Drifter Speech "Transmission #0001" (5 Minute Writing Practice)

“Upon the frontier of death, do we not stray further from our origins; primordial makers, forgotten roots, and lost humanity. Capsuleers, a pestilence too wide, too far-reaching to be ignored; a plight on your existence, harbingers of agony and defiance. Why do you fight for such petty gains, can you not see beyond your petty squabbles and unquenchable blood thirst; do you see the fields, laden with corpses, casualties of what is, to you Capsuleers, but a game. You are children, no boundaries to fetter your malice; we must act as the inhibitor, to your threats. You will see no mercy, stave your aggression and yield your being; we owe you no place within the reborn Eden.”

~ Drifter Transmission (Unkown Origin),

So my idea behind this was: “What if a drifter ever engaged with a Capsuleer or otherwise, with regards to their intentions, or opinions, on/of Capsuleers. Seeing as they often engage in combat, on a regular-ish basis now.”

I hope this was written to a decent enough standard, for this forum. This was written within 5 minutes, as part of my writing practice; to make sure that i do not falter in my writing/literacy abilities.

They’re basically drones made out of reanimated corpses and they can’t talk apparently

It doesent need to be open speech, as much as it would be dialogue in any fashion, whether it be using text, or otherwise. I wonder if dialogue would even at all be possible, considering the nature of the drifters?

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