Are drifters as strong in the lore as in the game?

If yes, why didn’t they just win already? Ten battleship of theirs and pratically everything is over

They invaded Ammarr space, players laid waste to much more then that, maybe 100 might break the players.

Their main focus seems to be on the Abyss instead of New Eden, though they’re sure to lay claim to what they deem important here - the Sleeper Caches, the Observatories, the Empress…

On the other hand though, I’ve never seen any of the Drifters rep each other or receive reps from anything - could be related to the very weapon people fear in fights with them :wink:

As-is, I don’t think conquest of the Empires is their goal (at least for now) - the Triglavians seem to be a very major focus for them, and I’d wager the massive Drifter fleet seen in the Hilen Tukoss video was a sortie that descended into the Abyss through the Nexus gates somehow - with the Drifters we’re fighting ourselves down there being those same ships.

As for the “why” of their attack on the Trigs, I’d suppose it has something to do with both of their identities - if the Triglavians are in fact a de-TonyG’d Enheduanni (explaining some stuff here) with the Drifters in fact being the Others, their aggression toward them would match up very well.

That is a nice speculation but they were supposed to have teleportation and ability to get into your head to communicate remotely

“Non-linear teleportation”, to be exact - sounds awfully comparable to using the Abyss to get around by diving and coming up somewhere else, if they wanted to go that way - and as for the in-your-head parts, the Enheduanni have the ability to “remotely stimulate neural pathways assigned to the audio functions of a human’s brain”, and they were talking only to Viola for some reason as well - there’s nothing to say the Triglavians couldn’t be capable of that alongside their biotech and spatial manipulation.

Regardless of the arguments of whether they could or couldn’t be the Enheduanni, I think it’s perfectly possible they’re DZ’s pet project faction extending from them - we know they aren’t the Yan Jung or the Talocan, coming from last FF’s lore roundtable, and the Takmahl don’t fit at all either - they’re a faction we “haven’t seen yet” :thinking:

I absolutely love them for about 1-2 years before the abyss was added I was thinking of how could CCP add other mechanics used in other mmo such as channeling spells in this case spooling up a disintegrator.Another mechanic I’d like to see maybe in another precursor faction would be something similar to ‘bleed’

Seems too strong to just not collapse sooner or later

Drifters arent that strong. The Doomsday is powerful, but there are ways to deal with it. Without that then they are pretty easy.

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4 battleship get down a titan, know this

A lot more than 4. They hit Jamal with 100. And that was before the insane buff player titans got.

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Yeah, easily. Titans are not that tough without support. Drifters have double shields, when you pop the overshield that triggers the Doomsday, which hits for about 750k Omni damage, which is exactly what the Titan pilot did. It takes tactics, not a big ship. There are a fair number of people around with -10 Drifter Standings from killing them, I’m only a -9.99 noob.

I live in wormholes and kill these things for isk. They have about 4million EHP and do 300dps. They are very hard to kill.

Depends, always, on what Drifters you’re talking about. Arithmos? Dreadnought EHP and neuts, with pretty decent DPS, at about 1280 raw EHP or so. No superweapon. Artemis and Apollo? Cruiser-level EHP, but that 1280 DPS is backed up by a nasty Doomsday that’ll pop most subcapitals (and some max-DPS-no-tank-fit capitals) in a single shot.

But if you’re losing a titan to four Drifter battleships, you’re doing it wrong. I’ve personally engaged small patrols of A/A Drifters in a carrier with success, and suspect that four’s a perfectly reasonable number to fight, provided you give yourself time to rep up between superweapon pops.

As always, know your enemy, know how to fight them.


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