The drifter-triglavian frontline

Now this is based off of the abysal pockets available for testing to us aswel as the different scenarios and environments might be wrong on some but there’s some interesting bits and pieces.

Firstly from the inscriptions within abysal deadspace left by the triglavians we can tell they are rooted in tribal and spiritual beliefs.

Secondly the drifters are going all-in to try and secure victory even draging sleeper drones and new variants of seeker drones after them into the abyss.

Third and this is my belief the badly damaged drifter battleships and cruisers that is all damaged same manner yet functional may hint that drifters can’t use filaments instead they just drove straight through the crushing environment to get to the triglavian pockets.

Fourth the triglavian ships we encountered thus far belong to only 1 of 3 factions within the collective


It would be incredibly interesting to see what method of interstellar travel (outside of wormholes) the Drifters use/can use. Another interesting thing to note is that they do not use repair systems, outside of shielding; this behaviour is also seen on the Rogue Drones, is it possible they cannot utilise repair systems (in that manner), due to a lack of biological integration?


Looks like there should be a novel about that or something, like a big chronicle. Its interesting what the background story is.


What happens when you introduce the plasmoids into the creation of a clone or during the process of transferring the consciousness of a podded clone into a new clone?

What about feeding the plasmoid corpses or combining the plasmoid with Cerebral Enhancers?

The outcome should be fun.

There is not much sense in using mutaplasmids with anything else than modules or maybe ships. Not much statistical attributes that could be broken or enhanced. Its more like applying mutations to machines more than biological stuff and stuff tied to living creatures like implants. Rogue drones would probably make some use of mutaplasmid if they would get it.

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one of my hypothesis is that it could alter the DNA of the clone, but in a stable manner (at least with the info we got) and therefore why the drifter want it (to cure the jove disease)

that’s actually entirely possible since the Abyssal deadspace seem to be natural like the WH

I tried rubbing some of it on my clone for sun protection…there needs to be a warning…not for consumption or use as sun tan lotion.


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