Incorporating Triglavian Technology

Is there any potential that the Sleepers and Drifters might incorporate Triglavian technology into their ships and vice versus?

I think that it would be interesting if the three combined together to create a new Super Drone race within the game.


Triglavians and Drifters are connected - that’s already established in the lore and by the fact that you find drifters in the Abyssal sites.

Many players, myself included, believe CCP needs to spend some time renovating the foundations of the game and bringing the codebase up to current standards before embarking on anything new. Eve is players interacting in a sandbox. CCP needs to keep that sandbox clean and well maintained


While I would love to have super drone godzilla whatevers. I do agree that I would love to have the foundations updated. The matrix cannot contain us. It requires upgrading. Then perhaps we can have super mega swarms of roving drones or something.

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