My Jovian Theory

So i have a theory about the triglavian the drifters and the jovians.
So i believe all 3 used to be apart of the third empire and were all Jovians and that instead of the 3 mother-ships finding the same space the found different solutions for their problem. I believe that the drifters or sleepers as we call them made a virtual home without the need for their flesh and blood bodies leaving machines to maintain themselves. The jovians persisted to try and live like humans founding the now possibly lost jovian empire. and that the triglavians are the third solution of biological transformation. By modifying their genetic structure the found a way to change themselves and escape the jovian disease.I also think that their different ideology’s may have made a huge rift between them. This has caused a war for supremacy. What do you guys think.

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Third empire was the jovian directorate the guys that gave new eden capsule technology and the ones who helped establish concord the 2nd empire is where the stasis people from anoikis belonged to the group that had it’s empire established in current day curse region.

Now as far as the triglavians we aren’t seeing the same architectural design in ships or structures both 3rd empire jove and ships derived from jove tech by factions like angel cartel have an organic fluid shape to their hull same can be said for the drifter battleships and the more lately deployed cruisers there are similarities same for the old sleeper enclaves all nice curves somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

Now for the triglavian the core design of their ships is very crude engine exhaust designs before concord made any press release even led us to believe they were built by one of the 4 main empires or concord.
The outer layered hull seems heavily armored whereas jovian ships preferred shields along the design of the captured trig cruiser it could be seen that it had some sort of radiation exhaust vents likely to keep the ship from being destroyed by the singularity engine at it’s center.
Furthermore there have been no indications ever of the jove harnessing contained singularities as engines like triglavians do.

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