What if Triglavians are Earthlings

Now this would be an awesome script twist.


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You know what would be really boring? If they are yet again Jove related… like the Sleepers… and the Drifters… that would be so boring.

Pretty sure they’re an off shoot of second empire jove. Like sleepers. @uriel_paradisi_anteovnuecci has all the cool lore details.

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Thanks for the mention Bernie~

So in EVE’s canon, earth is a long-gone distant memory; the EVE Gate wormhole opened in the late 7000s AD, and closed in AD 8061 - and the current relative year in the world of EVE now is AD 23357.

The Trigs are earthlings as much as any of our characters are - that is to say, they descend from the same original home but definitely aren’t some inheritor of Earth. Trig records have a LOT of references to an era of the Jove known as their Second Empire, and there’s a lot that indicates them to be closely related to (if not a branch of) the Jove themselves.

Having yet another Jove branch show up with no background would be boring, but there’s an abundance of old lore surrounding a Jove group known as the Enheduanni that matches preposterously well with some of what we know about the Trigs. Rebuilding this more esoteric faction into the Trigs works just fine for me in terms of worldbuilding; there’s been an Enheduanni-shaped hole in the lore for years that just never quite made sense.

I’ve got a few threads that can show all the info that goes into this, but this one in particular lays a lot of it out in a more digestible way: [Speculation] Theorizing the entangled past and future of the Triglavians and Drifters

And here are three more threads with a whole lot of info (when I say a lot I mean a LOT, there’s 17+ years worth of story to consider):

-The Lore of the Enheduanni
-The Lore of the Triglavian Collective
-The Lore of the Drifters
-The Lore of the Jove


You’re the guy with the most lore knowledge that I’m aware of. Though I’d love to hear more about the Talocan!


Excellent post, great summary with links to even more in-depth info.

Thanks for sharing, bookmarked your post for future reference.


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It can get kinda dull being all Jove; I wouldn’t mind getting a jolt from the Talocan or Yan Jung. However, there is a decent chunk if Jove history that not even they can remember. If I recall from Inheritance Veniel stated the Shrouded days at the end of the 2nd Empire are still a mystery even to them. So we’re not done with the Jove just yet.

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It is difficult, we know nothing about Earth in game, it never appears anywhere. The only history is that humans expanded out from Earth long ago and colonised their local space. So the only link we get is the mention of Terran in a couple of places. It is highly possible that the Talocan are realted to the Triglavians. The historical Talocan appear to have been nomadic space dwellers, much like the Thukker, who may have had some dealing with the Triglavians. Even the mysterious Enheduanni might be just another name for them. My current feeling on the Triglavians is that they are part Talocan with possibly some surviving Jove Stasis People Infomorphs.

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I’m willing to bet a lot on Deadspace being Talocan in origin. Given we know they basically created W-Space this fits most well in that model. Given I have heard somewhere of the Triglavians referring to the Jove (or what is heavily implied to be them) I might be willing to guess their actually a splinter of the Talocan after being drastically weakened by some kind of collapse(or whatever caused them to leave W-Space)

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There have been entries in the database about Terran artifacts and tech for a while now. The Terran Artifacts asteroid type has been in the game since launch if the typeID (519) is any indication, though its first mention on the forums was in 2005.

The Terran Molecular Sequencer has also been in-game for a good long while, 2006 at the latest since it’s mentioned in this post, though it was possibly added in the Castor expansion if its typeID (11473) is any indication; looking at Chribba’s list shows the entry nestled in between the T2 frigates and starship components.

It also needs a material called Black Morphite to build, which seems to be acquired through a reaction. The Sequencer is the only thing it’s used for, though Joshua Foiritain claimed that it was used in Talocan COSMOS in this post. I don’t know what gave him that idea.

The Sequencer, Black Morphite, and “Terran Broken Datachips - Weaponry” typeIDs are located in between the entries for research datacores and some of the capital weapons. I think the datacores were added in the Revelations I expansion in 2006, though I’m not sure.

There’s also the Terran Data Analyzer I, whose typeID (22337) is located between some warfare links and the T2 ships added in Trinity.

Finally, various relic sites contain ships using the same hull as the colony vessels seen in the EVE Universe: Origins trailer. I have no idea if these ships are Terran, Jove, or belonged to someone else entirely; they were posted on ArtStation, but without anything else I could use to identify them.

There’s an idea! Cultures and peoples have intermixed throughout history, so there’s nothing to prevent it from happening at some point in the future. If the Triglavians have any relation to the Talocan whatsoever, it would probably be the result of a group of Talocan intermixing with Second Empire refugees. Alas, I doubt that’s actually the case.


It’s possible.

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