Will the trivalgins ever be peaceful with everyone

They just did not want to live in a hell zone for all their life. What’s wrong with that?
also, they could help teach the Factions how to ■■■■■■■ use a steller transmitter

waiting for the mixed triglavian/faction ships, and edencom/faction ships.

why does every new thing need a new skill tree branch to train into, when there are many ideas that are woefully unexplored with the current one?

Nope the triglavans will always be enemies of the Amico Mafia. There is no hope we will ever do business with them. Our gilas will continue to raid their space for as long as we can.

The triglavans are a clan/cade? Based society. We often see them fighting against each other in pochven. As far as I am concerned, they are barbarians who will meet the tip of my rage torpedos out of my golem.

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No, it’s very unlikely. The empires will never forgive the trivalgins for what they have done. Plain and simple. Countless lives lost, planets/stars gone! Infrastructure destroyed!

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It doesn’t seem like they’re interested in being peaceful with everyone, least of all the common person. As far as I know they have only extended their graces to “Kybernauts” i.e. Capsuleer Infomorphs and even then only the ones that prove themselves worthy in whatever philosophical system the Clades operate on. Triglavians would probably get along better with pirate factions like the Angel Cartel and Blood Raiders, not Empires. I’d like to see what would happen if Sansha tried to tussle with them though. That’d be funny.

they could do that though is the abyssal space

Not just small scale stuff in Abyssal Deadspace, but an Incursion attempt into Pochven. Imagine if Sansha decided to try a slave raid on a Triglavian planet thinking their slave implants will still work against whatever the Trigs have become. We still don’t know what they look like under that survival suit, do we? Their biology is a mystery other than the fact their tech can be compatible with Capsules. They could be mostly human under there…or they could be less human than a Drifter.

either way we need drifter weapons/trig weapons on empire ships!!!

it’s time the empires make use of this weapons technology.
(I see amarr/minmatar using trig tech, and Caldari and Gallente using drifter tech)

or they could just be robots

that’s basically drifters then

It’s possible that they are, or at the very least they make extensive use of cybernetic implants. Their use of “World Arks” is notable and may indicate a Jovian origin, as many Jovians used Motherships to relocate to the other side of the cluster. Replacing their body with bionics and their minds with implants would essentially eliminate the Jovian Disease. Those that didn’t go along became the Stasis Enclave (Drifters) that we encounter today, many of whom escaped to Anoikis.

If we want to get really crazy with theorycrafting they might even have a completely different line of descent from Terrans compared to the Empires including the Jove. They could even be what remains of Terrans after the EVE Gate collapsed.

when will the jove even be a faction though

After the superluminal event in W-447P the Third Jove Empire is effectively gone. All of their stargates died that day, they turned over their authority in CONCORD to the Society of Conscious Thought, and then they disappeared. The Drifters originate from the Second Empire and probably destroyed their contemporary cousins. There’s also some kind of foul play regarding malevolent AIs going on there.

so there is no fourth empire that we know of

Now that’s a question with a long answer. There’s lore written in chronicles and books that implies the Four Empires have been, or are currently being, manipulated in various ways. Empress Jamyl played host to some kind of entity that was connected to the Superluminal event that destroyed the Jove and Seyllin, then she was later killed by a fleet of Drifters. That’s pretty odd because she was a Capsuleer and we’re not supposed to die. Not too sure what that implies.

The Third Jove Empire turned over their powers to the SoCT in a chronicle titled “inheritance” and it appears they consider us their successors. From the Jove’s perspective, and possibly even the Sleepers’ and Drifters’ perspective, the Four Empires are the Fourth Empire.

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making ever one in eve Jove which could explain why the trivalgins dislike us
Maybe at one point, they were supposed to become the 4 empire though something happened stopping this from happing.
And their Ship doctrine is speed and high DPS which shows that they have very close if not the same as the Jove in ideas and the fact that both use mother ships makes me think that they came either from the same origin or are one and the same. maybe they are the fourth empire or at least see them selves that way

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