Somebody Please Think of the Drifters

Here is a thread where you can think of the Drifters in peace.

Guidelines for discussion:
Don’t be mean to Drifters.
Don’t invite them to funerals(Seriously don’t).
Discuss peaceful methods of communication with Drifters.
Discuss peaceful methods of communication with Drifters some more.
Maybe design some signs for protesting reasons.

I for one, welcome our Drifter friends.


I thought about the Drifters.

Then I thought about cheese.

Then I thought about cheesecake.

Strawberry or lemon cheesecake?

No, I think today is an orange cheesecake day.


One fact should be up for consideration, while they have not communicated, they appear to be running from engagements - heavily damaged, likely survivors.

Given the stillframe recovered yesterday, we can hypothesize that the ship seen on it was part of the force that ganked them.

If so, it’s fair to conclude that there may just be a bigger fish, and it may not be friendly.


They are a weird shade of blue, but it’s kinda soothing.

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You should try my baked vanilla cheesecake with strawberry coulis sometime. That’ll have you Drifting off into bliss.

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Are you flirting with me?

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If I’m entirely honest I’ve never really been any good at the whole flirting thing. I’m to direct and honest for that, but I have found that delicious food, drink and delightful views often have much the same effect.

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Vherokior drifters are some of my favorite bar companions. Such affable waifs and, my, the stories they tell…


Why one needs to think about Drifters?

  1. They are the enemy.
  2. They are hostile.
  3. They are dishonorable.
  4. They represent little to no threat to our operations.
  5. They represent little to no threat to our citizens.
  6. They don’t show a lot of interest in us.

And it isn’t hard to conclude, that I don’t have interest in them either.
I’d better think of Gallente and how to defeat them faster.

I don’t expect anything will change if we exterminate all the Drifters. But when we exterrminate all the Sansha or destroy the Federation once and forever, we will save billions of lives.

Oh, and as a side note, since you welcome Drifters as your… friends… accepting such cowardice and dishonor, accepting them as friends despite them being an enemy, I have no interest in you as well.


Absolutely disgusting. And to top it off, I have to agree with Kim, who for some absconded motive is now a sensible party in this discussion.


Someone doesn’t get satire and sarcasm.


I always knew you had the soul of a completely ineffectual terminally angry teenager.

Drifters are enemies. Just because they are now turbodunked enemies doesn’t mean they’re any less hostile.


Here we see the wild Jason Galente, displaying that their ability to recognise satire is as well developed as Diana Kim’s.

What a magnificent sight.


Oh. Oh no. I wasn’t even trying to be proper satire.

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Oh thank ■■■■ for that.


Someone missed sarcasm and satire class :wink:


Hey, troll. Don’t mention my name where it doesn’t belong.

On the IGS? Well, 10/10 for honesty, but I’m not sure quite where you go from here…


You’ve literally posted in this thread. You were already here. If you hadn’t posted, I would have picked somebody else who can’t recognise a joke.

But hey, I’ll make you a deal. If you never again refer to Minmatar as any of the following list, I will never again mention your name on the IGS!

The list:

  • Criminals
  • Savages
  • Barbarians
  • Scum
  • Anything else obviously intended as an insult rather than a description

How about that?


Minmatar as in as a general statement against Minmatar or specific Minmatar? Because I’m sure there is Minmatar out there who also happen to be criminals, so this is an unfair list.

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