The Drifters and the Triglavian are the Jove Empire AND HERES WHY

So from what I know, Jovians were a race back in 2003 to like what? 2015? 2012? and when the drifters appeared was the same time Jovians “Dissapeared”. This may be a co-incedence, but the joves knew a lot about everything, everyone, and the Autothisyian Lancers are not who you think they’d be.

Due to the recent “Triglavian” Ships, and The “Praxis” with, and i quote, “A jovian model appears to be on this ship as if it was combined with anything regular and anything not” and it was at one of these points, that seemed to get me saying it’s like when the eve gate collapsed, and if you remember, colonies formed several years later, just like the first time, except in later years.

The Next thing that got me was the fact that the names: Leshak, Vedmak, and the other triglavian ships name, were all apart of an ACIENT colony that DISSAPEARED from a explosion. For when at the eve gate collapsed, there were 4 colonies, this time when a star collapsed, there was 2 colonies, first the Drifters, then the Triglavians. and if you remember when all the nations met each other, they went to war. The same goes for when the Drifter met Triglavians, except without allies…

Anyway I’m sure we all remember what was once a thing: Sleeper Cache’s where people could explore the sights and get loot, BUT, a player who for private reasons, I will not say there name did one of these sights and found a pretty weird object, now known as a Entosis Link, except it was different and when he tested it out on the relic sight, the player was surprised to find the Words “Возвращение триглавия” which in Russian, means Triglavian returns. the player then got a name of a system to go to and was greeted with a “red ship with some kind of red black hole”



In their effort to find a cure to the Jove Disease it seems Jove tried made experimentation to artificially keep alive some afflicted “far beyond what would be considered legal or even ethical in other societies.”

What if Drifters are the actual result of these experimentations?

Now I’m not sure about the Triglavian, but they could well be of jovian origin if we consider some of them escaped new eden a long time ago, only to be rediscovered by drifters that maybe want to bring death to those that refused it to them. Also there is 2 jovian bloodline, one that embraced genetic mutation, and the other one that prefered to stay away (which would relate to the more spiritualistic nature of the Triglavian). It could be something else too.

But i’m fairly certain that the drifters are the result of jovian experimentation on themselves.

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