A Friendly Warning

If you see a bunch of kids running around with goggels and strange guns, do not be alarmed.
They are playing a new AR game called Heroes & Triglavians, they are chasing triglavians all over stations and planets.

I had a group approach my hangar yesterday, scaring the crap out of my security when announcing i had a trig ship and troops hiding. The confusion was cleared up and i allowed them entry under escort, i am happy to report that after 15 minutes victory was declared.
And my hangar was triglavian free, if this happens to you. I would suggest you do as i do and contact the game maker to have your spaces declared off limits.
I mean we don’t want kids running around getting hurt or getting into containers where they do not belong…



Kids today…

Don’t they know we are friends with the Triglavians now? They should be fighting Drifters instead.

For the longest time I thought the greatest atrocity I was ever likely to witness was the glassing of a planet. Then I watched a star go final-liminal before my eyes, the doom of an entire system locked into place.

What is this “we” you speak of, pilot?

The official stance of the Empires has always been neutrality towards the Triglavians. They formed an independent Edencom group to fight the Trigs, but at this point the Trigs and Edencom both agree on several important points - namely rogue drones and Drifters. We are well on our way to being one big, happy star cluster full of brothers (and sisters) again.

I dunno, a couple of those Drifters were lookin kinda lonely, I mighta repped them were I equipped to do so.

We’ve never been that and we will likely never be that.

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When I hold the severed head of Zorya Triglav in my hands and use it to beat every single Kyber to death with no cloning, then we can talk about being ‘friends’.


Yikes! a friendly little warning, even a bit heart warming and boy did you guys manage to argue here as well. I have a good mind to ground you all, but for now consider yourself in time out.


But Maaaaa!


Thanks for letting us know!

If they can get past my hanger’s security, they can kill all the pixilated Trigs they want.

I wish the station owners council here would disable this silly game. It’s led to endless feuding, some of which has become quite unpleasant and dangerous. Something to do with its fundamental design apparently. I don’t know, I tried it but got bored and went back to Kendu Leagues 122, which is amazing.

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Ohh Auriga dear don’t be a bore let the kids play their little game, the world outside is grim these days, so why not let them have they fun while young.

With that said said thanks for the little warning, I’ll let my security know to send them to a less dangerous part of my hangars

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No buts, or i’ll add to the time out…

Your welcome, i thought it would be prudent. The last anyone wants is a needless lawsuit over a kid getting stuck in some container…

The official stance of the Empires has always been to engage and destroy invaders who trespass in their territory, attack their ships and stations, ruin their suns and mutilate their people. If you believe that we will ever parlay with the Triglavians, you have not been paying attention.

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How many times have I seen empire and concord ships sitting lazily at a stargate alongside triglavians? Customs inspectors, faction police, etc.? They just don’t care. Even when the faction police are out in the belts next to actual guristas or sansha, they do not engage.

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Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

big boys and them big game


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