I have a theory. A trig theory

Please forgive any lore-oopsies, I am new to Eve theory crafting. I have a theory about Drifters, Jovians and the Triglavians. I believe that the Triglavians are in a civil war with the Drifters (and hence, the Jove Empire). I think that this civil war was caused by the Triglavians trying to “take over the (fractured) Jovian Empire” now that they have emerged from Abyssal Deadspace (after possibly fleeing there while trying to excape the Jovian Disease). Pochven may act as a staging ground for the Trigs when they bring the war into K-Space. I also believe that EDENCOM has secretly allied with the Trigs (oOh, big statement) to fight the Jovians/Drifters. I don’t have much to prove my theory, except the newest Scope video when Zorya talked about “stabilisation of the Ancient Domain (maybe Jovian space)” proceeding (possibly hinting that the Trigs are winning against the Drifters. Another maybe-hint is that Kassia Vulcanier (or however you spell it) used the word “Struggle” to explain what was happening with the Trigs. “Struggle” is a very specific word that Zorya uses very frequently.

If anyone has any comments or questions (or issues) about my theory, please post it, I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

@Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci here’s one for you…

(The Amarr chick is spelled Kasiha Valkanir, and there’s more info on her here: https://fiction.eveonline.com/new-eden/lore/kasiha-valkanir )

Additionally, one of @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci’s past posts (about 20 days ago) states that the Drifters have had their home system changed to New Eden (maybe hinting at a large mobilisation of Drifter forces) and that Polemarchos (warlord) denomination Drifters have been spotted in Pochven, leading me to wonder whether the Drifters are scouting the Trig’s staging ground in preparation for some sort of offensive (tying this into the possible mobilisation of Drifter forces).

There’s ample evidence to suggest that something very shady is happening in New Eden.

The Triglav are absolutely building back into New Eden (which is what they call the “Ancient Domains”), reestablishing themselves and hardening their civilization against threats to come - through the creation of Pochven - and to begin taking aggressive instead of solely-defensive action against the Drifters as well as Sahsha.

But then you have EDENCOM, alongside the DED itself - which has had its hands deep in some strange and shady dealings and actions in regards to precursors before - and you have two specific, interesting, shady characters who appeared in Sine Wave Alpha and Omega now acting in the field of cultural analysis for the Trigs, under EDENCOM. I have no idea where things could go from here, but there’s a lot that’s seemingly just beneath the surface.

Sardar-Colonel Parvaz Sarkovas Named Chief of EDENCOM Intelligence Directorate by Provost Marshal Valkanir.

Director Haavo Tagematsu of Caldari House of Records Appointed Head of EID Cultural Intelligence Section. [source]

and later:

High-Ranking EDENCOM Cultural Intelligence Operatives Missing in Triglavian Territory, DED Sources Claim. [source]

Then you can extend all of this back into the whole Hilen Tukoss-Eifyr-Upwell conspiracy, which - despite not being often talked about - is a potentially key element of the whole story that’s been unfolding all this time:


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