Triglavian Drones, Modules and Rigs?

So, we’re coming up on almost a year since the Triglavians were introduced. Any chance of seeing:

• Triglavian Rigs
• Triglavian light, medium and heavy Drones
• Triglavian Faction Radiation Sinks and Tracking Computers

SKINs are pretty but some modules that extend functionality would be nice, too.

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And a Capital ship too. That is very needed as next step towards selling more skill extractors and PLEX.

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Sounds like low-sec is all but dead and all indications are that null-sec is on serious life support. I’m not sure how Triglavian capital ships would improve anything at this point other than more eye candy as EVE spirals into the drain…


Give it 10 heavy drones and capital desintegrator. Also capital reps. Watch people buying PLEX and skill injectors, prices rise for those so people rat more and thats how CCP is rolling. It would help them.

Triglavian Rigs would be nice(especially Locus rigs for more range on the Kikimora)

Triglavian Tracking comps are not needed, they get affected by normal Tracking computers. Instead Mutaplasmids for them would be great.
Also missing: Damage Imps for the Disintegrators. Add Imps like Deadeye - Medium Precursor weapon etc…

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Triglavian implants :slight_smile:


Implants adding damage to desintegrators maybe. :thinking:

We already have triglavian mods where it matters, weapons, damage mods and a remote repper, in other locations the triglavian “spool up” mechanic doesn’t really make them worth making, would you really want to use an armour/shield rep that was less effective for 45 seconds than a T2?, would you really want an AB/MWD that provided less thrust than normal mods for the first 30 seconds? would you really want hardeners that performed worse for the first 60 seconds?

As for drones, i can see them working fine for this for the most part but only in longer sieges so maybe not so useful on the smaller drones but heavies and up it could work well and i could see triglavian sentry drones being pretty good along with fighters

So everyone is either in high sec or holed up in wormholes?

People are concentrated in few systems now in null, the rest is maybe rented to bots here and there. If you exit from wormholes into null, very high chance is that you can get your own Vexor Navy Issue and do some ratting there, unbothered. The combination of space changes with capital changes made it so null looks like its a concentrated empire regions rather than spread out ratter renter farmfields.

Low sec Galmil and Calmil organizations moved to null too, to be farmed for content there…

The rest of low sec never was populated very much. Few pilots here and there. Occasional empty systems, even no gatcamps because there is no way you can catch someone more than alpha in some data sites running frig usually. So its boring gatecamping.

EDIT: I think we replied to the wrong topic :sadparrot: .

Then you should be happy NPC’s are taking over that part. :slight_smile:
Just kidding. :wink:
If you want changes to FW, suggest some and if they are good I guess CCP will implement them. But I think the “Get those gate NPCs aways so we can resume boring gatecamping we hate” does not sound logic to me. Maybe they should add something like incursions for FW?

Actually I was posting that about low sec space outside FW. FW was a more saturated environment, worthy of making a small gang of campers, or at least for making fun of bots by placing empty rookie frigates in all of plexes.

I would like FW to receive a campaign scenarios. With awards to the individuals in a form of unlockable bonuses, something like an alternative career path for individuals, specially for Navy ships and militia members, that would make them more usable in proper, FW setting. But it would involve only ship kills of opposing faction as points earning.

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This is definitely getting off topic. We have enough posts about bots; please don’t turn this into another one.

… any chance of seeing Quadglavians? Pentaglavians???

New Triglavian pirate race… the Ménage-à-trois-glavians.

You’re welcome.

We can talk about Quadglavians. There is a 4 visaged version too. Probably we will get there someday.

I’d drop serious coin for a Triglavian Marauder.
That’s probably too optimistic…

There is an entire sect of the Collective that despise drones from what I understand so drones likely wont happen for lore reasons.

And yet, all the ships thus far have drone bays… Captured Rogue drones then. Just something different.

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