Why are Triglavians shooting each other ... and me, who fights for them?


I don’t know where else to ask.

I was out nn my daily patrol today, trying to kill a Hypnosean protected by a Drifter some ten thousand km off of the station. Turned out that wasn’t a trivial problem for my hurricane, so it took a while. Eventually a fleet of Triglavians warped to the station and pretty much immediately started attacking each other. It’s all on record; one of the ships at the station was exploding.

Why are they doing this?

After a bit of me shooting the Hypnosean, they’ve started aggressing me. I don’t mind the fact that they’re managing to lock my ship from ten thousand kilometers away, but I mind that they’re doing it in the first place. They’ve been doing this several times already. Sometimes they don’t seem to care at all and sometimes only a fraction of their fleet aggresses me.

So they stop their in-fighting to unite against me …
… the guy who helps them maintaining their dominance in the system?

Why? What’s going on?
Does anybody know?


The three Klades fight each other (for religious or social reasons)


Every group has infighting.

The Clades probably just have disagreements with one another from time to time. Given what we know about Triglavian culture, it’s not surprising that they’d settle those disagreements with combat.


Okay, I can get behind this form of brutal brotherly love …
… but why’d they be shooting me instead of their actual enemies??

Anyone who’s surprised that the Triglavians tend to shoot people on a whim hasn’t really been paying attention the last couple years…

You really trusted those monsters not to shoot you? After all that they’ve done?


Are you kidding me?

They’re not shooting me anytime else except when I shoot their enemies.

I’m following them around and hang out with them just fine.
Just when I start shooting their enemies, more often than not, they get miffed for some reason.

I think it’s pretty telling the name of the outwards facing body of the Triglavians is “Convocation of Triglavians Outside of the Struggle”. Internal strife is their normal; they just put it aside temporarily to attack us. Why kybernauts imagined there’d be some kind of state of harmony with trigs coming up I do not know; some of them seemingly “randomly” attacking “allies” seems like normal.

As to why they seem to specifically object to you shooting what they shoot, maybe they just do not like you stealing their killmails? “Proving” is a big thing in the Triglavian culture. Maybe they track those kills and don’t want some damn unknown kybernaut on them.


They are old fashioned English gentry upset with you for shooting their fox, rather than letting them tear it to pieces with a pack of dogs.


I believe that’s something along the lines of ‘family squbble, outsider, butt out’.


But … they still boost my standings for shooting their enemies!
All of this makes no ■■■■■■■ sense at all.

Triglavians acting three-faced.

My amount of surprise is immeasurable.


The only sense that needs to be made of Triglavians is all invaders must die.


Stop stealing my lines!

Is this related to any of the reasons why the federation must be destroyed?

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Well, you tell us: how would you respond to someone coming into your home, murdering your family, and taking your stuff?

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I feel like I should not let myself be pulled into this. :slight_smile:

Well, I mean, you asked, right? Because yeah, the sentiments of ‘all invaders must die’ and ‘the Federation must be destroyed’ are definitely related, and that’s how: The Caldari State holds a long-term grudge against people who first blockaded, starved, and then invaded their homeworld while—according to the Caldari—attempting to illegally seize control of private property. We, for similar reasons, have an issue with people coming into our space and trying to kill and kidnap our people, and steal our property.

So the question then is: how would you react? Since, you know, by shooting the enemies of the Trigs… you’re one of those people. You’re supporting the forces who have killed and kidnapped our people, stolen the very star systems in which they live, slaughtered them as they tried to leave, and forcibly altered the ones who couldn’t get away.

How would you feel about someone doing that to your family?

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Nah. Can’t put that blame on me when I’m only acting after the fact.
Besides, there’s no evidence of anyone being harmed at all.

Anyhow …

I’m not familiar with Gallente/Caldari history, but I’m familiar with recent history.
I don’t care about you trying to appeal to feelings which are irrelevant to the matter at hand.

Worse considering who actually started this whole thing … and it wasn’ them.

Capsuleers invaded their space first …
… and murdered their people first.

So … I’m glad we both agree on the matter.

If strangers continuously showed up in our space …
… we’d eventually strike back as hard as we can.

Can’t even blame them for, apparently, going all the way.

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The slaughter is ongoing. You are not ‘after the fact’.


Or a first-hand account perhaps?

Except… no. In fact, as was observed many times at the beginning of our dealings with the Trigs, they invited us in. That’s where the original filaments came from: from them. We certainly didn’t develop technology that interfaced with our warp drives in ways we still don’t entirely understand in order to access space we didn’t know existed.

And when we got there? We were in skinner boxes, set up to test us. Again, as pointed out numerous times: there’s no other reason for each ‘chamber’ to have a ‘please take this once you beat the others’ box full of goodies. It’s not like the Trigs needed to get their hands on their own materials, or blueprints of their ships that just happened to be set up for our pods, or skillbooks encoded for our data storage formats.

We were being tested. In their ‘Proving Grounds’. And we enthusiastically participated, and made damned sure they knew just what we could do. And they pretty quickly realized they could convince you folks to become ‘subornhost’ or whatever, to work for them. Even as they found ways to invite more of us into what are explicitly arenas, set up to fight one another for their study, they compromised our data systems back here in k-space, manipulated the market, flooded the datastreams with their messages.

No, we didn’t start this.