To hell with the Drifter scum

In light of @Aradina_Varren satirical thread for those wanting to be friends with these freaks we call Drifters.

I decided I make a thread we can discuss our displeasure for this filth loitering in our space…But without the satirical tone.

I’ve been very open about how I feel about these Drifters. I’ve done more than just scream mean words at them. I’ve done my part to hasten the eradication of three “Deathballs” thus far. Not only though joining in the offensive, but also in transporting ships to staging points. Can’t expect a warrior to go into battle unarmed, can we?

These creatures have no place here. No matter how many wanna cry and argue that they’re human, they’re not. They’re nothing more than filth. Soulless and void of any traitas that would make them human.

So I say enough with this call for peace with this scum. We just treat them like the rogue drones with their false sentience and rip them apart when sighted. Clean up known-space to keep it safe and under control by naturally born humans such as ourselves.

Some alphabet may currently be uncovered to communicate with them. But really it say we just use that to tell them to out of our affairs and return to their shithole they call wormhole space. Tell them to store up their defensives so they can make one good last stand before we go in and cut put this tumor infecting the Maker’s world.

I refuse to co-exist with these abominations that did not enter this world though natural means. Just look at them, what part of them even is organic with all those disgusting augmentations?

As Capsuleers, I think it is our duty - No - Responsibility to stomp put these mutants instead of giving in to the veiws of those that just want to accept them. That tell us to lower our guards so they can stab us in the back like the wretched creatures they are.

To those that aren’t afraid to speak out about Drifters, keep up the good work. To those still arrogant of their threat to the balance of nature. I hope you wise up soon before its to late.

Given how this is also the IGS and on display for baselines of the cluster to read and lurk. I implore you to spread the word. I know there’s plenty of parties filled with nothing but bleeding heart pacifists who echo the misguided sympathy of some of our fellow Capsuleers.

So i ask you - I ask everyone - regardless of your status in this world - To not show fear in speaking out about the Drifters. Do not be afraid to call for their destruction. You are not alone and will find like-minded company very soon.

To those that fight Drifters, keep up the good work.

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This thread does not represent the views of the Arataka Research Consortium or its affiliates.

Because I apparently need to say that.


Grr Drifters. Hat Drifters!


Which thread does?

And may I just say that both of the extreme approaches are comical, ridiculous and utterly nonsense?


I just hope that the Drifters communicate with us some time so I can trade with them. Annoying the folks like the OP would just be a rather nice salty bonus.


As long as they don’t freaking spam local.


I can see it now ‘BRING MORE BRAINZZZZZ!’

over and over and over and over…

Interspersed with the odd ‘Double your brainz here’ scam from the other Drifter infomorph…


What is comical are these talks of communicating with these monsters.

What is ridiculous is the idea that we can co-exist with these shambling horrors.

And any notion that suggests have any good intentions towards humanity and our cycle is utterly nonsense.

Trust me, their presence in known space is enough of a annoyance already.

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Now here is the attitude that amuses me. The Drifters are formed from corpses re-purposed and enhanced for space flight. So are capsuleers, how exactly are we different from them?

We are digital beings flitting from shell to shell. We are at the very existentially cousins, and I would be eager to learn more from them if only they would communicate in a way we can interpret. Who knows, they might be thinking the exact same thing about us.


Frankly I could give less of a damn what these creatures think of us. All that matters is that I know what they are.

Our bodies are molded from biomass that’s been collected from various living organisms of the Maker’s world. Some willingly donate their remains upon passing from our world to contribute to this stockpile. Either out of des8re to fertilize the land, or offered some credits up front to aid them in what financial crisis they may had…

Their remains are crushed and turned into this neutral material to be converted into a clone. A near perfect representation of a normal human body. Made from organic material found in our world.

These Drifters? These Driffters are corpse snatched that desecrate places of rest and open fire on those holding but just one corpse in their haul. Take It, and hual off to whatever winds forsaken facility they hide in the darkness of their wormholes.

They mutilate them inside and out, stuffing it with augmentations form the toes up to the head. To the point where i question if they’re more machine than flesh. Their blood is tainted and organs are not even replaced but ripped out entirely. Reanimated then used to pilot their damnable vessels.

No, I’m nothing like these freaks.


“Scum” seems to be the most common insult that people use. :thinking:

“Imperial scum!”, “Tribal scum!”, “Gallente scum!”, “Caldari scum!”, “Gurista scum!”, “Sansha scum!”, and so on.

Seriously, do a lookup on galnet, everyone seems to use “scum” as the insult of choice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If the word is not only fitting and accurate to describe these monstrosities, why not use it?

I will not address other human nations or even pirate outfits as “scum”. But these Drifters? This scum? They’re deserving of such a label.

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I use a different word, but if I used it here I’d probably recieve a quick ban.


Is the word “fudgenuggets” ?

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So ‘crushing’ biomass is fine, but ‘mutilating’ it is not. Because crushing doesn’t mutilate?


Maybe if they’d pulverized the corpses first he’d be fine with the Drifters?


Perhaps I choose the wrong term. Fine, allow me to rephrase my statement like this.

In my family we have a tradition of cremation. We burn our dead and turn them into ash. Their spirit has left our realm to join our ancestors. This body has no purpose anymore. The being within this shell is gone, the thing that held the most value in this individual has left.

The subject of biomass has undoubtedly been a concern of mine. But I’m not abhorred by the idea. It holds some merit to me which makes ir tolerable to me.

Where burning a corpse of a relative to become ash is to be a gesture that their time in our world is over. They wish to sever their ties to this realm and live on solely as their spirit.

Where those who volunteer to be turned into biomass wish to say “When I die, I don’t want that to be the end of me.” Instead their corpse will not be burned into ash; but into this clay that is to be molded into a clone. To be apart of a organic fabric that makes up a new body for whomever it is designed for.

As a Capsuleer I can afford the luxury of having the biomass I use supplied by a source I trust. Biomass from my source is accumulated by various life organisms other than humans along with those that signed up to donate their remains to become biomass.

It’s entirely up to their choice on how they desire to have their remains treated. Buriels are a complex matter, I simply agree with cremation over other forms and see similarities in biomassing.

But I will not snatch up bodies willy nilly like and turn them into this material. I’m not blind to what creates biomass. How some would see it as a disrespectful to the dead. But Its tolerable, i see it compatible with cremation. But I still of course feel some doubts. But the acceptance is surely drowning it out as time goes on.

These Driffters on the other hand have shown nothing but disrepsect to the remains they come across. Have shown zero courtesy to other cultures and respecting how they would like to handle their dead.

They just take the corpses…Then mutilate them. Stuff with with their sick augmentations to turn their beloved ones and comrades into another one of their drones. A mockery that they will turn our dead into more soldiers to increase the size of their forces.

This is no burial, this is puppeteering

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Right, I get the cultural issues. Believe me, I’m not insensitive to that at all… but at the same time…

Those other life organisms… the non-human biomass you use. Did they consent? How do they feel about you killing them to get their biomass?

How does your food feel about it?

Whether we’re talking about direct biomass recycling, or biomass recycling through digestion, the ultimate result is that living things are involuntarily converted over into fodder for our bodies. We even venerate this, in many cultures. We call it things like ‘the circle of life’. We thank game for their flesh, take comfort in the idea that our bodies are returning to the natural cycle…

… but we really, really have problems when something actively reminds us that we’re not the top of the food chain, just one more link in it.


Oh, the Drifter will bring more brains. Once the corporations realize that by reverse engineering their DNA and technology the Capsuleer’s curiosity has allowed mechanical communications between Drifter and Capsuleer technology to take place at the base level of DNA where 3-D models of the Drifter can be built from within the cloning factories not to mention creating living machines more powerful than the Sleepers.