A Triglavian Theory: Derived from the Enheduanni

Heya! It’s been a while since I made a big lorepost, and this is the first one that’s on the new forums.

The Triglavians have entered the fold as what seemed to be a totally out-of-the-blue faction at first, with little connection to the inhabitants of the cluster - but there are a number of small clues and tidbits that have strongly pointed me in one direction for their origin: the Enheduanni.

These sections detail what I’ve taken from the different sources building into this theory:


The Enheduanni were introduced in Theodicy (which you can read online here) as a faction that was trying to influence the empries of New Eden secretly, to push them towards their own ideally operating society. Their name is only spoken by Grious, the character who talks about their existence and operations, and they are heavily painted as the “bad guys” - though anyone who’s into EVE’s lore knows nothing is as black & white as that.

The most important quotes from Grious here heavily play into the rest of this post:

  • “(The Enheduanni) selfishly interfere with the history that is yours to decide”
  • “(Viola:) ‘Are they human?’ (Grious:) ‘Not Anymore’”
  • “…and the tell tale sign of their presence is non-linear teleportation”

The first quote shows that the Jove themselves had an attitude towards the operations of the Enheduanni, demonstrating them to be as personally biased as any empire; the second plays well with the concept of self-modification and mutation, which would match perfectly with self-use of mutaplasmid tech; and the third, originally assumed to be a reference to wormholes, lines up far more perfectly with the concept of using Abyssal dives to disappear and reappear elsewhere (something we as players cannot do yet) nonlinearly.

The Empyrean Age

The Empyrean Age, the next story in this trio, only has a couple of details that I’ll mention here - the “Other” in Jamyl Sarum’s head knowing about where to find old-world Isogen-5-based tech, and the Jove in the epilogue “passing through point genesis (the EVE gate)” at the end before being destroyed, with the described onboard character likely being Grious at his end - considering the strangeness of his role in the next book, there’s reason to think that something that happened here was connected to the “Enheduanni”.

Templar One

Next, Templar One; this book contained the largest dump of information on the Sleepers and the Jove, as well as a couple of other subgroups that linked many things in their history together. In the story, Marcus Jjor encounters an AI-construct of the now-dead Grious, who more or less explains the entire history of the Jove to him (and us as the readers).

We learn that the Enheduanni were originally the caretakers of the original Jove, the “Architects”, as they slept in transit to the Heaven region following the final collapse of the EVE gate - and as time went on, they served as the controllers of the Sleepers’ (a faction of the Jove) VR construct, dictating what entered and exited their world, all as a sort of Illuminati group. When the Jove Disease appeared and the outside Jove chased the Sleepers until they left to a place they “couldn’t follow” (Anoikis), the Enheduanni also disappeared with them - or so they thought.

As it turned out, the Enheduanni had begun their stealthy manipulation of the developing empires in the cluster (a couple of specific notes on that later), while also running the Sleeper VR. However, with the appearance of the “Others” within the VR, a threat began - the Sleepers lived unaware that they were in a fake world, and the Others tried to reveal that to them, wishing to go to the real world. This caused instability within the construct, threatening the Enheduanni and causing their vigorous opposition to these spontaneous consciousnesses, which bypassed their “one mind, one body” rule.

Moving to the days of Apocrypha and the Seyllin incident, Anoikis was opened when an Isogen-5 Cache was unintentionally triggered by the Thukker. The collecting of IS5 at the cache and other ones was in all certainty directed by the “Other” in Jamyl’s head, waiting for the right moment to reopen Anoikis - but instead, things opened before the Others were prepared - part of my belief that they and awakened Sleepers became the Drifters. Entering into Anoikis, capsuleers pilfered the Sleeper world and further damaged the construct.

At this point, there were no traces of the Enheduanni left to be found - only automated sentries protecting Sleeper Enclaves, and mysterious insertions of Sleeper infrastructure and defenses into the far-older Talocan ruins (mentioned as being far older than Sleeper structures in the chronicle “Inferno”). Where had they gone?

“Grious” at this point had also wholly switched his view on the Enheduanni - whether this was his own doing, or the doing of whoever created the AI recreation of him is unknown.

Mithra's Gate

Mithra’s Gate was a quietly dropped chronicle alongside the fire-spitting Sariel’s Flames skin for the Dramiel, teasing at a couple of details that also come into play here.

We learn in this chronicle that a “comet” that exists in Amarr space, containing an ancient facility accessed by Sariel using Trinary Laminar, traded to him by a character who appears in both Sine Wave Alpha and Sine Wave Omega (which also contains a detail related to this: the kidnapping/rescue of Sister Taya Akira by a mysterious Rogue Drone). The interior is described as such:

"The whole place had the feel of a standby facility of some kind. Couldn’t figure out the era though. It felt old. But someone had used it relatively recently. There was a lot of adapted tech engineered on top of the original build. That new stuff was Third Empire. You couldn’t mistake it. The substructure and facilities tech was harder to place.

“Of course, the probability was it was some faction of Second Empire Jove. Definitely not one of the main factions. Had to be pre­collapse by some way.”

And in the core of the construct, the most important details:

"The thing in the center, man. A quantum entangled 4­helium engine with tripled outputs. Just sitting there. The motherlode. More than a motherlode. Steal enough QE 4­He and you’re a billionaire, maybe better. But if you have a QE 4­He engine then you’re not just a trillionaire, you’re a power. True independence. And this thing was small. I mean, QE facilities are big. Dedicated orbitals or fab bunkers. We could take this with us.

"Laselle wondered why it had been left behind. Sariel and Pulasi didn’t care about that. But I thought Laselle had a point. It was ancient tech. It looked intact. The thing still had all its storage and processing. When you took a look inside it you could see why it hadn’t been stripped. The storage was biotech, synth­synaptic or maybe even cultured. You couldn’t pull it without destroying it. I looked at the output arrays too. Honestly, I didn’t like what I saw. I think it was designed to implant the QE 4­He using nano­adapted biotech.

“Fact is, I think it was a transfer setup. I think the whole place was basically a transit station for moving people around using QE transfers. Moving personalities around. And it was way beyond us.”

Tripled outputs and nanoadapted biotech - sounds pretty relevant, no?

Now that I’ve laid out the broad strokes, these are the individual points I’m focusing on:

  • Triglavians move within the Abyss, diving and resurfacing - Enheduanni moved through nonlinear teleportation.

  • Drifters and Triglavians are in harsh conflict - the Enheduanni and Others were completely opposed to each other.

  • Triglavians use singularity-based power - stripped Talocan tech, plundered in Anoikis by the Sleepers (or presumably their caretakers) has very similar features.

  • Triglavians are strongly associated with the number 3 and mutaplasmid tech - Mithra’s Gate contained tripled infomorph outputs, operating through “nanoadapted biotech”.

  • The Triglavians have operated in secret in K-space, and were in all certainty behind Taya Akira’s Rogue Drone Rescuer in Sine Wave Omega - the Enheduanni operated in secret from behind the scenes to work towards their goal.

  • Triglavians had to enter the Abyss from somewhere - the Drifters have set up Hives in the Nexus sites, and may have used the gates to chase into the Abyss after them, also explaining why entry has been made easier over time - where did the fleet from that Tukoss video go~?

  • Triglavians wear masked suits - both the Serafim in Amarr lore and the Minmatar Elders’ Tulrag form are masked, the latter of which are able to teleport.

  • The Elders were also the Enheduannis’ main focus in Theodicy, them promoting the Minmatar way of life over the other empires - individual tribes, working together as one - sounds a lot like the Clades comprising the Collective, hm?

From an out-of narrative point of view, I could also absolutely see the Triglavians being an adjusted version of TonyG’s vision of the Enheduanni, curated by @CCP_Delegate_Zero , with his love for the occult~

I’ll add more points as I think of them, but I feel like I’ve got a very solid base for this - let me know what you think, and I hope this helps spur on others to become more interested in EVE’s lore - there’s always a lot more going on than you can see at the surface :slight_smile:




This is interesting! Thank you for making this post, Uriel!

And there are clues indeed. Remember the destroyed Drifter fleets, guarded by Sleepers that were scattered (beacons) all over the place, when the Quartermaster asked for Trinary relics, that were found in the wrecks?
They may have been Triglavian tech. And the Drifter ships were seemingly destroyed by an “unknown force”. Could have been Triglavians.

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Yes the singularity engine is not theirs as in they can’t be true Talocan.Did you notice how many radiation exhaust ports are on their ships:quite alot plus they are forced to wear protective suits.Old Talocan ships don’t have exhaust ports they knew how to master the technology.

Your theory is very very likely furthermore they expected to get atacked their pockets resemble a frontline ,the isogen 5 was collected and stockpiled by rogue drones which they can influence aparently.

I still am unsure who planned the event that destroyed seyllin.Perhaps it was them hoping capsuleers would wreak havoc across Anoikis

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The Enheduanni could well make a lot of sense. I’m wondering if there is a link between the Sleeper VR tech, which is attributed to the Enheduanni, and the Navka.


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