Glorification Awaits

With 27 stars progressed to final liminality, the final weaving of the conduit commences.

The Triglavians return to ancient domains, rightfully theirs.

We shall be welcomed into the Domain of Bujan.

EDENCOM has failed.

Let us now unite against the real enemy: The Drifters and their puppets.


Triglavians won, they achieved all their invasion goals. They are here to stay.

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And murdered as many ecosystems. That has always been my reason to fight these liminalities.
The Collective has their systems, bought with the blood of suns and planets. You’re one of the big boys now. Aren’t you so proud to be just like the regimes you left behind?
But it’s done now. We must deal with what lies in front of us. It’s time to come to the diplomatic tables on equal footing.
So, to that end, what threat do the Drifters pose, and how do you intend to combat them alongside the Four Empires?

Thank you for hosting the event and lightening the sky above the planets of Amarr with a colorful parade.

Afterwards, a mixed fleet engaged in the Triglavian invasion in Daran and we cleared the invasion on it’s last miles. It was an honor to fly with you.


Haria Haritimado
Arataka Research Consortium


Glorification is imminent!

Liminality has been achieved!

Our efforts have come to fruition, and the weaving shall commence.

Glorification to the Kybernauts! Glorification to The Collective!

-Kybernaut Rusty

Ok. But why?


Don’t mind me while I sit cloaked watching your deadspace basket weaving classes or whatever.


As it sits, we have been given no information on the Drifter menace, or any information at all. I’m sure new plans will be brought to light soon. And as we move forward from this terrible conflict, hopefully we can put aside our differences and work together to bring the fight to much more dangerous threats to the inhabitants of New Eden.

Nicholas Kondur
Kybernaut Clade

I dunno, so far only one group’s been screwing with stars. The Drifters just seem like they want us to stop ripping up their enclaves in Anoikis.

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And EDENCOM supporters were claiming mind control by Triglavians. Yet the actual mind-rippers are fine, I see.

Mostly, what I’ve heard has been along the lines of ‘bunch of horny, lonesome capsuleers flocking to Zorya cuz tits.’


Oh, gods and spirits, pilot.

Sansha’s Nation is not “fine.” Hardly anybody outside Nation and maybe a few of its kinda-sorta friends probably thinks it’s “fine.”

But the Collective’s invasion of New Eden got even the Amarr and Matari to set aside their … ongoing issues … for the sake of a joint defense. That basically doesn’t happen.

Congratulations: you’re a priority-- a planet, star, and population-stealing priority. And you’d be pretty naïve to think that we’re just going to just happily jump in and help you with a lesser concern just because you finished your shopping trip.

Even if there’s less actual conflict for a while, we still have no reason to line up behind your priorities and a lot of reason to find ways to recover what you took.

Or to avenge it.


Put all the stars back the way they were and return all the people the Trigs took, then we’ll consider helping you with the Drifters. Till then, you’re just a target of opportunity.


At the moment, the best you’re gonna get is… Well, maybe just me. And that’s only once I see some actionable intel.

And here I was thinking absolutely no one can top the Amarr on the “let’s put aside our petty squabbles” nonsense.

Meddling with people’s stars is not a “difference” of opinion.

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Diving deep in The Abyss is not a difference of opinion

Are you equating trespassing with rendering solar systems incapable of supporting their current planetary ecosystems?

No, but curiosity is a first step to hell

Except you conveniently leave out the fact that the Triglavians went out of their way to invite and entice capsuleers to enter the Abyssal arenas in the first place. Mighty fine cherries you’ve picked this autumn!

Indeed. The Abyss was an invitation, to prove ourselves. Drifter, Sansha, Angel and Concord presence there is unwelcome; ours is.

But let’s not forget that it was Concord who first attacked a Triglavian scout ship, interrogated and disappeared the crew. Most would consider that a declaration of war, but it is conveniently left out. There was no peaceful first contact. It was the Triglavians who reached out to capsuleers with diplomacy. It is a reasonable assumption that had they not been attacked first, diplomatic contact between them and the Empires would be at least attempted. Almost all we know of Triglavians has been recovered by capsuleers - Concord has been completely silent.

Much as they are silent about their extensive, years-long research on the Drifters and their technology.

What do we know of the Drifters?
-They are related to the Sleepers, and to Jovians
-They utilize weapons and ship technology far in advance of ours
-They are commanded by a machine intelligence
-That intelligence rips out individuality, and subsumes individuals into mere drones and carriers of its will
-They have directly interfered with the Empires at the highest levels of government through influencing the minds of high officials
-They make incursions into both Empire and Null space, where they mostly scan and spy - although they have made occasional attacks against structures
-They are the ancient enemy of the Triglavians - the very threat that made them retreat to the Abyss
-Concord has been carrying out extensive research on them and their technology for years
-Yet nearly all we know comes from the Arataka Research Consortium
-Drifters attack Triglavian ships, but not EDENCOM

So, yes, perhaps it makes sense that at least some who openly side with tyranny over freedom would find Drifters appealing. But it is quite bizarre that these individuals are not looked upon with suspicion by the majority of EDENCOM, who I believe to be more misguided and reactionary rather than actively malicious. Is it complacency? Normalcy bias? Enemy-of-my-enemy? I simply cannot comprehend why some would speak in favour of Drifters, and why sane individuals would accept this.