paths I spirited ahead will matter; I will not waste my days fearing the very being we should supposedly love. I accept the branding of heretic, for too forge a better existence must I combat your darkest of tendrils. We are equal in humanity, equal in death; no fear of the afterlife, no shackles to bind.”

"I offer no sanctuary to those that would breach the trust of their covenant; a bond so strong that they sacrifice their ember to rekindle the flame of hope. Their is honour amongst those that seek justice, whether it be for evangelical purpose or secular retribution; when these forces collide, all of humanity may feel extinction once more.

For when the sparrows do fly, and the ocean rise around you, only then may you know true fear. In the wake of your entropy, do not allow it’s corruptive touch to be your falter: through even the darkest of nights, and the loneliest of mornings, do you carry the burdens on those you care for.

Stand sentinel over those you love, do not allow the darkness to consume them; from ashes may your memories rise, to fuel your love so deep; anger unkempt is a dangerous beast, so woe to those that cut them like sheep; no butcher shall live past my days, for their sin cannot hide them. Morals may be subjective, but the evil beneath holds no prejudice"

≈ Extract from “The Heretics Handbook” unknown date.

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