Why are Triglavians shooting each other ... and me, who fights for them?

So you got tired of ganking in high sec space and threw in with the Trigs. Color me shocked. :roll_eyes:

You made your bed now lie in it with your new two-faced trianglular pals.


OOh Solstice mah boy, enjoy that taste of foot in your mouth :laughing:


The fact that this is all you have to say for yourself speaks volumes. It is sad how Capsuleers are supposedly chosen from the best and brightest yet find themselves bamboozled by extradimensional invaders this easily.


Feeling lately that the Triglavians are kind of, “War is good for humanity!” taken to its logical, miserable conclusion.


Ooohohoho, hell nah, you are dead-ass wrong there. Disregarding any news outlet or potential propaganda, going by just your eyes, look, actually look, at what you bastards did to each of those stars.

First thing to notice, drastic drop in visible light. You can’t bloody deny that. Guess what that drastic drop does to an ecosystem? To the natural course of evolution in that sector?

When I say you Kybernauts and your Collective have murdered those suns, I am paraphrasing the impact on the system caused by you lot toying with, not just capsuleers, not just baseliners, potentially millennia of natural life running its course! You have cut off entire generations of life before they had a chance to be!

In short, you’ve killed the existing ecosystem, the homes of innocent civilians, and the very future of that system.

One look at the sun is all the evidence you need. One look at Raravoss’ sun after your Collective set up there was all I needed to arm up. Because all those baseliners and all those future generations were given no chance to actually prove themselves.

Get the ■■■■ outta here with your lyin ass.


Un-trustworthy individual complains because the un-trustworthy group he’s aligned himself with have stabbed him in the back.

If only the jam on my morning toast were as thick as the irony here.


Little bit of proving never hurts. Personally, I have no issue with them deciding to scrap every now n’ again, and it shouldn’t really come as a surprise, they love their tests. 'Sides, keeps ya sharp and keeps Pochven lively.

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